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or maybe, “play it again, Sam”…is/was this the most perfect day in memory? yeah, Women’s Day, full blast solar flares and a full moon tonight….the brass band under the columnade at the Palacio doing their oompah best, more tourist shuttles in town than ever and….fill in your own blanks…Ocelot’s has a new bar menu…short and sweet, like their barmaids, dos Reilly’s announcing specials on their new menu boards by the door, some kinda movie/tv thing being shot on the upper level of Cashbar.

‘ran into TLG, half of the Los Mescalitos duo…what a schedule tonight! Rainbow Reading Room at 8 thence CAfe No Se after that…’reminiscing of the days of mescaline and peyote, tweezering out the little white puffs of stuff on the cacti(strychnine-like stuff responsible for the upset tummy later)…it’s a wonder we all survived but then i did have a psychopharmacology minor…

thanks, mike donnelly…a wooden boat kinda guy…go to http://www.schoonermerrieellen.com and feast your eyes on one helluva reconstruction with unlimited money and time..and thanks, Jon Mellen fo a killer Bloody Mary at 11..Claudia #1 (in every way)walking her Mom on upper 5th earlier and people with any lick of sense are already making their outtatown reservations for Semana Satan….nope…I’m stuck…the friggin’ booklet process…and the local printer isn’t altho i’ve been assured that tomorrow…etc..problem is, it’s been ‘tomorrow for a week..the boat shipment? mysteriously hung up and the culprit/cause may well be in/at the docks in Puerto Quetzal..I suggested getting Les’ wife (Jet Set) involved…if you know him/her/it, then you’d see the logic…twin Hummers and some kinda political juice in Esquintla…and her name isn’t Jet Set…that’s the restaurant..

screw! little flying bugs in my cocktail!…nope, not doing the backstroke..Marty and Ginski planning their latest foray/adventure/stunt in the Ocelot during Happy Hour…a goodly portion of the usual suspects on duty there..

cacique and you shall find…bodegona’s latest rum import? not from Mexico…Costa Rica..judging from the bugs that keep dive-bombing it, it’s a hit…hat’s off and a tip of the panama to Bull Durham aka James…he just did a helluva good deed(nope, can’t talk about it) but if you know him and he’s willing to ‘share’ it’s a doozy aka a noble humanitarian gesture…his latest pork imports are now offering ribs…if there’s anything like the pork chops, they’re killer..’guess i gotta road-test them next week: i’m getting maid service at this new place like i’ve never seen..not only does she clean out the fireplace but she also cleans out the bbq grill…go out and howl at the moon…me and the guard dogs will be doing that shortly…aooooo! if only i could get the hair that grows on the back of my hands to duplicate the process on my noggin…and I’m still scratching my head about the flurry of slurs from five different…or maybe not different sources last week about my silly little bookette…www.deliciciousfoods.com? wtf? if they’d done any kind of homework like looking at this site and clicking on the links/articles tab or googling me…makes one wonder about their claim to be journalists…what the hell…it’s publicity…and thank you, idiots..one and all..

ran into Alex Long Bell..no, just long…his lead carpenter absconded with $300 and left for Honduras…yep, a woman involved…the process of renovating the old 709 space next door to Fusion will go on..


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a lotta joints taking this night off and the rest of ’em are sucking….anxious waiters waiting at the doors, waiting for the elusive turistas…who seem to be either back-packers or Christian groups…where do the Mormons eat? in their rooms while quoting Joseph Smith? and maybe, just maybe wondering why the hell did he choose an angel with the name of Moroni? unless that was a word play on morons plural, in which case he was very prescient.

Cimino’s on the park? going down the slippery slope of panic…”Ladies Night” and drinks for 5q?  everyone else in town is doing Ladies Nights..Wed or Thursday…1. are there really any ‘Ladies’ in this town and #2…would they be caught dead showing up for free drinks? why not just go…Drunken Girls Night and be done with it? the men would show up, if nothing else, and they’re paying anyway..no, I’m not being sexist…this is about marketing…ok, how about “Hammered Babes Night”? …probably a bit more PC.

an observation about the music scene in this town..mine..Ocelot is the Ground Zero for music, followed by Angie’s, Cafe No Se, El Caminante tied with el Muro..Cashbar still trying to come up with a weekly draw..Gaia’s tryin’…passed Ignacio standing on the sidewalk, resplendent in a hawaiian shirt…we compared chapeaus (hats) Iggy in a Middle Eastern themed joint? about like Nelson playing at Abassi..music makes for weird bedfellows or something like that….saw a snapshot of Alex/Sobremesa’s new location om 4th calle…hmm..looked great..a bit larger but not overwhelming..no news re the Beav…El Cofre sold, which implies a lotta things…and the rains are back,Jack…the break was nice but we knew it was only a temporary reprieve.

