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no, not the old black musician…I’m referring to the stretch of 5th calle, from the Palacio to Santa Lucia. Every recently buried block is leaking water and the dust is ferocious…but they are scooping up the left-over dirt. If this is a sample of their work, it’s gonna be a major bitch for the rest of the project…4 months? hah! I suspect that the project (sic)will be held off until after Semana Santa, since the processions have already started.
And the rest of the streets? someone got the bright idea to only close off half of the streets under repair..so? every shovel/pick and worker is committed to this..alas, poor Antigua…’don’t cry for me.’

Happy Birthdays to Joe Lada and Alabama Bob…you guys are catching up with me, age-wise.
So, where did the flock of pigeons in the central park go to? pollo de las calles for the processions?…they’re gone but the usual one or two birds in the trees continue to drop…droppings, on the usual crew on the benches..not much, mind you, but just enough to go…’ shit.’ yep, that’s what it is.

Luke playing on the new stage at Travel Menu tonight…7-9…I was gonna, etc, but the night on the finca is just too perfect to go to town.and I’m still mourning the passing of my mom last week…almost made it to 97…I figure I’m good for 5-7 years, at the rate that I’m abusing my body.
and thanks, Dr J and Richard, for suggesting that I soak my new Topsiders in water and wear ’em till they stretch a bit…it worked..

if you’re in the park at 8 and so, there’s a daily box of Dunkin’Donuts, courtesy of Hogan or Bill S….and after asking about the new Little Caesar’s pizza quality, the word is…so so, but very very cheap..the consensus of opinion is that Sunshine Grill and Maria’s Pizza Christophe are the winners…his for topping, hers for the crust..his doesn’t last thru the warm-up via microwave, her’s does.
Thanks, Casa del Conde, for absorbing more copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously.’….next month, the first local printing of ‘Ponzi Bob and the River of Scum.’ if the sales on Amazon are any clue, this will do well here.

And yes, I’m still interviewing ‘models’ for a video at the Freedom Beach Hotel, next month…got the camera figured out and I’m screwing with the software (so to speak).


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I guess that it’s official now that I’ve taken down last year’s calendar…those/these Antigua calendars are water-color works of art, to which I ignored mostly last year…is this my first resolution, to be more aware, stop and smell the horses? I’ll try being more kind/gentle rather that the cynical, crusty  old fart that I sometimes am..no promises, though…

I’m reflecting on the loss of George Morgan this week…we’ve lost some characters over the last few months: Joe Collins, of ‘Houses to Homes’, Re-peat,, also of Rio Dulce, and even ‘GQ’ as he was dubbed for his lack of sartorial splendor. I didn’t know ‘Oaxaca Bob’ but from what I’ve heard, if even half of it was true, etc.

I’m ‘porked out’…the pig on the spit at La Taverna last night, Christmas dinner and now, if you’re still in need of more, the American Legion is having as belated Christmas dinner at the Jardin Bavaria on Sunday….see the Comandante in  the park for tickets….150q..oink…no mas por me..

Wiser heads or maybe just sober decided not to start early at Jacksons yesterday but to postpone for another day..Friday has been mentioned and if you see the ‘Perfesser’ around, ask him about the ‘trip up north…he wishes that he’d taken a camera and I wish that he’d write about it..

James Mullen left quickly but Tanya Hughes is a much better replacement..I’d been hoping to run into her last night but my mood went sideways on me…the ever-marvelous Marbel was on duty at Reilly’s La Esquina (site of another pig roast this Sunday) and yes, the fireworks…is gunpowder and makin’ bacon two of Guatemala’s primary industries?

alright, shut up and stop whining….throw the calendar in the fireplace for later. I need to count my blessings but for that I need to find my thinking cap…here’s to the good, bad and indifferent women I met last year, here’s to some great friends who moved last year and may HBT’s wrists continue to heal, find some parts for the booger Cougar and more unmarked roads….once more, R.I.P,  Captain Morgan and if you know of any ‘bad women’ I’m still looking.


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The Original Domino's Pizza outlet

The Original Domino's Pizza outlet

Found, after many years of searching, is the historic site where Tom Monahan, secretly a priest across the street, opened his first pizza business. Fed up with trying to recycle the left over communion wafers, he discovered that given enough water, cheese and ‘filler’..aka unknown ingredients, he could produce a SUPER WAFER that would feed the multitudes, reproducing a certain miracle and bring fame, fortune and unlimited indulgences his way. Faster than you can say ‘Papal Bull’ papa bull, papa bull, papa bull…yada yada, the services were filled, seats limited and the wine ran out early(like the gallery openings at Panza Verde)…but, what to name it, this new creation? The usual names were taken and what were left would be in vain: ah…Domingo’s,  in honor of the day of the usual event…off went the instructions to the printers, supplies were ordered, invitations mailed…and on opening day, in the new annex across the street specially designed for the SUPER WAFER’s guaranteed to feed/bless an entire family, the signs were malevolent…the printer had misspelled the brand name….and it was now Domino’s…and the legend was born..

You can run but you can't hide

You can run but you can't hide

Speaking of wacky belief systems, it appears that the metaphysical tide of effluent has, as it invariably does, flowed downhill.

Can you believe this?

Can you believe this?

Red pants, white gloves in the morning?…’can I hack somebody? anyone…I’m feelin’ edgy.’

It may, by now, be somewhat obvious that this isn’t Antigua…it’s Zona One in the Big City, there for an overnighter to soak up atmosphere(right)shoot photos and gather enough information to write some kind of meaningful sociological discourse on the historical part of the city…’es muy peligroso’, seemed to be the common answer. That said, pen in hand, I returned to a certain nightclub to observe the frailties of human behavior and I was not disppointed. Clothes were removed, lewd dancing was observed and the two…2!…shots of what was supposed to be good rum produced a throbbing headache at 4am. I’m open to suggestions…a different brand or a different venue?

Young Alex Farrar is expanding his new tienda on 3rd calle into the space next door, with the intent of offering even more of a variety of events, items, and comestibles…details as provided, film whenever.

and last/least/whatever…go down to the end of 4th Avenida Sur to the Steve Skelton Memorial Library(Red’s son)now run by the American Legion, where there’s some 30000 volumes of fiction/non-fiction(and a spanish section), give ’em a 100q($12+)for a year’s membership of unlimited use…open 7 days a week, 11-3 and a local resource that’s under utilized. Tell ’em I sent you…Groucho is dead.

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