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and the more locally celebrated festivity known as the Day of The Dead…hangovers, anyone? they were flying the giant kites at Sumpango, pickpockets worked the crowd and now all we have to look forward to is Thanksgiving and Maximon’s birthday…there’s a new/old article under the ‘Latest’ tab, involving skeletons, so maybe there’s a theme here.

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another ‘latest’ just published…if you’ve found this, go to the ‘Latest’ tab for the racing article….yeah, Guatemala has professional races and a great track..with a history..

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or as we say here in Guatemala…since you’ve found this page, navigate to the other page, called ‘Latest’ for…yeah, the latest article about stuff in/around Antigua…some old, some new but hopefully entertaining..there’s no ads, no politics and no hidden agendas…its all free…my way, of saying thanks to my readers over the years..Mpineapples

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yes, its a typical Sunday in Antigua….’Capitalinas’ those o so well-dressed babes from the City, the Mayan ladies in from the nearby villages early, bringing their children and stuff to sell in the park and a few befuddled tourist groups, mainly the Christian contingents, come to save the pagan babies for Christ and so on…do they perform baptisms here? with all the water sources being so heavily polluted…? just wondering…one dunk for God, another dunk for hepatitis? and yes, we’ve been having more earthquakes and the volcano Fuego has been going nuts lately…if only we had some virgins to sacrifice…alas…they’ve already been picked off.

And if you notice, I’m slowly adding more content to the site..some new, some old…but the price is right(free) and if you or anyone you know plans on coming to Antigua, consider downloading a great travel app, otherwise known as http://tripscount.co/antigua-guatemala

and yes, the August version of my monthly guide book is live, on amazon and Kindle….www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer

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thanks and a tip of the panama to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress and all of the tabs on the site work correctly…Latest is the latest article and Archive…well, the rest, as I add to it…some of you know that my long time publisher, the Examiner.com, pulled their plug recently…’have a nice life and thanks for all the fish’ I guess…so, this site is/was my reaction: why not publish here, both the old and the new(and there’s some great ‘new’ coming)?.

in the meantime, if you’re coming to Antigua, be sure to download a great travel app called http://tripscout.co/antigua-guatemala

and re:travel guides, you can sign up, pay $$ or buy a 2  yr old ‘latest edition’ which is why I publish my own monthly Antigua guide, known as Our Man in Antigua….Amazon/Kindle? of course..

it’s an IPhone app, I’ve been told but since my phone is a WTF model, I can’t confirm that..so? this is a pure travel site…if you’re looking for Antigua gossip, there’s http://www.michaelsherer.com, for all the dirt.


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yes, this site (and the other)are still under construction but…day by day, a few bugs/kinks get worked out…hey, it’s the Internet, folks..and the ‘Happiness Engineers’ are being helpful….hmm, is it me? probably…’takes a while for the old dog to learn new licks, but i’m learning it, all over again..this site will be the depository/suppository for any new/old articles…the other, michaelsherer.com, with be the new blog site…if you’re out/about Friday 9, at 11am, check out the new park when its officially being inaugurated…and I see that the City workers, after 6 weeks, finally  got the NW fountain working again..sloth rules!


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