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there’s only two more nights to catch the very urbane Mr Wayne Hooper…next thurday/friday at Angie Angies…7-9…there is tonight of course, assuming…Panza Verde, 8-10. Yet another musical hole in the soul of Antigua. But, hey…we’ve got the Friday night brass band at the Palacio, plus the ever swingin’ occasional marimba group on the steps of  City Hall. Yeah, City Hall….is the council or whoever’s in charge(sic)have meetings with the Mayor in his cell? web cam and skype?

Bull aka Santiago (James) Durham, long time Antigueno, 3rd place winner in the famed Terlingua Chili Cookoff…think 5 stars in Michelin…slipped, broke a hip bone(connected to the thigh bone, which is…)and now in the Betancourt Hospital in San Felipe…4th floor, rm #7…3 weeks, he says the docs said…the room is, shall we say, ‘spartan’….if know of any hot 20 yr olds that look great in a nurses outfit…call me…gawd..the birthday party in Vegas….Brenda in a nurses costume…wonder if I saved any photos?

Jason aka Goldfinger, back from the frozen wastes of Magadan(Siberia)….made me roadtest a ‘sample’ of the mezcal in the wood kegs behind the bar at Lava…

And I’m saddened by the implosion of what was, is and might still be La Casbah..I heard number$$s but since I never verify/fact check here, I’m not ‘goin’ there…significant though…Angel, across the street at the  new location of Djinn? sloooow….very sloooow…funny how, on that block at least, a move across the street can seem like the kiss of dearth…or death…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos thrived after moving across the steet…por que/why? feng shui, dumb ass luck?

I thought i was in a time warp last night…no, not THAT bar….the lobby of Nido Antigua, Fushions’ complex? in the corner is a selection of crystals, crystals on chains and even a couple of Tibeten singing bowls…rum the inner rim with a stick, wand, whatever and the bowl starts to reverberate….kinda cool, especially with incense, an indian bedspread and some bean bags…maybe jefferson airplane.

Races in the morning..Pedro Cofino track, half way to Esquintla…9am…if you’re taking heart medications, bring double: trust me.

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Antigua….safe, sane and sedate. Maybe INGUAT can use this in their literature but for those bars/restaurant owners counting on foot traffic ($$) it’s a deadly trap…but there are bright spots…Wayne Hooper, Mr Smooth Jazz himself, is back…playing at Panza Verde and no, i didn’t take notes(no pen) and my memory(sic) is like a sieve…Piano Mike mentioned something about he and Moriah doing a gig(ask him)…

Hillbilly Tom, back from being unwell…goin’ to the races on Sunday…what good ‘ol boy could resist the roar of V8’s?…Plumb Bob wanted to go but he’s on a bus to Tapachula to renew his visa.

Angies’s birthday? not….the FB posting was bogus but I got to see her and the improvements at AA’s…art on the walls(and good)plus Ay! Robot is in the front portion…yay…they’ve survived…good move, Dan…probably a better location.

check out Sobremesa’s new art and Fusion’s new look…very very ‘bistro’ now..well, I like it..fine.

per Henrik of dos Reillys, the new location in Granada opens in December…and that town knows how to party(unlike the new Antigua)…some folks starting to get the concept that Zone 1 is/has sucked a lot of bar biz from A-Town…and why not? looser, closer and a lot more exciting…walk up 5th avenida norte and fall asleep, for example.  La Sala? great art/walls and rockin’ music…unlike the Sunshine Grill: I stopped for a slice of pizza to go and on the TV was vintage Prince, ’80’s, doin’ Purple Rain…the owner had the sound off: WTF?  the sound  off? ah…some folks just  don’t get the concept…I’da stayed and bought a beer just to hear Purple Rain and watch Prince do his moves..

Bull Durham,aka Santiago, out of action for a week…getting new fangs…which means no pork orders this week…fine…didnt’ wanta bbq anyway…oops, wrong…’grill’ is the proper word..  

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for a Wednesday night, t’was very quiet in town…more so than usual…dos Reilly’s dead, El Gato Negro with the music up but no people…the so-called ‘Golden Gulch’? empty…5th ave/4th calle..again, my apologies for not posting the link about Part Two of the Bomb Factory..


I like the smell of gunpowder but then again…

long chat with JEH this morning about the future of tourism in A-Town…he recently went to a meeting with Da Mayor and a few other ‘concerned people’…no one has a clue about what to do…how about cleaning/trimming up the Central Park and maybe even bringing out the mobile vacuum cleaner truck and sucking up trash/debris from the streets?  ooh..significant progress!  Know that I truly love this town even though the prevailing theme lately seems to be the ‘beige-ification’ of it…clean out downtown of those pesky yet colorful vendors, and transform upper 5th avenida from butts and broken beer bottles to chic shops. In many ways, as I’ve often said to friends, this is the Carmel of Central America (I lived in Carmel for ten years) and maybe that’s what the property owners in downtown want. This isn’t San Cristobal de las Casas, where the paint schemes require sun glasses. This is a beautiful remnant and relic that’s changing, as does everything eventually. Eventually the more affluent travelers will return and maybe the muttering of the discontent will diminish. I liked it when it rocked and I like it now. 

in a week the Independence Day festivities start…some owners are painting their buildings and little blue/white Guatemalan flags are beginning to be seen..the road repair crews are chunking cement/cobblestones here and there..it’s all quaint and lame. Where are the plans for December 21, 2012? the biggest deal in 5200 years and Gautemala aka INGUAT hasn’t done zip? Mexico allotted 52$ million USD for this event, expecting to gross $500 million USD outa the concept…at least one business in town is planning something but I’m not telling..

