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whew…massive rains last night, just in time to wash the garbage downstream before the Presidents visit today….’security stuff’….more PNC/Army types with guns seen here in a long time..did i read that Otto the P just inked a 100 million dollar deal with Taiwan?…Taiwan is kinda in a pickle and a barrel not of their choice…Costa Rica/Panama switched to China and recently Danny Ortega of Nicaragua has  his nose in the China trough. Leaving the other choice to ‘Taiwan On’….

a few changes around town…Sara, on ‘waivers’ from Ocelot is working at Cafe No Se…I’m assuming that Dave ‘the slave’ is putting the finishing touches on the PitStop, and from what i recall(not much)there’s changes at Moto Mundo, something involving Taz going to Spain…..jeez, maybe i should go back to taking a notebook and a pen.

Travel Menu trying a new thing…martinis, manhattans and Sinatra/Dino Martin music, tomorrow night..what time? I’ve asked but as of ‘press time’ no official answer…yeah, i think, so to speak, that this is one i’ve gotta go see.

Rich Neel et al starting their little theatre thing on Sunday at Raul’s Finca Los Nietos  in Aguas Calientes…afternoon, as i recall (sic)yep, TIGO aka No-Go, is sucking…yes, I’ve been told that Telgua and their turbonet service rocks..I’ll clean this up in the morning when the porno traffic shuts down…hmm…back again and it all works(except for moi)…it’s nice to see Peter the Glover back in town on a more regular basis…Saturday  night with Henrik/Matteo at the Cafe aka the Cashbar..La Sala bringing in one of the big guns/DJ’s this weekend…Davila!…last saw him at Johnny’s in Monterrico..whew..a while ago, but time, to us older geezers, is fluid..El Muro? who knows? they’re up there in stinkin’ Lanquin and that’s as much as i want to know..Ocelot’s kinda of gone the ‘after hours’ route, or they were…since the only time I’m up at 2am is to make another bathroom run/stop/event, i really can’t tell you. 

My landlords leave for SF next week…which implies that croquet or a reasonable facsimile thereof will be on the menu..there’s only six balls, kind of like the California Lottery…’what has six balls and screws you twice a week?’…the Lotto!  ergo…you go, I go, the first event will be…er, sometime soon…don’t fret, there’s balls enough for everyone..

ah…last but not least…giant kudos to the local American Legion Post for saving(literally)the life of another vet…poor dude, blind/deaf/abandoned/screwed/blued, if not also tattooed…near death…saved and being escorted homeward in ten days..yeah, I belong/pay dues…this is good stuff..there’ ll be an article out soon..

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often flows into the River of No Return, which empties into the Sea of Dreams…some have commented on the style (sic) herein: it’s just me or another side…those who read my travel pieces or mineral/mining articles probably wonder also…so? there’s no money involved here, via hits/ads or anything else.

The seasons? what, here? I love the fact that something is flowering all the year…lately it’s the purple jacarandas and the poinsettias. From whence I used to live, winter meant no leaves and bare branches..spring sprung eventually, followed by the cycle of summer and the slow death of fall foliage.

Another ‘only in Antigua’ moment: the road improvements coming into town?…what was a 2 hour delay a few weeks ago is now three hours…and just in time for Christmas $hopping, eh? there’s two versions of lame blame but the fact is that ‘they’re’ now ripping up the newly laid cobblestone paving…a giant WTF?

another deli bites the dust…Metiz, 4th avenida, south of the Cathedral? called it a day and threw in the sponge cake…they were doomed per the location, even with the best cheesecake in town…’heard of a new gelato joint on 3rd calle, west of Antigua Tobacco, next to the Ivori Drugstone…Jessica’s Gelato, said to be better than….that place on 4th avenida…you tell me…and that rascal, Neil Craig? has another girlfriend that’s even better looking than the last…bastard..no, Mr Bastard…good for him, I say.

When is Braulio’s…the remnant of The Lounge, which was the remnant of Pangea, gonna close their door?

goodbye, old friend…’sad to see you go but it was time…after 6 or 7 years, a lot of traveling and some great adventures, it was time to part..from Cuba to Carmel, Costa Rica to Xela and you were always there for me…yeah, you got a bit bent outa shape but that’s because I sat on you the wrong way…my ol Motorola Raz’r went bye-bye today, to one of the yard crew here at the finca…gotta new ‘semi-smart’ phone…in the sense that I’m not activating any of the smart features…maybe later, when I figure out the manual (in espanol, of course)

the long awaited trip to Mixco Viejo is ‘on’ for this week…the 20th/21st for the end of the 13th Baktun…some are referring to it as the Mayan Rapture…a flash of light and suddenly every Pollo Compero outlet is filled with  hungry Mayans…we’ll know later this week, one way or the other…me? I hoping for Santa’s helper to make an appearance…McAfee? minus his girlfriend? probably trolling South Beach, right about now…his ’15 minutes of fame’ are up and thankfully so..

its beginniing to look a lot like Christmas

its beginniing to look a lot like Christmas

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so…riots at Walmarts in the YouEss of A?…terrific, just what I’d not want to see. It was a blue sky Friday here, recovering from the aftermath of second helpings of excellent food at the Jet Set in grimy Escuintla. It’s been extensively remodeled since my last visit and is worth a visit on the rockin’ weekends…December 14th is the next bash. And yes, a little bit of excitement yesterday: the new brake job on Larry’s SUV failed on the way down…oops…a call to the mechanic and he drove down to the parking lot at the Jet Set…the cause? another ‘only in Guatemala’ excuse..the full story goes up tomorrow on the Examiner.com site….the Facebook page of http://www.facebook/OurManinAntigua will have the article.

