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another ‘latest’ just published…if you’ve found this, go to the ‘Latest’ tab for the racing article….yeah, Guatemala has professional races and a great track..with a history..

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my shorts, that were…Martini #1 overflowed (hate that) but I’m okay…the sun slowly sinks in the west, the fountain burbles and all is gooder….as gooder as it gets, considering that my bank account/ATM card was hacked…yep…tis been 3 or 4 years since Antigua has been down this path and was over due…obvisiously…$$ incoming, thanks to dear old friends, so I’ll eat next week (and the week after)…the major snag is getting the new ATM card from the bank in the States…7-10 ‘business days’ plus the mail to my FL p.o.box and thence here? yeah…3 weeks at best, more likely 4…

so, Nelson setting up for an early session at Michos//Bobby D and Grace on for 8pm at La Taverna..why is Ocelot doing the La Morena thing, when O’lot and Lava are dead? Pan e Fantasia, having removed the food stuffs on the first first floor,now offering seating…what?

major thanks to Edgar of the Sunshine Grill and Laurel Baker of the Snug for offering ‘tab’s…at least I could have eaten/swilled thru the next few weeks till the new ATM card arrived.

birthdays/weirdness: Scott Stanton (Que Pasa) Guiliano of El Cazadore, John Rexer (Ilegal Mezcal) and Pablo Arenales of Re-Max? same F$#@! day? asstrology in action but they’re all great people..  Mike D, Duane, Ponzi Bob and the ‘reporter from the New York Times’ out on the river of scum…another ‘gold’ article…right…as if this isn’t the worst time of the year..el verano…whew..include me out..maybe even ‘Crazy Frank’ will be part of this..Edwin? he’s bailed, doing the ‘imported  liquor’ thing..aka smuggled…Mike D leaves in mid-June to two months (sorry, Edwin..no $$) Obi Wan Kenobi aka Howard will be gone to collect the rent…Alabama Bob returns late May, looking for a cheap rental…

the air pollution from the volcanoes,the cane fields..let it rain, sometime soon..this is crap..my monitor is dusty, I’m crusty and it’s time for Martini #2…CU around town, unlike Marbel or Marianna…I think she got sacked from Frida’s, btw..Marianna,that is..Miss M, #1, has a new ‘boyfriend’ I’m told…good news/bad news…it comes around…Hap checked in from Costa Rica and the Del Rey..prices at an all time low(for a lot of things)


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maybe not…a VW running over Alice? kinda like the Yoko Ono Bono Bon riff I sometimes get into. this just in! Fresh off the wire (barb), Bobby D does his tenth show at Micho’s…4th calle, 7pm, Wednesday aka tomorrow) and get there early if food/beverages are of interest.

Yeah…Mixco Viejo…helluva a site/place. I had no idea(what’s new with that, right?) Norm the K led the way Monday…Hogan Van Doniken, mysteriously absent…something about a bet won on the ‘Tidy Bowl’…no problem. More back seat space for me and the condiments. NK says it’s the finest Highland/Mayan site he’s ever seen(and he’s seen more around these parts to write a guide book….hmm…it’s a few  miles NW of the City and not that hard to get to in a couple of hours.

Another chain/franchise restaurant calls it quitso..Tacocontento…is that spelled rite? in what was, to my way of thinking(sic)a very prime location on 5ta norte, First block, across from Pollo Bombero, who  could almost buy this town..Taco Discontento, no? why? the location should’ve been primo…had to be the grub.

Do the Mormon missionaries ever remind you of young FBI agents? One, for the first time ever, in the market, looked me in the eye and smiled…hey! a new marketing strategy! Smile…of course, they probably don’t have much to smile about, anyway. No money, raging hormones, no car, no girl…at least the Scouts here in town smile, regardless of their uniform…actually it’s not that bad, kinda of  a blend of Boy/Cub Scout uniforms…what are the girls called? not Boy nor probably Cub…

Reid the C  checked in, from  Room #213 (the Junior Suite) at the Del Rey…says he be in town (here, that is)around the 15th…of what?  ah..Mixco Viejo…gotta see it…and La Playa 13/13, the Concept Bar? gone, vanished, vamoose, adios, sayonara..tough times, in the food/bev biz here. The goose that lays the Golden Eggs up north has been bbq’d…let’s turn this thing around!….let any of the ‘cartels’ buy the airport in the City…$USD 160 mill or so will do it. Petty Cash, after a slow weekend, in other words. Laissez le bon temps roulez! This town needs a few things: a really good Elvis impersonator…kick the Silver Carpenter outa the park and let’s hear ‘Heartbreak Hotel’ instead….Bobby! no…don’t go there, even if they won’t give you a decent contract..

