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and the more locally celebrated festivity known as the Day of The Dead…hangovers, anyone? they were flying the giant kites at Sumpango, pickpockets worked the crowd and now all we have to look forward to is Thanksgiving and Maximon’s birthday…there’s a new/old article under the ‘Latest’ tab, involving skeletons, so maybe there’s a theme here.

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another ‘latest’ just published…if you’ve found this, go to the ‘Latest’ tab for the racing article….yeah, Guatemala has professional races and a great track..with a history..

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thanks and a tip of the panama to the Happiness Engineers at WordPress and all of the tabs on the site work correctly…Latest is the latest article and Archive…well, the rest, as I add to it…some of you know that my long time publisher, the Examiner.com, pulled their plug recently…’have a nice life and thanks for all the fish’ I guess…so, this site is/was my reaction: why not publish here, both the old and the new(and there’s some great ‘new’ coming)?.

in the meantime, if you’re coming to Antigua, be sure to download a great travel app called http://tripscout.co/antigua-guatemala

and re:travel guides, you can sign up, pay $$ or buy a 2  yr old ‘latest edition’ which is why I publish my own monthly Antigua guide, known as Our Man in Antigua….Amazon/Kindle? of course..

it’s an IPhone app, I’ve been told but since my phone is a WTF model, I can’t confirm that..so? this is a pure travel site…if you’re looking for Antigua gossip, there’s http://www.michaelsherer.com, for all the dirt.


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Let’s assume that, Mom and maybe Mary the Hooker are in Cancun for Spring Break or are in Rome, staying at the Pope’s Condo, and watching CNN/Fox and getting the overview from Antigua and the thousands of celebrants dragging around the ‘floats.’,….wtf? after all these thousands of years, the blood, gore, pain and suffering are still #1? Maybe a part of it has to do with the synthesis of Catholic theology and Mayan needs for pain/sacrifice…dunno? cannibalism? pass the wafer, drink the wine…

Ins/Outs…so, Cindy the C left today, for parts unknown, even to her…I’m almost missing Nazi John and Hogan, if not for their lack of sartorial splendor than their propensity for tossing verbal bombs.

‘heard, I think, last week that a major bakery was going into Reilly’s Las Esquina or nearby…but,my memory has been worse than usual..a week ago,I had an attack of appendicitis,,and thank you, Mike D aka the ‘Perfesser’ for showing up,more than once..as my friend, FLR said, while visiting me in the hospital, you know who your friends are when you’re in jail or the hospital..

so..the hospital? at Friday morning, last, my choices were slim/none..VA. a plane ride, Lori Shea’s excellent network, the crime scene they call the Nacional Hospital in San Felipe or the unknown Hospital Hermano Pedro?..Door #3, my choice..they ‘cut me’ in the afternoon but…I bled and was in pain ’til I bailed on Tuesday…want details? got ’em..’can’t recommend ’em for other than a simple procedure..hangnail, cha cha…I think that their staff might have graduated from Barnum and Baileys..sorry, I’m tired…enjoy the spectacles..same stuff, different year..

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