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in the immortal words of Alfred E. Neuman or was it ‘Neumann?…aka Mad Magazine…who cares/who knows? it’s just another Tequila Monday in this 3rd world country we call home…realize, as i have, that Guatemala is the same size as Tennessee but with twice the population…14 mil vs. 6 mil, give or take a few..and that our hillbillies wear huipiles..yeah, the education system sucks, the highways aren’t being fixed and the beat goes on…not

Cashbar? closed on a Sunday, Monday and Tuesdays? the new reality…ain’t no bucks/$$ in town…more and more cars with for sale signs..grim faces on some of the food/beverage people, hoping that June will bring in some turistas w/$$…segue way…in La Prensa this morning a piece about an italian airline now proving service to Managua (Nica)…WTF? there’s a demand for this? and no, the airline isn’t named Genitalia…drum roll..

Ocelot/Lava doing fine..Jason due in from Mother Russia in two weeks, assuming that he doesn’t get ‘side-tracked’ in Tijuana..dos Reilly’s very very quiet, Flor of Dasha snoozing at her PC/desk, not very incandescent/florescent…maybe its just another Monday and we’re all moving slowly…kinda like those butt-heads at INGUAT…Mexico is spending 52 Fu…..king million dollars on tourism re 2012…what is Guatemalo spending? INGUAT’s new head can’t even get their website up and running…his picture is all over it but….where’s the beef, dude? tomorrow’s rare Venus/Earth/Sun thing? fuggedaboutit…even Honduras/Copan is doing stuff(when their journalists are being shot) this country has a lot of potential for tourism, especially this year…Tikal, El Mirador, Takalik Abaj, Quirigua….it’s not even 3rd world/can’t get it together/banana republic stuff…call it lame/ludicrous…I’ve lived/worked in tourist-oriented places most of my life…San Francisco, Carmel, ‘Vegas, Hawaii…even Costa Rica and Nicaragua have their act together…Nicaragua? yeah, baby..o well, what, me worry?..maybe Otto has the right idea:  legalize drugs and have Antigua be ground zero for cheap blow…that’d ramp up tourism overnight…bolivian marching powder for one and all and an idea that’s nothing to sneeze at..nobody would be eating at the 150 restaurants but the bars would be doing great..pass the straw, dude..let’s go dance somewhere, eh?

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with apologies to Maria Muldaur….whew…Fuego goes ballistic(literally), there’s a partial eclipse of the sun later today and there’s a serious/stationary storm system setting off the Pacific Coast up by Ocos/Re-hoo…not to mention that it rained most of the night here…fine..what road systems/bridges? they haven’t fixed the ones from last year or the year before…hey, ox-carts! it worked for the old folks..

John K, back from a month on Coke Island…no, Roatan, west Bay, west end…he refered to West End as being ‘bohemian’…a polite adjective, at best..on to Ecuador in a week or so(and beyond)…oughta paint the old Merry Prankster’s slogan on his incredible SUV…”Further..’ i forget the exact spelling but then I forget a lot of stuff…

what was the race in town about this morning? runners of all ages, kids on bikes, folks with dogs…Christine and Phillip Watson passed, waving..(Mr Eco-Filtro) and i thought he said that i should be on the Rape List…no…my bad left ear heard it that way..he said “Race List”…I think..I’m too old for either list anyway..

The elegant Gina C and the electric Flor Moran(Dasha) out on the town last night…and its raining again…fine…i gotta fire laid(and that’s the only thing that gets laid in this house)..taco fixin’s await..the ATM’s were down earlier…probably a cow leaning against a telephone pole somewhere.. and re Roatan…no news, Wilbur-wise…heard that he’d been in town a few weeks ago but no confirmation…no idea on the INTERPOL status and no desire to check(frankly, Scarlett)

and..drum roll…another 5 star review on Amazon.com! to quote, “the best travel guide I have ever read.”….the book was aimed at a certain demographic and appears to have found the target…


am I happy, proud or what? you see, I love this town and whatever bad publicity has come our way needs to be offset or explained…tourism is the life-blood, folks…there are some that decry the kinds/types of tourists but in this times we gotta take what comes…

new fish market/store, on 6th calle, opposite Tanque Verde…dunno about the location or concept…most restaurants already have their fish connections..maybe if they called it “La Fin de Semana”….’fin, get it? sorry ’bout that…the rain is getting to me…segue-way to the witchiest lady in town, Angel of Djinn…whew…if you can top that/her, tell me..will i go back to town tonight? who cares? my boots are wet, the fire is laid, cha cha..