Birthdays! the ever gorgeous and statuesque Maite M, one helluva Panza Verde (native) today…and one doesn’t ask their ages or  I don’t…who cares? I wonder often…well, not that often, about astrology…Miss M shares a birthday with a lady friend in SF and I once, not long ago, was simultaneously entangled with two ladies of the witchy variety, sharing the same birthday, age and all. One born here, the other in the ex-Soviet Republic known as Georgia. I’m glad now that one ditched me and the other stayed in Costa Rica. She wanted me to bring her here (as if)but her lack of papers (passport) saved my day.

my pal, Bull? finally made it to the hospital in the City (and out of San Felipe) and is scheduled for the hip surgery on Monday, about a month later from the accident…’manana’ in Guatemala also applies to hospitals, btw…Black Friday, in the US, where one is s’posed to go out and buy shit? not me…Cyber Monday, coming around? not me..Christmas cards, a few and maybe more flowers to my 94 yr old mum, recovering in the convalescent hospital and chafing to get out and go home again…folks! listen up…no ‘slip and fall’ events, no matter how old you are. If you don’t have the mazoola ($$) in Guatemala, you’re basically hosed and not too quickly…have a great weekend, as best you can and don’t fall down in the calles. 

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if one happens to be in Central Park,say about from 8:20 thru 8:35, there is an apparition of beauty that walks by….on her way to the Spanish thing,,AECID…always dressed perfectly, excellent posture and …cha cha cha..for those of us who are in the senior/senor/end zone of our years, she’s better than a second espresso..
Ocelot! Lava! announcing a new idea…the traditional happy hour at O’lot, from 5-6…has been extendended..wtf? meaning that Lava keeps on keeping on, from 6-7, with 5q drinks…and no, I haven’t been there(yet)…between keeping my pal in the San Felipe Hospital covered with books/water/meds and my 94 yr old Mom in MO taken care of, I’m tired…ok? so if i’m not about/around at night, it’s because i’m whipped…

this weeks’s publication of El Book? as usual, spaced by the printer…however, progress on the decades long battle with the fucking IRS…ask me..i’m happy ….half a battle is more than a lost battle..and a reader is coming to town next month, with an invite to a ceremony at Mixco Viejo….lotta incense, cha cha cha..yeah…baby…end of the year/century

El Salvador this month? probably….the Jet Set in Esquintla?   yeah…thanksgiving..Barb the K, not doing her usual Thanksgiving party? damn…it was always great…Robto de Oro? not back til Jan…Edwin/Frank…who knows, who cares.? rascals, at the very least…are Karla and Nelson back together? why not?

Miss 8:30….gotta be there…she’s dynamite…if I were 40 years younger…’heard from a recent visitor to the Del Rey…Costa Rica..that prices for ‘action’ have gone..upward…used to be $100, then two years ago…$200…now? $300 and higher if they know that you’re staying in a fancy hotel..’wholesale…a hole other concept.’..

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or make that drizzly…is there an ‘e’ in there somewhere? I’m liking the rain and this is kind of a record…tis mid September and i’m on Umbrella #1…’gave the first one away and this one seems to be good for a few more openings before it goes ‘bong!’….

Braulios, in what used to be Pangea(still padlocked)and in what used to be The Lounge…open tonight, offering ‘all you can swill’ for 60q, 8-11…is this like raising cash, using the existing bar liquor? all the action, what there was, was upstairs at Lava…gringas plus, the ‘Lot fulla Guates, Sobremesa closed and a lotta of other businesses taking the day off from the long long weekend…a smile and wave to the Mayor’s …working at the hotel…she could use a smile…’been a bitch of weekend for that family. The more i hear of the preceding history of that case, the more i wonder why he just didn’t take off…Disney World, Costa Rica…somewhere…as with John Gotti, he’s our own ‘Dapper Don’ in gray sharkskin…Adolfo…what were you thinking? 

what’s his face, in the black Escalade that was supposedly traded for land last year? too many stories, twists and so on to even try to keep up with, even if you wanted to…

Household Hint #23….Pavlov, which not only cures/removes mold from your leather shoes? also removes super glue from your swiss army knife, the one that you poked a hole in the tube with..imagine how the kidneys/liver like this stuff..

and yes, I’ve migrated from using my name/email on Face Hole to using the newly created ‘Our Man in Antigua’ page…gradually going commercial, here and there…some have asked about ‘hits’ on this page and am i making any $$ from it…the answer is no, no and no..if that changes, You’ll get a ‘heads up’ to either go along with it or opt out…as the silly little book gets wider publication/exposure, this is a natural evolution…and something that i hadn’t thought out properly…frankly, Scarlett..I hadn’t thought about doing another ‘start up’…and I’m getting away from 15 years of Ms Windows..Chrome is ‘it’ apparently, as Google has eaten MS’ lunch…o brve new world..

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