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it’s one of my two favorite times of day….5 +….the clouds roll over the mountains to the west, reminding me of San Francisco/Sausalito fog banks, the various flocks of birds in the finca fly in to the fountain and fight over landing rights(the smaller mourning doves lose to the larger clarineros)and to the east, where the last group of tennis players wind up, all you  can hear is ‘fault! or ‘out!’….reminds me of being married, in a way.

By any measure, Lori Shea’s Antigua Music Organization show was a success/boffo/superb!….the 300 chairs were filled and another 50+ people milled around…the 2nd act, ‘Annika’ seems to have taken the prize for musical perfection/act/class etc..’according to a few people I spoke with…familiar faces in the crowd…the ever elegant Maite Morjan, Yves Goudard/wfe (they’re thinking of moving to 
Morocco) and Lito/Ale, two of Antigua’s more popular waitstaff..Lito says he’s leaving in a month and moving to Albuquerque (NM)….we shared experiences…the fabulous Mexican food, mainly..I could almost live in New Mexico…almost..the climate, the culture, the food..Santa Fake,  not..Taos? I never really ‘got’ Taos…

Some go, some return…’Nazi’ John, so dubbed by DVM aka Hogan…James Mullen, our 50 yr old heavy metal Goth….heart of gold…Ponzi Bob leaves Wednesday..always dreamin’ of gold..some day?

so..it’s the main month, down to the countdown of Easter Sunday…yeah, the crowds, the pickpockets…the alfombras are xlnt…works of art, in some cases….I’m not a ‘stand in line’ kinda guy, unless I’m at the head of the line..ask me about the scar on the back of my head, for an example.

and yes, the ATM thieves…two of the restaurants that Mike D mentioned as possibilities for his regretful event are old time Antigua establishments but all it takes is one bent waiter….my recent experiences with ATMs? I’d probably avoid the one in Bodegona…when it’s gone, its gone and it takes a while to get it back…the replacement ATM card might get here in 3 or 4 weeks…cash? o, that’s right…how do you get cash, in the meantime? think about it..and I’m waiting to see how Alex Long’s new cantina shapes up, La Calle…it feels like it has what I’ve called ‘critical mass’…a term for describing the perfect size for a bar or restaurant…like Hector’s  or the Snug…it’s ‘people thing’, a comfort zone.

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I don’t remember a night like this in Antigua….disco balls/strobe lights(some kinda party i passed), people in  suits wearing Venetian Ball type masks,  after being accosted earlier by city women…well, only one…we talked, i gave her my real phone number…’did the puppet show on Calle de los Nazarenos early on…Cafe Bourbon, with PM and Moriah setting up for the evening’s show(and packed at ten, later..folks in the street, hanging on the window bars..) Ocelot early..La Esquina doing just fine…La Sala cranking up…Cargo Room dead..El Shaman for Lisa’s going away party..’havent’ been there in a year and they’ve added lights on the ruins next door..one of the better patio views(if you like ruins and i do..i gotta look in the mirror every morning)…Karla H working there too..besides Fusion 2…alex’ wife workin’ F2 tonight, Robto de Oro, Ed and the visitor at F2…Ed perked up when I mentioned two babes..Robto offered his house..Barb’s away for the night..hey..i gotta house..gotta deranged javelina in front but i gotta house..Angie Angies! fabulous duo…12 string and Gautemala’s most famous entomologist..stay with me here..a violin whiz…no, wiz but tonight on the electric mandolin? incredible picking…Concierto del Mister Jueves and i’ll go back to hear them any time…xlnt…Desiree and husband there, place moderately packed..Emma and friend on the sidewalk at Cafe No Se..Max and Yo Yo on the street at El Muro..quietest night all week, per Max..Yo yo and plumb bob leave wednesday..back to the US…alas..Pangea’s lounge? yeah, stopped for a pop…Whiskey Den packed..IxNay dead, Red’s dead..Mercedes singing/playing at o’lot…Sobremesa doing fine..where was I? Cafe Opera for a listen to the most xlnt Adan pounding the keys of the upright..whew..damn good..the masked people? a birthday party at a hotel on 1st calle…new restaurant on 4th calle, uphill from Weltan..motorcycle themes..El Escape…beer only..at least tonight..big/huge property, many rooms of empty tables..rotsa luck..two or three Harleys on display, one with ape-hangers…walls festooned with motorcyle parts/accessories…dont’ know if this is gonna work…ape hangers? the handle bars extended and turned upwards…work with me…ATM problems continue via BAC…walked by early morning and a gringa tourist popped..recently moved AL member popped..Kelly C popped..’sent a note upstream to the country manager of BAC, saying ‘do something”…anything..thank you, MDC, for a superb foot massage today: I knew this evening was gonna be pounding the cobblestones…DV taking down/moving more fixtures..too late for Hectors..Ron F sittin’ across the street by la merced,upper 5th packed..folks heading for church or for Cashbar…I’d pick ‘B’…’been to church…the babes dress better at Cashbar..ah..the thousand year old dancer? working at  D’Jinn…damn..forget to go back..told her I would…beat me, whip me..well, just a little bit..you know..’green light, red light?’ obscure san francisco reference..whew…good thing i’m retired and don’t have to hold down a real job…o..and the ‘danish bank’ rumor? at this point, it’s only one bank..details to be confirmed in a week or so…maybe..hasta la pasta..

