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yep…that’s the time tomorrow at O-Dark Thirty when the Sun dips to it’s lowest point…and hopefully comes back up for air…and light, cosmos, etc/cha cha cha…hey..think about how many false alarms have we heard about regarding the end of the world? Hale-Bopp Comet, that phony preacher in Oakland, etc etc…maybe the ‘Fiscal Cliff’ is just another attempt to scare the be-jesus out us?

Travel Menu totally slammed tonight…folks on the sidewalk, Allen running around, back and forth, schlepping plates….’never seen it so packed…yeah, even more of the ‘usual suspects’ there…and then some..

there was a lame fake Mayan ceremony in front of the Capitan’s Palace tonight….Maya-Lite…better than nothing, I s’pose…folks didn’t have to leave town, go up to El Cerro de la Cruz or…get too far from their hotel rooms…might have even been something on the History Channel in case…you know, room service is coming, dont’ wanna get dressed  up..


this might not load…copy/paste…wordpress is being wonky tonight…

ah…a mini-road trip with some of the Gang of Four…off to…(‘off’ describes it perfectly, btw) to Esquintla in search of the lost Wal-Mart…you know, the Wal-Mart that isn’t there but surfaces/appears once a year or when the moon is just right?…yeah..right…they left, they looked and they returned…unWal-Marted…is there some kind of information source to call and ask for this stuff?…hello? 

A new kind of Christmas Club in Antigua? some merchants on 5th Ave norte reporting that they’ve been extorted or threatened with having their external signs stolen unless they pay protection…Ricardo of Tobacos y Vinos didn’t go along with the program and lost his sign…as if he needs one, but it’s the concept…now…what do the extorters(my word)do with the signs? burn ’em..return ’em for a deposit? set up an altar and pray to whom?

Reid Choate, the almost last missing ‘snow bird’ checked in…back on Jan the 8th…child support, Witness Protection Program…? character witness for John McAfee?

it’s been said that tomorrow’s end-of-the world thingy is really going to be a ‘Mayan Rapture’ event…a flash of light, they all disappear and then re-appear in a Pollo Compero near you, me, etc..at 05:11? PC isn’t open then….maybe McDonalds? nope, not even…

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which, for an early Thursday is about all there is: ‘still reflecting on the ‘Ignacio Event’ and what that might mean…it certainly puts a hole in the Antigua live music scene, which is getting smaller…there’s Nelson, Ron Fortin, TLG and the Mescalitos…Adan and Piano Mike…anyone I’m not including here? the earlier nap that I thought would restore some of my vim/vigor obviously didn’t, and showering/changing clothes and going back into town seems like too much of a job.

I think some of this ennui is due to the recent departures of some confreres I’d come to know better this year…’enjoyed their conversations, mutual travels/adventures..stuff like five sitting around a table and when asked the question, ‘how many have been in jail?’ all five raised our hands…where you gonna find demographics like that?  its probably just a function of our ages, like getting excited over seeing a display in Bodegona of Rose Mateus…and then tripping on Cold Duck, Lambrusco and Rossi’s Red Mountain swill…I’m lookin’ down the barrel of my 68th in a month…never/ever imagined living this long(and it shows)..

big tip of the panama to Isadore Michas for catching the story in El Periodico about our mayor… http://www.elperiodico.com.gt/es/20120502/pais/211589/

per Is, the mayor had all the copies in town pulled..it’s not that surprising as all politicians take/use favors…its part of the job description and to be honest, I really like our mayor..zapata mustache and all…gotta be embarrassing: ‘call on Line 2, your honor…Otto Perez would like a word..’  ‘adolfo! my pal…que paso?’

ok…it’s 4:51 and close enough for a ‘5 o’clock pop(drinkie poo)..seems like there are some interesting astronomical events coming…a super/clear/near full moon this weekend and a once in 600 year Sun/Venus transit/orbit…maybe there is something about 2012 bur we’ll have to wait and see..to hear the way some of my New Age friends talk(not that i listen) this could be bigger than the Harmonica Convergence.4:54 now…the will of iron(a six iron)…screw it..slurp it..fine…I told you earlier that this was ‘lite’ night and so on…gotta couple of projects…a kazoo band for next years semana santa and producing a line of ‘glow in the dark’ plastic jesus’ for the dashboard…need angel $$…and thanks, Bull Durham for the early delivery of yet again a superb batch of Tecpan pork chops/ribs..James Durham, La Rosa Cristal on 3rd calle…the best in pork! no, i didn’t say ‘porking’….pork! go by, get the list, the prices are good and it’s once a week delivery(thursday pm)..i quit..enjoy the  fin de semana..

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RIP, Freddy Fender…an abbreviated ‘ unindicted co-consppissarated ‘ grouping…town full of Guatemaltecos, marimba music(great)in front of the recently painted Cap Generales Palacio…da mayor and assorted grease wigs..the exceedingly gorgeous Claudia and friend at Ishcot…’love the new gold leaf on the rocks..nelson…Jeffrey Lassman/Cassman goin’ to court on the 21st, supposedly copping a guilty plea…Piano Mike and daughter starting at Pangea on Monday nights, 7pm-ish…perfect ‘supper club’ music..peter the g’s place rockin”’chef rico crankin’ out souvlakis…mario of johnny’s place in attendence…el muro with head banging music, the crew shakin’ their noggins…the red bull girls due in, i left…F2 slow….reillys 2 forging ahead…new wintershaw mural of St pauls on the wall, place smells of fresh sawdust…need beer, cigarette smoke and piss to make it smell like home..sangre’s advertised ‘vino y bocas’…no one home…many unopened bottles of wine, few takers*swillers….question…ricardo’s tobacos y vinos on 5th…moves across the street and triples his business…WTF? explain this…he can’t, i can’t..i pulled the plug on goin’ to the picnic with the green berets and the kaibiles..be like going to the beach with my  grandson…except for guns, knives, choppers and warm beer…i’d rather stay home and do ‘le club’ or something with scantily clad women..and the fact that i’m too fucking old to be getting on huey’s..which i hate anyway….someone sent me a note about 2012…explaining that the calendar(gregorian) is screwed by two years and that actually this year is the big bendover and so on…full lunar eclipse on the 21st, lining up with the sun and the galactic center, just as the mayans predicted..and i actually bought a calendar for next year..so, if we’re still here next week, its all just a galactic odometer rollover or the earth tilts on its ass/axis and the mastodons(us) will be found with grass in our mouths..o boy…just in time for the grand reopening of reilly’s..it’ll either be mayan or urine, one way or the other…and another gripe/piss/moan and bitch…how much more dust do we need before the city brings out the municipal water truck and hoses down the streets? are they waiting for the rainy season?

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