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so…riots at Walmarts in the YouEss of A?…terrific, just what I’d not want to see. It was a blue sky Friday here, recovering from the aftermath of second helpings of excellent food at the Jet Set in grimy Escuintla. It’s been extensively remodeled since my last visit and is worth a visit on the rockin’ weekends…December 14th is the next bash. And yes, a little bit of excitement yesterday: the new brake job on Larry’s SUV failed on the way down…oops…a call to the mechanic and he drove down to the parking lot at the Jet Set…the cause? another ‘only in Guatemala’ excuse..the full story goes up tomorrow on the Examiner.com site….the Facebook page of http://www.facebook/OurManinAntigua will have the article.

Birthdays! the ever gorgeous and statuesque Maite M, one helluva Panza Verde (native) today…and one doesn’t ask their ages or  I don’t…who cares? I wonder often…well, not that often, about astrology…Miss M shares a birthday with a lady friend in SF and I once, not long ago, was simultaneously entangled with two ladies of the witchy variety, sharing the same birthday, age and all. One born here, the other in the ex-Soviet Republic known as Georgia. I’m glad now that one ditched me and the other stayed in Costa Rica. She wanted me to bring her here (as if)but her lack of papers (passport) saved my day.

my pal, Bull? finally made it to the hospital in the City (and out of San Felipe) and is scheduled for the hip surgery on Monday, about a month later from the accident…’manana’ in Guatemala also applies to hospitals, btw…Black Friday, in the US, where one is s’posed to go out and buy shit? not me…Cyber Monday, coming around? not me..Christmas cards, a few and maybe more flowers to my 94 yr old mum, recovering in the convalescent hospital and chafing to get out and go home again…folks! listen up…no ‘slip and fall’ events, no matter how old you are. If you don’t have the mazoola ($$) in Guatemala, you’re basically hosed and not too quickly…have a great weekend, as best you can and don’t fall down in the calles. 

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if one happens to be in Central Park,say about from 8:20 thru 8:35, there is an apparition of beauty that walks by….on her way to the Spanish thing,,AECID…always dressed perfectly, excellent posture and …cha cha cha..for those of us who are in the senior/senor/end zone of our years, she’s better than a second espresso..
Ocelot! Lava! announcing a new idea…the traditional happy hour at O’lot, from 5-6…has been extendended..wtf? meaning that Lava keeps on keeping on, from 6-7, with 5q drinks…and no, I haven’t been there(yet)…between keeping my pal in the San Felipe Hospital covered with books/water/meds and my 94 yr old Mom in MO taken care of, I’m tired…ok? so if i’m not about/around at night, it’s because i’m whipped…

this weeks’s publication of El Book? as usual, spaced by the printer…however, progress on the decades long battle with the fucking IRS…ask me..i’m happy ….half a battle is more than a lost battle..and a reader is coming to town next month, with an invite to a ceremony at Mixco Viejo….lotta incense, cha cha cha..yeah…baby…end of the year/century

El Salvador this month? probably….the Jet Set in Esquintla?   yeah…thanksgiving..Barb the K, not doing her usual Thanksgiving party? damn…it was always great…Robto de Oro? not back til Jan…Edwin/Frank…who knows, who cares.? rascals, at the very least…are Karla and Nelson back together? why not?

Miss 8:30….gotta be there…she’s dynamite…if I were 40 years younger…’heard from a recent visitor to the Del Rey…Costa Rica..that prices for ‘action’ have gone..upward…used to be $100, then two years ago…$200…now? $300 and higher if they know that you’re staying in a fancy hotel..’wholesale…a hole other concept.’..

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or make that drizzly…is there an ‘e’ in there somewhere? I’m liking the rain and this is kind of a record…tis mid September and i’m on Umbrella #1…’gave the first one away and this one seems to be good for a few more openings before it goes ‘bong!’….

Braulios, in what used to be Pangea(still padlocked)and in what used to be The Lounge…open tonight, offering ‘all you can swill’ for 60q, 8-11…is this like raising cash, using the existing bar liquor? all the action, what there was, was upstairs at Lava…gringas plus, the ‘Lot fulla Guates, Sobremesa closed and a lotta of other businesses taking the day off from the long long weekend…a smile and wave to the Mayor’s …working at the hotel…she could use a smile…’been a bitch of weekend for that family. The more i hear of the preceding history of that case, the more i wonder why he just didn’t take off…Disney World, Costa Rica…somewhere…as with John Gotti, he’s our own ‘Dapper Don’ in gray sharkskin…Adolfo…what were you thinking? 

what’s his face, in the black Escalade that was supposedly traded for land last year? too many stories, twists and so on to even try to keep up with, even if you wanted to…