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all the sweet young Guatemaltecos in the latest (for here) high-heeled boots/tight pants…look out, cobbletones…want to start a conversation? ask anyone if they’ve been ‘popped’ or know anyone who’s been a victim of the unauthorized ATM withdrawals…’ran into Margaret H in Epicure early..yep..and so on/so on…after doing more digging into the ‘rash’ I find that this isn’t new…just to Guate…bigger than you can imagine..even the locals(Guate folks)are paranoid about it and it doesn’t seem to be an easy fix, other than the old route of cashing a check at the bank…’which is my next plan..oy vey…

don't take your card to town, son


the wait person/chef who left Ixcot and went to El Caminante? seen earlier today at Ixcot…WTF? if I run into his mom tomorrow…maybe i’ll ask, maybe not…by now the endorphins from all the chocolate consumed yesterday should have faded…back to Life 101, I s’pose..if one is inclined to walk around town and enjoy the light…the sunlight, the play of shadows on Volcan Agua’s slopes…5pm ish is perfecto..8am likewise..just a different slant on things (and no, that’s not a slur on orientals) Hector’s! closed today…two days in a row…WTF? ‘probably hidden away in some rose petal lined love nest and I think I know who with…don’t ask, don’t tell…John W and ‘latest’ bouncing along 2nd calle early…on the yellow moto…happiness is and that’s all there is, folks..my favorite lady gave me a superb manicure/hand massage…a gift, from the heart..aah..whew…a ton of tourists(gringos) in town, including some of the righteous religious persuasions…toting their newly saved ‘pagan babies’ ever so proudly…what’s up with the bunch…the really dowdy women in shapeless dresses, their hair in a bun with the white cap that looks like a cupcake/muffin paper? were they always that way and this is as good as its gonna get?…jesus…gimme the tarts in the high heel boots, por favor..pagan babies? elmore leonard wrote a book and wife #2 who went to a catholic girls school…she was mortified to have to go door to door in Carmel and beg for donations to save the pagan babies…shoulda been rising money for condoms a long time ago..the church,not her…hey,she’s on husband #5, what the hell do i know? I know that until the new atm card arrives, i’m gonna be frugal…frugaler? the old joke about the new word learned in class? frugal…means ‘to save’…write a paper, kids..using the new word..’Frugal Me!’   yeah, frugal you too…the old guy, having recovered from his adventures at Lips in San Salvador and having been shot down by Travel Agent Alice?..now wants to make a run to Puerto San Jose and taste the…tarts? o god…what have i unleashed…hey, it was the leash i could do..least..least..save the leash for the VIP room..

my 60 year old rolex is slowly dying…the store in the city wants $700 for cleaning it…right…hey, we’re all in need of cleaning…but for $700? some serious time in the VIP room, eh? frugal me..Craig of the Whisky Den still in Scotland, getting metal inserted into the ankle/leg for extra support…he is, after all, a BIG guy…there’s a lesson here…Neil, Craig and Broken Stone…motos/alcohol/rough streets…twilight time, at last..the light here has always reminded me of Santorini or Athens…..lucky us…frugal me, jesus! Wendy F……g Wever…manager at Cashbar? will she comp us for a drink or six?

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