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and the more locally celebrated festivity known as the Day of The Dead…hangovers, anyone? they were flying the giant kites at Sumpango, pickpockets worked the crowd and now all we have to look forward to is Thanksgiving and Maximon’s birthday…there’s a new/old article under the ‘Latest’ tab, involving skeletons, so maybe there’s a theme here.

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another ‘latest’ just published…if you’ve found this, go to the ‘Latest’ tab for the racing article….yeah, Guatemala has professional races and a great track..with a history..

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thanks and a tip of the panama to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress and all of the tabs on the site work correctly…Latest is the latest article and Archive…well, the rest, as I add to it…some of you know that my long time publisher, the Examiner.com, pulled their plug recently…’have a nice life and thanks for all the fish’ I guess…so, this site is/was my reaction: why not publish here, both the old and the new(and there’s some great ‘new’ coming)?.

in the meantime, if you’re coming to Antigua, be sure to download a great travel app called http://tripscout.co/antigua-guatemala

and re:travel guides, you can sign up, pay $$ or buy a 2  yr old ‘latest edition’ which is why I publish my own monthly Antigua guide, known as Our Man in Antigua….Amazon/Kindle? of course..

it’s an IPhone app, I’ve been told but since my phone is a WTF model, I can’t confirm that..so? this is a pure travel site…if you’re looking for Antigua gossip, there’s http://www.michaelsherer.com, for all the dirt.


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no, not the old black musician…I’m referring to the stretch of 5th calle, from the Palacio to Santa Lucia. Every recently buried block is leaking water and the dust is ferocious…but they are scooping up the left-over dirt. If this is a sample of their work, it’s gonna be a major bitch for the rest of the project…4 months? hah! I suspect that the project (sic)will be held off until after Semana Santa, since the processions have already started.
And the rest of the streets? someone got the bright idea to only close off half of the streets under repair..so? every shovel/pick and worker is committed to this..alas, poor Antigua…’don’t cry for me.’

Happy Birthdays to Joe Lada and Alabama Bob…you guys are catching up with me, age-wise.
So, where did the flock of pigeons in the central park go to? pollo de las calles for the processions?…they’re gone but the usual one or two birds in the trees continue to drop…droppings, on the usual crew on the benches..not much, mind you, but just enough to go…’ shit.’ yep, that’s what it is.

Luke playing on the new stage at Travel Menu tonight…7-9…I was gonna, etc, but the night on the finca is just too perfect to go to town.and I’m still mourning the passing of my mom last week…almost made it to 97…I figure I’m good for 5-7 years, at the rate that I’m abusing my body.
and thanks, Dr J and Richard, for suggesting that I soak my new Topsiders in water and wear ’em till they stretch a bit…it worked..

if you’re in the park at 8 and so, there’s a daily box of Dunkin’Donuts, courtesy of Hogan or Bill S….and after asking about the new Little Caesar’s pizza quality, the word is…so so, but very very cheap..the consensus of opinion is that Sunshine Grill and Maria’s Pizza Christophe are the winners…his for topping, hers for the crust..his doesn’t last thru the warm-up via microwave, her’s does.
Thanks, Casa del Conde, for absorbing more copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously.’….next month, the first local printing of ‘Ponzi Bob and the River of Scum.’ if the sales on Amazon are any clue, this will do well here.

And yes, I’m still interviewing ‘models’ for a video at the Freedom Beach Hotel, next month…got the camera figured out and I’m screwing with the software (so to speak).

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music! Nelson is playing multiple gigs..Panza Verde, Frank’s Place, Angie Angie’s…whew…Dr J and Piano Mike, an unlikely duo, at the Exit Inn tomorrow at 8pm…Alex’ latest creation/restaurant about to open in the rear of Nido Antigua.
and the mess they call 5th calle poniente(west)..workers working at 7pm, trying to finish the screw-up…Christophe says it’s been five weeks of hell and with the first of the big-time processions/with crowds beginning tonight…ah, Antigua..you really know how to screw things up. And no usual Friday night municipal band concert at the Palacio? why?…street under repair, that’s why..the Marimbas under City Hall had a crowd, some dancing.

changes? o where to start? the lower level bar at Casbah is gone…reverted to Djinn, one of the last shops..which means that Marvelous Marbel is out of a job, at least for now…heard that four bars have recently been raided/shut down for various infractions, with Las Vibras being one…the other three? dunno…unconfirmed info, as usual with A-Town..

and the traffic cops were actually directing traffic! as in working! the trail of cars leaving town was bummer to bummer..oops..bumper..
und zo..it’s a starry night, meaning a cold one..wrap up with someone, is my advice.
and tomorrow? the outflow of the latest public printing of Our Man in Antigua, hither, thither and yon..and it’s being included in the 2015 edition of the Moon/Guatemala Travel Guide (the best)..whoopee, I say..go to the Amazon site (they just sent me $$)at http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest specials, some free.
so, it’s a choice between starting the fire or sending out for two fat women…eskimo stuff, you know…it’s the ‘fire’…cheaper/easier/less hassle and I figured out why there’s the occasional crease in my right knee…propped against the tuk-tuk frame to avoid the bumps…hah, he said…I came back in tuk-tuk #3, who is starting a hamburger business across the street from an existing hamburger place, Hamburguesa Gigante…neither will survive..the new Dunkin’ Donuts, across from Burger King on 3rd calle pon/west?…lines of people and they MIGHT make it..go out and make it a great weekend, somewhere, somehow..la vida es corte/life is short, we know.

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