Household Hint #23….Pavlov, which not only cures/removes mold from your leather shoes? also removes super glue from your swiss army knife, the one that you poked a hole in the tube with..imagine how the kidneys/liver like this stuff..

and yes, I’ve migrated from using my name/email on Face Hole to using the newly created ‘Our Man in Antigua’ page…gradually going commercial, here and there…some have asked about ‘hits’ on this page and am i making any $$ from it…the answer is no, no and no..if that changes, You’ll get a ‘heads up’ to either go along with it or opt out…as the silly little book gets wider publication/exposure, this is a natural evolution…and something that i hadn’t thought out properly…frankly, Scarlett..I hadn’t thought about doing another ‘start up’…and I’m getting away from 15 years of Ms Windows..Chrome is ‘it’ apparently, as Google has eaten MS’ lunch…o brve new world..

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the rain…drizzle drizzle…kept me in(and probably just as well, you say)..however the Bacardi Anejo and espresso kinda make up for it.


Walter Fischer and his partners, who picked up Juan Carlos’ defunct Antigua Bus Tour, have repainted the bus(his says they’re adding another 3) and…so on and so on..the bus is being seen driven around town, which is a start.

And you thought that times are hard? my favorite newspaper vendor is selling off her personal jewelry…lotta silver, some gold


So? the 2nd or 3rd Festival de Maiz (Corn Fest) that I’ve been to…I ran into an ex-INGUAT official who didn’t know anything about it…I asked an Antigua-born guide about it..zip, nada..for people who are in the tourism business, one would assume, etc.

news from our wandering troubador, Nelson Lunding..he’s way up on the northern california coast, in places that few of us have ever been to, much less heard of..#1..point Arena? #2 Gualala?..I know ’em both..big deal, right? WTF in either case..too far south to pick up any of the Emerald Triangle aka dope biz from Humboldt..who knows?

the ‘Perfessor aka Mike Donley, checking in from the Pacific northwest…says he’s ‘sold’ his boat’…o please, God…the two happiest days for a boat owner are the day they buy it and the day they sell it..s’posed to be back in A-Town around the end of October and a good thing…at least two ‘professional women’ have confused the two of us…as being the one and same…since my hands are clean, my conscience clear, it’s gotta be him..

final thoughts on a rainy Friday night and a conversation with a pub owner re: nightlife..the Three Aces in Hyderabad, Athens/Mykonos, the Bulldog/Amsterdam, El Gato Tueto/Havana, Lips/San Salvador, Hotel Del Rey/San Jose, Club Exotic/Reykejvik, The Library, ‘Vegas, (fuggedabout Crazyhorse II), Patpong Street, Bangkok, Copa de Oro, Juarez and for local color, Club Exceso in Xela..Antigua well never catch up or come back to what it might once have been: get over it. The Beige Patrol runs it. 

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Saturday morning…thanks to the intervention of someone, in speaking with two PNC brass and the guy in the suit yesterday in the park, the decision to ban the three newspaper vendors is cancelled and in writing…nope, wuzn’t me..I was there but…

Lili, the ‘newspaper lady’ on the corner of 5th/4th? getting the bounce…outa there in a week, after 16 years in the same location..all the vendors around the park are getting the axe..are the shoeshine kids gonna be next? how about the taxis,  parked by the church? was told, by a 2nd hand source, that that ‘mayan’ vendors wil be allowed back in four months…altho judging/observing from a large gathering of same by La Merced this morning(and dispersed by PNC) that four months might not be long enough to put this fire out.

I’ve said and I’ll say it again…pick 5-10 of the top vendors with the best goods and license them to sell in/around the park. The ice cream vendors with their little carts don’t harm anyone…Sarita has a lock on the business..and what’s a few newspapers and how are people gonna find ’em anymore? I don’t get it but that’s true of a lot of things. Lets put people out of work? people with mouths to feed? the idea of only using “Antigua artists’ is absurd(to me)…who/where are they? the three cartoonists and Andy the Mime have a ‘show’?…dunno…it’s all too wierd…maybe have the latest perps caught raping/snatching/stealing brought into the park once a week for public floggings?..the park had color/vibrancy…

ok..off the box.. http://www.examiner.com/article/the-no-name-bomb-factory

Part One of an amazing discovery(to me)in the hills above town..’was told that the soccer stadium(near where I live)used to be the site for a gunpowder factory in the early days…El Polvero…again, unsubstantiated rumors so take it with a grain of #20 (the coarse grain)..

Ron Fortin, our wandering sax player, is back in town…look for him at Ocelot, early Friday night…no word from Nelson, up inna the States…somewhere…the music scene in town is at an all time low altho there’s some kinda happening at San Jose El Viejo Saturday night..8ish..60q per M Tallon..and I’m still blown away by the concept of a Reilly’s in Granada…next? San Jose, Costa Rica? perfecto…around the corner from the Del Rey?

