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last week’s back to back bus trips to El Salvador were gruelling…’should’ve eaten more gruel, I guess (or less). The famed interamerican highway also known as CA-1, is a mess. One would think that Guatemala might have an interest in keeping  that route in decent shape….wrong, bus-breath…once over the border in El Salvador, its obvious that ES takes care of their roads…o, well, ‘things’ got accomplished.

I see where Mr Ecofiltro, aka Phillip Wilson, has made another donation, this time to the public hospital in San Felipe…I was a reluctant guess there a year ago and it sucks…his park project goes on, with only a few more beds to fence and plant..the thing I notice mainly, is  where on Monday mornings there used to be mounds of weekend trash left over…no more..the new trash cans are actually being used…whoop tee do!

congrats to to the Exit Inn, host of the new darts league! everyone in this town needs a niche and it looks like Alabama Bob and Spiros found theirs…

incoming? Ponzi Bob and Michael Rayment…outgoing? Mike D in  aweek or so..I forget, yunno..Mike aka Piano Chrisman is in Spain/Barcelona(dog)and having a great time…Jackson should be back in a few weeks, raising the IQ level at the park bench (overdue) and the rest of us are looking at the skies, wondering if its umbrella time….probably..I have a little Havaba/Rolex piece to write and then it’ll be off/back to Salama with Hentry Elam for a little jaunt up into some places where they kicked me out a few years ago…another JR and the ‘Captain’ story..and a belated Father’s Day…I was spayed a few years ago, so I didn’t celebrate.

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so reads today’s version of Prensa Libre…great,eh? there was malaria, dengue, chunky monkey, zika and now yellow fever?  what’s the cure?  wasn’t it quinine? remind me to buy some Swepsche’s tonic water in the morning (as if there is any in Antigua)so, spel-chuck isn’t working, ok?

Nelson Lundings’ back in town, doing weekenders at Casa Blanca, lower-5th ave south…Tanya Hughes, whom I think is still in Canada, is adding oomph to the Antigua2night.site…goood stuff..

the old La Pena de Sol, Bill H’ long time restaurant on other 5th calle..has a new electric meter, padlocks, city stickers off the doors and it looks like someone’s gonna re-open it…rotsa ruck…Bill was the only one who made it work..and that was because he worked it 7 days a week.

returning this month? Ponzi Bob and Jackson, hipper than ever (thanks to a new hip) and the new park improvements? here’s the story  http://www.examiner.com/article/purple-mauve-or-fuchsia  a giant tip of the panama to Phillip Wilson, Mr Ecofiltro, for organizing this project…only he, I think, could’ve done it..you might have to click on this twice…weirdpress, you know

Reilly’s (#3) on 5th calle finally has a sign outside..he’s decided to stay? and can anyone explain to me what it is about the ‘no smoking’ laws? Guatemala City has seriously bad air pollution, we’ve got the burning cane fields, exhaust smoke from unregulated chicken buses and the occasional outburst of volcanic smoke/dust…what’s the deal about a cigarette?

The ever marvelous Marbel staged her 2nd ‘Singles Night’ last week…nope, didn’t go…I’m just not a ‘singles kinda guy’..but if you want to see her, she’s pulling a couple of shifts in the back room at La Sala..and I don’t know her schedule…you gotta wing it..and one last observation: the venerable tradition of pub quiz’ in Antigua….Reilly’s north, south, Ocelot and now the Londoner?  is there a draw/crowd for this anymore? just asking, you know..personally, for me..no? I don’t go to think, I go to drink..Frankly, Scarlett..


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thank you, Antigua, for a host of reasons and things to ponder about, on this day of remembrance (at least in the USA)…thank you for the memories of people that I’ve lost this year…George Morgan, Michael Banfield and James Santiago Durham, to name a few..

thank you for some amazing women in my life: Flor, Carmen, Ligia, Maite and MED…thank you for all the girls in the various stores who put up with my dumb gringo act..thank you, for all of your smiles..and the people where I live…the ever special Raquel, etc and Ana.

this town, at least on the bar scene,runs on gossip…no, it was’t me..etc…thanks, Hogan, for the nickname of the Klavern Tavern…yep, you nailed it, as usual…come back and we’ll travel again, anywhere, anytime..my personal standard of who i’ll hang out with…thanks, JR, for all the background information about how this country and the town really operates..there’s so much bullshit here that you need tall boots. Thanks, Phillip Willson. for the great story on the park and its renovation, with back stories..

I’m lucky to live here and I miss some people who have left..they added color/content..thanks to Alabama Bob, Spiros and HBT…true characters, in every sense of the word…and Shawn of Ocelot, Alex Ferrar, two great people in this tiny little world..of course, Michael Tallon and Mike Chrisman..other shining lights in this murky burg…the list goes on, of course..

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in this case, hula hoops with a nail…if you’re looking, only Bodegona actually has hula hoops…whoopee, eh!

so? James Mullen, our heavy metal occasional visitor, is back for a few days/weeks (cheap air ticket) and was in the park with his lady from El Salvador…small world? she and I know Dan, of Lips, the biggest/best strip club in San Salvador (it was research, dammit) and I’ll be there in two weeks (research)…Personajes, next to the  Londoner, folded as the London Bridges whatever and is back to being Personajes…jeez, open an English themed bar next to an real English bar? only in antigua, I guess..

and yes, finally found/went by Da Vinci’s new location, up the street/north of El Cazadore Italiano…looks great but Luis Miguel has an eye for  style..

the govt post office, El Correo? opened again but for a few months..the Canadians want out of their unpaid contract, the govt says they’re ‘step in’, the international postal union requires that this silly little  country actually have a postal service..my suggestion? have the govt mail the paychecks of the congress bozos via the post office and see just how fast this mess gets fixed.

and if you’re lucky/early, go by El Sol and have the very lovely Maite personally make you an espresso…works for me..and the park project? moving along, an interview and more photos this morning, film at 11 and a great ‘only in Antigua’ article, coming soon, to a  drive-in, near you..

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Not Postal

if you’ve noticed, El Correo the postal service has closed their portals…the Canadians are trying to weasel out of their contract, the govt. doesn’t have any money but ‘they’ say they’re operate the postal service via the Ministry of Communications…so, will the 600+ employees get their jobs back?…hah. It is, in my opinion, just a sign of the times. Folks don’t write or read (did email play a part?)as they used to and none of  it is cost-effective..for those who still need a local outlet/inlet, Caniz on lower 4th has improved.

starting Monday, for 3 weeks, the City will be closing various streets for two hours a day, while they catalog exteriors of buildings in town…color, design, additions…creating a database to keep things as they are, at least on the outside.

Michael Rayment is better, health-wise…Mike C, the X-man, leaves soon for a European jaunt, Tanya H is in Vancouver, having a big garage sale before she moves here, Marcel (Michos) throwing a cocktail/wine bash thursday @ 6p, Marvel the Magnificent scheduling another event, June 1, @ Vino y Baco 7pm (inside the Casa Fuentes on outer 4th calle.

And the new stuff in the Park is coming together nicely…the gringo benches seem to settled down a bit but there’s still some ruffled feathers…don’t ask, don’t smell, is my position..I’ve opted out, physically and mentally….’better things to do with my life, like an interview this weekend, the beach next week, El Salvador in 2 weeks, get the June edition of Our Man in Antigua-stan ready to publish soon and appreciate the recent rains and I’m getting used to the Kindle…a bit of withdrawal with no physical book in my hand but after a splash or two of rum, so? so what? have a great weekend, check your umbrella…I need a new one…

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