Whiskey Den! stock up on the pound bags of coffee…down to one…’had to go to Fernando’s to restock on the espresso beans..booze is fine but some of us..me..like your stuff…still reminiscing on Rudy the Cowboy…what a character…perfect for Antigua…talking about making a cowboy movie using Brahma cattle? wrong…gotta have the real deal..no, not Guernsey’s…tomorrow, El Muro’s Thursday night drink-a-thon…leave before 11pm, if you can navigate..i.e, make it home over the cobblestones..

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the ‘net is weird tonight and the town is as empty as a hooker’s heart…dos Reilly’s, at 8pm was the busiest bar. El Caz italiano, Las Palmas, Jane Fonda Calle Real and Sabor Tiempo packed…what gives? Luna Miel having an off night…Hector’s packed with 12…4th calle a definite deadzone…WTF? the first of the month, one would assume that $$ is/has flowed and no one’s out there spending it(except me?) Mario and Allen of Whiskey Den pouring shots of Clown Royal…which always makes me remember Miss Brenda…aka Brianna Wildman..google her…

Brenda aka Briannathanks and a tip of the panama to Emma, Peter, Karmen and et al for encouraging me to bail from the house from hell...aka 23C, Ave 4t norte...i'm 99% outa there...final final tomorrow with the cleaning crew..there is a malevolent feeling to that place, now that i'm gone/moved...kinda felt something,from time to time but i always chalked up to hangovers/pharmaceuticals...nope..bad feng shui...ah! the old Magician?famous!'passed him on the return loop...carrying a take-out pizza and a fresh copy of Que Pasa...he made the 'interview' section this month..i held the pizza while he showed me the article but i couldn't get away with the pie...too quick,he is..don't play the 'take a card,any card' thing with him...speaking of magic, Adan the Cuban pianist told me that's he's back at Caffe Opera, this Saturday night...8 pm or so...Cuban time or Guate time..go by..he's superb...John of El Cofre in Texas...said he's bringing back 'black gold'...that used to mean oil, hash oil or slaves..guess we gotta wait and see what gets thru customs...'heard a strange rumor about a tram line being proposed for the east side of Volcan Agua...past the village of Santa Maria de Jesus and before the weird Monte Maria golf course...22/24 million buckeroos...insane..well,maybe not if INGUAT or Portillo/Colom add/pony up their hidden assets..'might go play golf there next week..'been a while and my balls are getting dusty...and yes, i'm slowly getting used to the color scheme of this place...raspberry with gold trim..looking for a parrot, a fez and some curry

Raul Freyre and Rich Neel running around town…Raul? aren’t you s’posed to be in Maine? his schedule changes but it’s always good to see him(and Rich)and thank you, Carmen, for the offer of a free pedicure tomorrow..birthday #…..older than dirt…if i had a double shot of geritol and a gram…i might just chase you…nah, make it an eight ball…Hector mentioned a free dinner..senor citizens special..nah..it’d take an 8 ball to get me moving these days…moving is such a pain in the culo: what goes where, what doesn’t go…raspberry? my gay friends in SF would probably have a lot of suggestions…I suggest that this night is over…stick a fork in me, as i’m done..

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a big tip  of the panama to Monja Blanca Travel…the aforesaid ‘bag,left in the (f….king shuttle) returned to my door this morning…the big camera, telefono #1, notebook, et al…intact..they might have gained a new customer, per their attitude and pricing…70q from the Hotel Delfin, Monterrico to your/my door..Voyageur hit me for slightly under a 100q…not a big deal but…an old face in town, for ‘a few days’…Thor Sheffield…Mary’s son, back from China, where they have a different slant on things…Lava Burger Central? doing an interesting mid-week promo…Foreign Exchange Night…Wednesday(manana)starting at 80m…mix/mash up of foreigners and guatemalteca babes..if any of the crowd from last weeks marathon event shows up, it’ll be a smorgasbord of senoritas..Steve Wintershaw on the terrace, sporting a new/recycled seersucker blazer, found at the Paca…’guess i gotta go and see what’s there..the Paca,not the terrace…Disco Ball sighted!…where? one of the last places you’d think of…Como Como…La Esquina joined the Burger Wars…very good burger, just right on the fat content(juicy)..take notes….also now open for lunch…Travel Agent Alive seen briefly, in passing..a most mysterioso lady who dresses well…Pablo A and client at el Cazadore Italiano…if I ever to recommend a real estate broker…it ‘d be him..Max at the helm tonight at el Muro…karoake night i think..you know, if he and John had taken over Dos Mil aka Reillys or ever get the chance to…that part of town would seriously rock..I personally think that they’re the old Reilly’s, reincarnated.. ‘kinda limping now…at least, i think so but what the hell do i know? they’re a two man machine of wild/crazy…Ignacio the Cube at Pangea’s corner tonight…solo…Adan? wtf? not at Caffe Opera…empty..passed Adolfo the Alcalde earlier..’gave him a fist pump and an ‘ole!’…if i could vote for him, i  would…o..State of Siege #2? oopsy…guess we didn’t quite root out all the bandidos in Peten..what do you want to bet that Otto Perez Molina, running for El Presidente de el Narco State of Guatemala wins? bet that he, ex-general,ex-Kaibile commandante, plays the Mano Duro card…Sandra/Portillo and the rest of the gang bail for the Dom Rep or some other safe haven..Sandra…get a new makeover…pleese..Tammy Faye Baker looked better..didn’t get to see the proposed new digs today…perhaps an error in translation or comprehension..rescheduled for Thursday…o well..Bill/
Mary of El Peno del Sol acknowleding that Lava’s fries are superior..and they are..no word on the call about the quality of the burger…i’m a definite Lava fan…better assortment(menu) a few words with Brendan B tonite, who reported getting ripped again by the ATM’s..BAC…outa florida..he’s got an interesting idea about money/bars…the Buddha Bar at the Lake and the Salty Beaver are already  on this…Pay Pal…crank the $$ at the point of sale..safe and quick..the establishment hands you the bucks..cash..no worries…and you’ll probably end up leaving more cash on the table..i like it..someone in A-town oughta do this, given all the bad publicity about ATM’s..great idea, BB…but then, you never quit thinking and that’s only one of the reasons why we like you..so what about SAT and any other Guate government org finding out…if and when? Chef Pierre’s bread is supposedly great..can’t comment..my bread is in my pocket…no, that’s not the Staff of Life..that’s cash, butthead..’left a cartridge at the door for you-know-who..no comments..’picked it up later…looking now for cohetes..firecrackers…do a little ‘show and tell’…splash on some fake blood…banzai!…coming soon, to a door near you..bill s, that devil..’suggested buying a little snake from the pet store..let it loose and then come to the rescue…beretta blazing…lotta ricochets…ooo..love it. ..hotel delfin? great place..perfect…