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usually in a .22 or .32 caliber…not here…gotta have a 9mm or an AK-47….a murder this morning at 4am or such in San Felipe…and those pesky Mayan ladies banned from the park for selling their goods? even though they’ve been paying 300q a month for the privilege?   get this town cleaned up!….’heard that the Arms Museum is going into the Palacio…also heard an earful or two about Da Mayor’s track record/baggage/history….7 farmacias, a finger in the tuc-tuc biz and exactly how much is 27 million quetzals in $USD? my calculator gagged on the numbers..I’d been thinking(sic) that it was around $300-$400k but Taz/Plumb Bob said it was in the ‘millions of dollars.’..

likewise assumed that…’assume equals ass-u-me’…perfect’ that Jason was back per his green Triumph Bonneville parked in fromt of O’lot…wrong, scotch-breath…Taz riding/using it..the ever delightful Miss E providing biting social comments…observations..

an observer/reader of this raggedy ass excuse complained/observed that it’s lame/puerile/dumb and not much…right! of course!..never was, never will be and not intended to shine any light or provide anything more than a dim light into the corners of what used to be my mind and my daily experiences in town…like walking into Elle and Mo in the park earlier…they leave tomorrow and back to Canada/Toronto…it was a great week for them and now…married? the real adventure begins! jeez..’gives me the chills thinking about starting a new relationship, much less a legal deal like marriage..but hey, they’re young and in love: me, I’m just jaundiced/cynical. And one of our local bar owners asked why I’m never around about midnight, to see a different part of Antigua’s nightlife..

dude..think about it: Antigua’s night life is lame, slow and the highpoint is either dancing on the bar or getting your ass thrown out, into the street. At 68, I’ve done twice this shit, from Bangkok to Amsterdam, San Salvador to Costa Rica..where the drugs are better, the clubs are better and the women more beautiful…don’t get me wrong: this is my home and I like it, just the way it is…lame, slow and charming…two of which words describe me(A and B)..tomorrow? the Box Dudes provided reasonable facsimiles! progress, Guatemalan style..a map of Antigua is in the next print version and I’ll stick it in the next Amazon version..whoopee, right?..

it’ll be semi-amusing to see who shows up for the Pub Quiz at Ocelot tomorrow night..


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in the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman or was it ‘Neumann?…aka Mad Magazine…who cares/who knows? it’s just another Tequila Monday in this 3rd world country we call home…realize, as i have, that Guatemala is the same size as Tennessee but with twice the population…14 mil vs. 6 mil, give or take a few..and that our hillbillies wear huipiles..yeah, the education system sucks, the highways aren’t being fixed and the beat goes on…not

Cashbar? closed on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays? the new reality…ain’t no bucks/$$ in town…more and more cars with for sale signs..grim faces on some of the food/beverage people, hoping that June will bring in some turistas w/$$…segue way…in La Prensa this morning a piece about an italian airline now proving service to Managua (Nica)…WTF? there’s a demand for this? and no, the airline isn’t named Genitalia…drum roll..

Ocelot/Lava doing fine..Jason due in from Mother Russia in two weeks, assuming that he doesn’t get ‘side-tracked’ in Tijuana..dos Reilly’s very very quiet, Flor of Dasha snoozing at her PC/desk, not very incandescent/florescent…maybe its just another Monday and we’re all moving slowly…kinda like those butt-heads at INGUAT…Mexico is spending 52 Fu…..king million dollars on tourism re 2012…what is Guatemalo spending? INGUAT’s new head can’t even get their website up and running…his picture is all over it but….where’s the beef, dude? tomorrow’s rare Venus/Earth/Sun thing? fuggedaboutit…even Honduras/Copan is doing stuff(when their journalists are being shot) this country has a lot of potential for tourism, especially this year…Tikal, El Mirador, Takalik Abaj, Quirigua….it’s not even 3rd world/can’t get it together/banana republic stuff…call it lame/ludicrous…I’ve lived/worked in tourist-oriented places most of my life…San Francisco, Carmel, ‘Vegas, Hawaii…even Costa Rica and Nicaragua have their act together…Nicaragua? yeah, baby..o well, what, me worry?..maybe Otto has the right idea:  legalize drugs and have Antigua be ground zero for cheap blow…that’d ramp up tourism overnight…bolivian marching powder for one and all and an idea that’s nothing to sneeze at..nobody would be eating at the 150 restaurants but the bars would be doing great..pass the straw, dude..let’s go dance somewhere, eh?

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