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it damn sure isn’t a mosquito bite and necrosis hasn’t set in(yet)but at least it isn’t ‘brain eating amoebas’ like they have in Arkansas (and how would they know the difference aka before and after?)

I think HBT’s old traveling buddy, Joe Miller, leaves us tomorrow…a ‘short/sweet visit’….Reid C and Mike Donley due to return next month….yeah, the underlining….wtf?

‘ran into Bill Harriss, lately of La Pena del Sol…getting his van fixed…he and Mary are off to Rio Dulce, spend a few weeks on their sail boat…come back and pick up the van and take a road trip: Costa Rica, El Salvador and Honduras….he’s being philosophical about the ‘boot…’ calling it his 3rd retirement..

James aka Santiago Durham! on a new scooter and getting around again…the hip thing will have to be replaced in May(it was the cheap plastic model) but he’s ‘out and about.’

yeah, the “Year of Driving Dangerously’?….even more creative excuses from Frener aka the ‘printer’….’there was a holiday’…yeah, but you’re not Catholic and that only applied to the City and Joco. At least the Sept version of our Man in Antigua is ready to upload to Amazon.com….a couple of hotel changes, La Pena, Hector’s…and the rain has stopped…should I go out? again? why not play ‘spin the bottle’ and see where it points to?

ah…Papa Towns’ new marketing strategy!



Lastly/leastly…the  very lame art exhibition at Dishwater is having an ‘open house’ wednesday evening…anything that combines zen/starship and so on…etc…hey, go see for yourself…2 minutes did me a few weeks ago..’Action Jackson’ aka Dr J, now playing Monday nights at Cafe No Se and Thursdays at Dishwater…and practicing more and more…


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a couple of successful launches….Las Vibras/Vebras, whatever, the new bar on the corner of 6th avenida/5th calle, across from Los Cebollinas? yeah…packed, rocked (an open bar will do that)…Dr J and I sloshed our way in last night…twas raining heavily, we were soaked and the place was SRO…whatever residential neighbors remain in that neck of the woods will have a new thing to complain about…this should suck the life outa whatever remained at dos Reilly’s, and maybe a little bit out of the Black Cat up the street. In other words, a major new venue in town.

The Calle del Sol Block Party got shuffled to the little parking lot but that didn’t stop people from showing up/setting up and having a good time…i was there early, having run into Miss M…., the ‘honey-colored’ blonde who works at Casbar’s pub once in a while…I don’t know what brand of perfume she wears but it ‘gets me.’ if I were 40 years younger (and know now what I didn’t know then)…right…anyway, I chose to wander off in her direction and watch her undulate down the street.

Fusion’s mini-mall, mostly empty, trying a new wrinkle: a weekend antiques show/fair…looked like about 4 vendors..I liked the double-barreled shotgun and some of the bayonets.  Joe M, long time running dog/partner in crime with HBT, leaving  us next week…he’s been here just a few weeks and although we’ve tried to get him to be a good Den Leader and take us on some ‘field trips’ he’s resisted..

and i guess, judging from the torrential/frequent rains we’ve had that the  ‘canicula’ has left us and the  ‘green season’ (Costa Rica’s word for it)is back.. Since Costa Rica has copyrighted the phrase ‘Pura Vida’ as their national slogan, can/should Gautemala go ’em one better and start a campaign for ‘Puta Vida?’ just askin’, that’s all…ask Rich N about the gold medal he won yesterday… 

right! the local version of ‘A Year of Living Dangerously?’  remember, the long-awaited print run, promised for yesterday?  right…clowns…thankfully,  for me, I’m taking/signed up for a new brand of yoga…called “I just don’t give a shit about much.’ other than firewood, fresh books and the glass of wine at hand…Hava a great weekend..stay as dry as possible or just wade the streets…I did. .

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whew…massive rains last night, just in time to wash the garbage downstream before the Presidents visit today….’security stuff’….more PNC/Army types with guns seen here in a long time..did i read that Otto the P just inked a 100 million dollar deal with Taiwan?…Taiwan is kinda in a pickle and a barrel not of their choice…Costa Rica/Panama switched to China and recently Danny Ortega of Nicaragua has  his nose in the China trough. Leaving the other choice to ‘Taiwan On’….

a few changes around town…Sara, on ‘waivers’ from Ocelot is working at Cafe No Se…I’m assuming that Dave ‘the slave’ is putting the finishing touches on the PitStop, and from what i recall(not much)there’s changes at Moto Mundo, something involving Taz going to Spain…..jeez, maybe i should go back to taking a notebook and a pen.

