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describes the current city project of replacing the old water pipes with new PVC….5th and 6th Calle west are ripped up, and some of 5th calles trenches are being filled in…next? re-installing the cobble stones. This project is scheduled for a four month completion date, optimistic at best and with the processions starting in about four weeks and Semana Santa coming in the first week of April? do the math..it’s gonna be hellish. And to add to that circus, there’s uncertainty about who’s gonna pay for the PVC…the City, the Water Department? one would’ve thought that they might have nailed these things down, eh?
One of Antigua’s oldest disco/bars is having ‘payroll’ problems…employees getting shorted and also having to wait a month to get paid…not right, is it? they’re on 5th Ave, if that’s a clue.
Kind of like the problems with Caniz, our private mail service..saying now that they’re cutting back to one day a week service (outgoing)and other cuts…I have the email addresses if you want to gripe and complain (I already have)
many thanks to the Guatemala ExPats forum on Facebush, for their recent plugs for my silly little book, Our Man in Antigua…
and yes, after several weeks of dithering, I’m getting to know how to do video…first it was hardware then software…now’s it’s down to me to figure it all out, Alfie.
Und zo, it’s the weekend, end of the month and Stupor Bowl on Sunday…
I’ll probably wander down about half-time, somewhere yet to be decided but I’ve narrowed it down to two choices. Hell, I can’t even tell you who’s playing. Wait! the ‘underinflated balls’ mean the Patriots, right? my mind..it takes a licking and keeps on ticking..and seeing as it’s after 5, I think a libation is in order..fine! and don’t forget….www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for all the right reasons…an interesting look-back to this time last year…who would’ve thought that Alabama Bob and Mike D would be in the bar business? not me..

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Antigua is chock-full of tourists! groups here, there and everywhere, even some Christians in their matching t-shirts/caps..so why do we have the Army squads walking around, mid-day, in the park and on the streets, fingers on the triggers of their M-16s? I don’t get their mission or the concept…this country already has a perceptual problem of violence and the boys in camouflage don’t detract from that.

Some long faces at a newer bar last night…a stack of unpaid bar tabs will do that. It’s one thing to want to be popular/easy going but the concept is making money, not old friends skating on your dime.

Sara’s back in town…aka Pinky and looking slinky, at La Taverna.
yeah….great talks with Ponzi Bob last night…said that his wife read the book and was glad to know that he hadn’t been screwing off all these years…’told him that now he’s famous, in his own time.

‘heard that the new Wendy’s, on the park, dammit, doesn’t have their permits…how could that be, given their obviously public location? ‘it’s Chinatown, Jake’ and the new trenches, along 5th calle? what kind of impact are those having on businesses up/down that busy street? not good, I suspect…and this is only the beginning, of 4 months of such, 4 being the quoted time to finish the job..
Segue-Way sticking their machines in other places now, trying to find customers…fuggedaboutit…even Freddy’s Scooters isn’t/hasn’t worked.

Frank’s Place, on the hill…well, the mountain, doing a steady stream of business, thanks to music, good food and the free shuttles…the great view doesn’t hurt either…and yes, Jerome is back, creating a sports bar in an under-utilized part of Reilly’s/La Esquina. Retirement wasn’t his thing.

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every %$#@! morning! why/who? one of the benefits of living on the edge of San Felipe…that said, I don’t hear/see/feel the daily and nightly rumbles of Volcan Fuego so I guess that’s a reasonable exchange.
Mike D aka the ‘Perfesser’ celebrating his first night as a co-partner/owner of La Taverna, with a table full of the unusual suspects..congrats!
want a free Jeep? HBT in town, to pick up the booger Cougar and said that he’s tired of paying Murray’s storage charges (2 years worth) and if you want the Jeep, talk to him…papers? aint got no stinkin’ papers, unless Murray does something (highly unlikely)since he’s not answering phone calls. He, for free, wtf?
Dave H, at the Exit inn, along side Jackson…first day working at Frank’s Place…and happy..
so, the Freedom Beach House Hotel? turn left in the middle of ‘downtown’ Monterrico…there’s a paved road and a Banrural branch in sight (the only ATM around)go 8.5 kms…phone #? 5716-6988, and tell ’em i sent you…and a lot of local interest in this place, and rightfully so..new, clean, cheap..250q a night, beachside..great rooms, perfect for a night in paradise with your insignificant other..
there was a guy there last week…first date..he’s fat and wearing a Speedo (wrong)and by the time they left, they weren’t speaking
and yes, the trenches on 5th Calle…good for business? don’t think so and it’s only gonna get worse…4 months of this to look forward to…Alex of Sobremesa, on a usually closed Tuesday night, putting the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece..

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the other white meat, reads the Christmas card from one of my daughters, mailed exactly a month ago and received today….damn good thing I pay Caniz for super service, right?
so…the streets of Antigua are going to be ripped up for 4 months? lets see..Jan/Feb/Mar and April? what happens when Semana Santa rolls around? any side bets on the finish date and/or the first gringo to fall in one of the trenches?
und zo…the source of the rumor that there was an over-bidder for the piece of the piece of a certain bar? thank you, Nazi John/Hogan for being ‘creative’..when I checked with the seller, he was surprised…and he, supposedly is going to work now at Frank’s Place..this town!..and another long-time restaurantooer is supposedly taking over a corner of the Corner (La Esquina) that’s underutilized..sports bar?
hawaii? great! the Freedom Beach House!
and thanks, Robert Prince, for the fabulous comments re: Our Man in Antigua! 4th year of continuous production…I’ve been told that the Colonia deli, 7th ave norte, is closed..guess I’ll walk by tomorrow and see for myself.

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the punch line of a joke. A teacher tries to explain what ‘frugal’ means…i.e., to ‘save’…so she asks her class to use it in a sentence. One turns in a story about a knight saving a maiden, with that as the line. ok, fine..it’s a dumb joke but that’s my life, ok?
Spiros of the Exit Inn, celebrating his birthday (53)tonight…a round up of the unusual characters in attendence..
next door, Fusion is undergoing extensive remodeling and Alex is adding another restaurant in the fair back, featuring smokes meats…the name? “Something” as in he hasn’t thought up one..hmm..’Something’ might work.. I see that the Segue way people have stuck in a couple of their products in the front of Pal’Paladar…better location but still a losing concept for this town…scooter rentals haven’t made it, so how the hell can even foreign concept work? hey…offer free ice cream, is that’s what makes this town work. That, and pizza. Are the pizza places now outnumbering the same as travel agencies?
‘went by Da Vinci,to see Luis Miguels away fabulous Christmas tree..gonzo…damn..but the always fabulous Claudia #1 was in…whew..what a babe (and I told her so, ‘cuz it’s the truth)
Ponzi Bob and seldom seen wife due in late tonight..

and yes, the weekend looks like another run with Hogan and Reid…Chichi…always good for major crowds/chaos..hey, they picked it.
‘incineration’ the previous title…it happened last night, when i built a bigger than usual fire and draped two towels on the fire screen….whoosh! was reading, sipping but got the flamers out to the patio…singed a bit of my right hand but nothing serious.
and rumors of a change in one the partners of El Taverna..one selling, another buying in..
so, if there’s time, go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and whip on the book…it’s a classic Antigua story, that still goes on.

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