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  We are finally at the end of the Green Season, when daily rains come or nightly rains come or  it just rains all %$^&#! day… All of my leather soled shoes had begun to show various stages/layers of mold: some white and fuzzy, some greenish and multi-swirls of fungi. I had brushed off mold and a few days later it would return…it occured to me that bleach kills mold, but what else?

Alcohol? well..since I was just back from an all morning shopping excursion, ready for a beverage and a blender of margaritas had just been concocted, why not take a giant step for science, a leap of faith for the few and daub the soles of my least favorite loafers with a coating of cheap tequila? So what if my shoes stunk of tequila? So what if people knew? So… yes, tequila appears to have the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for mold remediation. Science marches on!  At ease, disease! There shall not be any fungus among us!

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