Travel Menu trying a new thing…martinis, manhattans and Sinatra/Dino Martin music, tomorrow night..what time? I’ve asked but as of ‘press time’ no official answer…yeah, i think, so to speak, that this is one i’ve gotta go see.

Rich Neel et al starting their little theatre thing on Sunday at Raul’s Finca Los Nietos  in Aguas Calientes…afternoon, as i recall (sic)yep, TIGO aka No-Go, is sucking…yes, I’ve been told that Telgua and their turbonet service rocks..I’ll clean this up in the morning when the porno traffic shuts down…hmm…back again and it all works(except for moi)…it’s nice to see Peter the Glover back in town on a more regular basis…Saturday  night with Henrik/Matteo at the Cafe aka the Cashbar..La Sala bringing in one of the big guns/DJ’s this weekend…Davila!…last saw him at Johnny’s in Monterrico..whew..a while ago, but time, to us older geezers, is fluid..El Muro? who knows? they’re up there in stinkin’ Lanquin and that’s as much as i want to know..Ocelot’s kinda of gone the ‘after hours’ route, or they were…since the only time I’m up at 2am is to make another bathroom run/stop/event, i really can’t tell you. 

My landlords leave for SF next week…which implies that croquet or a reasonable facsimile thereof will be on the menu..there’s only six balls, kind of like the California Lottery…’what has six balls and screws you twice a week?’…the Lotto!  ergo…you go, I go, the first event will be…er, sometime soon…don’t fret, there’s balls enough for everyone..

ah…last but not least…giant kudos to the local American Legion Post for saving(literally)the life of another vet…poor dude, blind/deaf/abandoned/screwed/blued, if not also tattooed…near death…saved and being escorted homeward in ten days..yeah, I belong/pay dues…this is good stuff..there’ ll be an article out soon..

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often flows into the River of No Return, which empties into the Sea of Dreams…some have commented on the style (sic) herein: it’s just me or another side…those who read my travel pieces or mineral/mining articles probably wonder also…so? there’s no money involved here, via hits/ads or anything else.

The seasons? what, here? I love the fact that something is flowering all the year…lately it’s the purple jacarandas and the poinsettias. From whence I used to live, winter meant no leaves and bare branches..spring sprung eventually, followed by the cycle of summer and the slow death of fall foliage.

Another ‘only in Antigua’ moment: the road improvements coming into town?…what was a 2 hour delay a few weeks ago is now three hours…and just in time for Christmas $hopping, eh? there’s two versions of lame blame but the fact is that ‘they’re’ now ripping up the newly laid cobblestone paving…a giant WTF?

another deli bites the dust…Metiz, 4th avenida, south of the Cathedral? called it a day and threw in the sponge cake…they were doomed per the location, even with the best cheesecake in town…’heard of a new gelato joint on 3rd calle, west of Antigua Tobacco, next to the Ivori Drugstone…Jessica’s Gelato, said to be better than….that place on 4th avenida…you tell me…and that rascal, Neil Craig? has another girlfriend that’s even better looking than the last…bastard..no, Mr Bastard…good for him, I say.

When is Braulio’s…the remnant of The Lounge, which was the remnant of Pangea, gonna close their door?

goodbye, old friend…’sad to see you go but it was time…after 6 or 7 years, a lot of traveling and some great adventures, it was time to part..from Cuba to Carmel, Costa Rica to Xela and you were always there for me…yeah, you got a bit bent outa shape but that’s because I sat on you the wrong way…my ol Motorola Raz’r went bye-bye today, to one of the yard crew here at the finca…gotta new ‘semi-smart’ phone…in the sense that I’m not activating any of the smart features…maybe later, when I figure out the manual (in espanol, of course)

the long awaited trip to Mixco Viejo is ‘on’ for this week…the 20th/21st for the end of the 13th Baktun…some are referring to it as the Mayan Rapture…a flash of light and suddenly every Pollo Compero outlet is filled with  hungry Mayans…we’ll know later this week, one way or the other…me? I hoping for Santa’s helper to make an appearance…McAfee? minus his girlfriend? probably trolling South Beach, right about now…his ’15 minutes of fame’ are up and thankfully so..

its beginniing to look a lot like Christmas

its beginniing to look a lot like Christmas

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