where’s Ed and the Escalade aka the Poosy Magnet? Robto deOro..digame, por favor..guess i could ask Lori..if/when I see her..is there something going on here(more than the usual?) that I should know about?

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no..not anyone in particular…just one of those nights when things happen, either for a reason or not…Ocelot’s One Year Anniversary? filled to the max..baby…with the offer of an open bar(free booze) from 5-8 you can only imagine who/what showed up…a great and grand gesture, nevertheless…the biz has been a success from Day One…a tip of the panama…




and no, the ex-partner didn’t show up…a touch of class and a gesture lost…o well..’its China town, Jake’…a word with a quiet Hector before he left to go play at Dos Reillys’…bof of us wondering why would JP aka the Rum Bum want to come back, considering the trail of wreckage left…outa rehab, met god or hit the lottery? Sangre? painting the interior entrance and the exterior..por que? personally i’d bring on the Gallo/Brahva girls, have an open bar..no..wait..they’re advertising an ‘all you can swill in two hours for 100q’….didn’t/doesn’t work for Studio 35 at half that price…idiots..

cereal killer

if we are what we eat, i’m in deep shit…’had an open box of Kellogg’s Komplete…ants got into it…decided to nuke ’em in the microwave…didn’t work but the raisins blew up…to the back yard, where even the birds turned up their beaks…ok, so who cares? Piano Mike and Moriah drawing crowds at Caffe Bourbon tonight…el Caz Italiano quiet or at least when i walked by..Tartines? ghost like…Alex’ ice creamery doing inventory…big gaps in the stock..people like that stuff(who doesn’t?) Matt B at O’lot, celebrating a reunion with old friend/student from 35 years ago..just shows to go yu that you can hide but you can’t run…er..good god..outa the blue…my last wife tracks me down on FB…haven’t heard from her since ’03..’why Guatemala?’

if you must know, i married/divorced her twice..that’s ‘why’, Guatemala..she’s probably still in Vegas..and i’m not..Ay Robot? the only bright spot on that side of the whole %$#@! block of 6th avenida..literally..Raodkill dead, Daikari counting down to implosion..Red’s? great idea…waitresses in mini-skirts!…well, i like it..BAC? all four ATM’s lined up and ready to rock for Semen Satana..betcha that after the holiday something gets ‘discovered’ and ‘new and improved measures’ are implemented, the missing $$ are split/shared and the Boys from Bogota party on somewhere else(on our money)…and yours..

we're workin' on this...trust us

Camilla the ‘sweet’ looking better tonight…it’s been a hard couple of days losing her party pals..tis how it is in a  resort town…folks come/go…ah, remember my experience of last saturday? being semi-accosted/picked up by a ‘city lady?’…she called me in the park this morning..’let’s meet at 11’..ok…’called to postpone for an hour or so..nah..tomorrow at 4pm and i’m not telling where…hey, when you’re older than dirt, this can be something to look forward to…yeah,i know this is about $$ and not about my animal magnetism or psychic powers…and my cloak of invisibility is at the cleaners…damn..a few more days and i’m outa here…the ‘Beav and a few days of nothingness..no crowds, no parades, no one pissing on the streets..have a great weak end..my friend john, from el salvador..said come down, play golf and let’s go see Ashley at Lips…and i’m trying to be good..

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