manana en la noche? Piano Mike and Moriah, back at Caffe Bourbon…7:30…and also Friday night..plan on hearing “Stand by Me’…no word on if “Living on Tulsa Time” will be heard..

more faces on the wall at the ‘Lot…go by and see if you’ve been immortalized..Angie of Angie Angie seen heading for work about 6…i heard that she was included in a recent Wine Spectator article about Antigua..nope, the article isn’t ‘officially out’…I looked..but the idea that Wine Spectator did something positive about this place is only good news..overdue and about time…the news that 200 Marines have landed to ‘help out’ in the failed War on Drugs isn’t exactly what Gautemala needs for tourism..yes, it’s a reflection of fact and reality but…o well…save me a kilo, would you?

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kind f a Guatemalan ‘thing’…sing along to the tune of “It’s another Tequila Sunrise” and you’re in tune with the zeitgeist…no…that’s not a fancy word for zither.

Santiago aka Bull Durham’s niece, Margaux? finished 4th in the Women’s Pentathalon! Antigua has a connection to the Games..yeah, i know i was pissing/moaning earlier about the kinds of Olympic sports….as a senor citizen I need to froth/fume and castigate once in a while…let the bad vices…er, vibes disseminate….is disseminate like making deposits at the Sperm Bank?

Scott S and S.O (significant Other)at Club Antigueno this morning, batting the ball around, tennis-wise…Elle P and spouse to be incoming next weekend…reserve spaces/places on the Booze Bus for the afterparty, should one wish..it’ll beat the hell outa staggering down the cobblestones and playing ‘kiss the sky’ later.

call me a ‘cad’…no, not a taxi…more like an apologetic screw-up…but not my screw-up…my usually semi-faithful printer has been promising the August print run of OM…tomorrow, tomorrow…cha cha..finally, on the 3rd return to his office on Saturday morning, I went off…I’m usually not like that but…so, about 2pm or earlier when I was going to get on the Frank Bus and go to Coline’s birthday party..he calls…”I’ve got them and I’ll bring them to your house.” it’s raining like a …….fill in the blanks, I’m still pissed but I stick around to pick up the books..and business cards..christ…what is this place? Guatemala? o yeah..that’s right…where manana is just another word for ‘whenever I f….king feel like it’..I know, I shouldn’t complain…he’s a good Cristo, goes to church 3X a week…wait! maybe that’s the f…..king problem!

‘took Alex of Sobremesa up on his offer of a sample new drinkie-poo…crushed blackberries, sparkling water, cabernet sauvignon, rum, orange and lime juice, with a rimmed stem glass with sugar crystals…outstanding! not too sweet, not too tart…tarts? I’m free-associating again…stop that!

finally…Mama’s in Alex L’s new Nido Antigua space….Mayra’s a dish and the delightful Miss M and i whipped on dessert(she took some flan to go, in case of the midnight munchies)  and lastly…the desert, aside from Ricardo’s, that has become upper 5th avenida..amazing how the life went outa that part of town when Reilly’s bailed…or was bailed outa the space..first Sangre..now Cashbar ?…change the name to Crowbar…i quit…enjoy the weak ahead, as if we had a choice…weak ahead? is there nothing worse than that? blame it on the Q and OJ…’its another tequila sunday’..

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‘could be worse…Uranus is described as a ‘gas-filled giant’…and the rains? yep…major downpour at 6 -ish and nope..still on Umbrella #2 and it’s August? new record for replacing ’em..

I love this town!…where else can you see the dude with the blue helmet(and rearview mirror)being dragged along by two Dobermans? and his outrider/security guy, being dragged by another two Dobies? the dogs gotta be pissed about this…the cobblestones, the concept of being seen hauling two guys on bicycles thru the streets..and the big guy(Cafe Med)stomping thru the streets on his horse…clip clop, clip clop..WTF?  at least we have Fred Haywood, the old Brit, who is a real equestian and a helluva brain/raconteur…

speaking of brains…hats off/major kudos/congrats to Brendan Byrne for his article in the Wall Street Journal this week…I’d shortened it to WSJ and a lotta folks didn’t ‘get it’…

more faces goin’ up n the Ocelot ‘wall of fame’ aka barflies…not sure that i want to be there, as i have a reputation…ha!…i wish…tomorrow? 2pm? some kinda birthday thing at Frank’s Place on the Mountain…2pm, the bus leaves at Angie’s…pot luck…got no pot?…outa luck..bring food/wine/beer/whatever..pharmaceuticals alway accepted..

passed Tom Martin aka Hillbilly Tom today…looking a bit better, following the long siege of parasites…no, NOT that kind, like our ex-wives/girlfriends…bugs…suckers, stuff that resides in one’s intestinal tracts…you know..’could be like ex-wives/etc…

ah! bocce ball! just when i thought that the concept(Alex Long’s Nido Antigua space)was dead-zo per the ‘official size’…Alex tells me that there’s another and smaller bocce ball layout…just as i suspected…damn!…my memory didn’t fail me…yet, again, i know..so, the process continues and the plan is underway…bocce ball! perfect for Guatemaltecos…involves balls, throwing ’em and counting up to 9 or so..if the wops..er, Italians can do it, why not chapins? good question..wait and see…I’m in..yep..I can do the balls, throwing(or tossing)and add up to 9…be well: the town is PACKED with tourists! spend those $$$…save Antigua’s ass..if not now, when?

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