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friday morning update…a very good note back from the manager of Credomatic Guate..he’s doing what he can and I have the hunch that there’s gonna be some changes made sooner, if not quicker..this is not your usual ‘banker in  pinstripes’…i’m impressed and i’ve worked for and as a ‘suit’…’damned sure would’t want to have to come to his office with excuses..

no..it didn’t happen at church…it happened on/in the Pangea/Ocelot patio tonight, with Pangea celebrating the opening of the new lounge…yes, I’d originally poo-poo’ed it but i be wrong, rum-breath…place packed!…with one minor exception(yep, IxNay..no, Ixcot)Franklin checking in on the Whiskey Den, which is making it, despite the odds…90% of all small businesses don’t make it. Fernando the Chocolate King there with wife..went by his shop on 7th post the AL Library for a dab of chocolate…on the counter? a new variety of half white/half brown…’the Michael Jackson’ bar..gotta love his humor(i do)  ..AyRobot closed tonight..go by…

ah..comics…Donald Duck, Maggie and Jiggs(o so un PC) and Daddy Warbucks/Punjab…nothing changes,does it? R. Crumb/Suzy Creamcheese..’wish them success/luck/support…great idea..DV slowly being dismantled..went by the new location and…whew…$$$ spent but Luis Miguel finally has a ‘blank slate’ to work with, after 15 years at the existing spot…all new kitchen/baths/electric/roof deck..A Bell at the door of F2…Karla working..good to see her..Dona Leonora doing a big dinner crowd..Tartine’s? zero..El Caz moderate, Dos Reilly’s doing just fine..passed Barb/friend walking off their dinner at Vino y Queso and from where they had to walk, that’s more than just a stroll(hike) Piano Mike celebrating birthday(i didn’t ask)and playing Ocelot 2nd shift…in/out of the recording studio, doing all ‘original’ songs..who knew? five, so far..go PM..AppleTiser still trying to break/grab market share in town..had a stand at the P/O patio, which included a shot of Absolut…helps kill the taste, i s’pose..I like Pangea’s new lounge area…feels like just the right size…no empty tables for dinner,either..

the old bar at DV...gonzo


 ‘had a word with Ana Victoria at Citibank…the PC’s are on wireless…she’s not sure about the ATM, which is a 5B rented machine..Diebold does all their maintenance…weird rumor, semi-substantiated (waiting for further word) that Denmark is freezing all ATM transactions with Guatemala…perfect..more great news for INGUAT and no, El Supremo of Credomatic has not returned my email..Gaia having live music tonight..sounded good in the street..Cashbar empty at 8 plus..Hector sitting with diners, doing what he does o so very well..schmoozing..

the weekend’s approaching…getcher rest…from the number of events,you’re gonna need it.

my bank


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