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so…the big ‘decriminalization’  get-together yesterday with the five heads of government of Central America? three…the narco-staters of Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador didn’t show up …well, I’m not sure about El Sal but the other two are ‘lay-downs’, which is an old used-car salesman’s word…

Nadoosh, the latest attempt to cash in on the failed ‘hookah’ concept?  been told  that they’re closing up shop soon…probably after Semen Santa..I still don’t get what the hell they were thinking, going up against Gaia..maybe if they’d had nude belly dancers or hash in the hookahs or hookers with hookahs…two of the three would’ve gotten my vote…gawd,hash…ah, the memories..thank you, Reed, for turning me on to Charles Bukowski…and i hear that the three of us left O’lot almost simultaneously last night before getting a blast of verbiage from a 4th party…semi-charming in the best of times..at best..

is it me or is the town more packed than last year? whatever, it’s  great for local merchants who’ve been counting the days if not also accounts payable..I am, now that I’m in this silly little business of print ’em/dump ’em and ask the musical question of ‘where’s the money?’

the ever delighful Miss M and i will be out this week, tripping over the cobblestones and looking for $$..the next 25..totally great/new/expanded/better than peanut butter will be out sometime soon and coming to a store near you..and I’ve lost my taste for the crowds of purple-gowned guys…virtual hordes…it’s like a bad movie about the Guatemalan version of the KKK…’good thing I didn’t take any acid(even if i had any to take)..i’m home on the range, the dogs are mellow, the fish still swim in aimless circles, cha cha cha..maybe more later, maybe not…this is sunday, after all and even god is s’posed to have taken the day off…probably had a good tee time and as i’ve often heard,only god can hit a 1 iron..

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in what may be a first, local PNC troops nabbed the shooters on 6th sur shortly after it happened this weekend…confirmed by the ever urbane Sr Cervantes and in El Diario today, the shooting was over a woman, a few rounds were fired into a pickup and the cops caught the doer’s a block or so away…a %$#@! miracle of the first degree and a giant tip of the panama to the PNC and Juan Mario who has been the driving force for keeping Antigua safe(er)…if I hadn’t read it and talked with el jefe, i wouldn’t have believed this was possible.. .

still limping a bit after the tumble off Bull’s bike…left knee complaining still, so if you see me with a cane, that’s why…stuff happens when you get old: the right knee goes, the left knee goes and then the weenie…fill in the blanks..and i’m gradually getting used to an extra 15 minute walk and living in a different area…it’s all good, just different, being around trees, grass and plants…’nature boy’ stuff..’having a kitchen the size of my old bathroom, etc..

had a different kind of question asked tonight…are there Rotarians in town? being a practicing sexagenerian, i had to stop and think(always difficult)…why, yes..i know of one..Gerald Leech of  Casa de Jade on 4th Calle…do I look like the Shell Answer Man? guess so..(old tv ad)…seemed to be a quiet night in town, just another slow monday night…walked..no, stumbled into DV for a word with the two Claudias’..incandescent is the adjective…plumb bob, aka robt wheat off to roatan shortly…west end…yeah, he’ll probably run into carla the berryhill, who last heard of was snorking by day and bartending barefoot by night…no, ‘snorkeling’…snorking? the last time i snorked involved two  railroad tracks of bolivian marching powder….’snork!’

and thank you, Rich Neel, for the idea about local publishing..i’ve disdained(poo-pooed it)but i may be changing what’s left of my mind..it solves some logistical problems (finding mules to smuggle it) and so on..good god, is this what i’ve been reduced to, smuggling booklets? from guns, drugs, jewelry and gems to a stinkin’ booklet that isn’t even pornographic? apparently so..

and yes, the smoke hasn’t cleared from the meltdown on 5th and the deal from hell…i’m sick of the gossip, frankly Scarlett..I like both of the players but if one of them isn’t in contact with reality, this brings further questions which would require massive amounts of medication…let’s see…is it Meykos or Ivori that delivers to your home? where’s the number? as Wendy Wever once said, call 1-800-Tequila…’hope she’s fine and learning to talk turkey..the PNC? got their perps the same night? a miracle of the first magnitude…

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‘been one of those days…and it’s early still..’passed ‘she of the smile/laugh’ earlier…no recognition…ok, fine…it was what it was, when it was..and i thank her for that.

Panza Verde? idiots…firing the one marketing/graphics person who’s done a helluva job? adios, ms A…too good, too talented, too gorgeous and too threatening to the tiny brains(sic)running the place..as always, money talks and bullshit walks…they’ll play hell finding a replacement…was it $$ or envy? pick B…too good for that operation..

Pangea’s Edy in tonight, with a small dinner crowd…please, make him an offer to buy the plaee and yes, they’re still advertising for a bartender..and thank you, Pat F..explaining that the real Emma is in England and not cavorting with Peter in Texass..i know..i take one plus two and it equals sic..sis..six

more kudos to Shaun of Ocelot for promoting the 100 reasons for liking Guatemala..alas, Ruslan and lady departing O’lot for San Francisco on the 9th of January…Marvel! this may be your shot at working there…show up, dammit…Iris doing a great job, btw..aka Lucy.. and yeah, the book is selling..https//www.createspace.com/3755222….have at it..or the ebook version…https//www.smashwords.com/books/view/114724

‘word is that Mark Francis aka Jeffrey whatever is doing fine in prison(per Pat F)…and no news on john Wilbur…Elle’s in India having a great time..Carla B’s in Roatan, West End and looking for a job..sailing doesns’t appear to have agreed with her..me, either.. 

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