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The rains are here…at last, at least in the afternoons and evenings…too late for the farmers and too late for the rivers: as a precaution, I’m keeping the ice cube trays full. Civil Defense, as we were taught, begins at home..Duck, Cover and pass the rum.

Manana…off to the Pacific Coast with she of the infectious grin(and parents)…hang by the pool, try to read, write and basically screw off(metaphorically speaking)for a couple of days…lets see..here’s some old photos..

what's her face and Dad...Alberto

what's her face and Dad...Alberto

‘just in from Hector’s 2nd Anniversary celebration of his restaurant…old and new customers and the delightful Rebecca, fresh from Manhattan…she fits in perfectly. .in a week or two she’ll be slingin’ plates and taking orders.

no other hot news…the immigration process is taking longer: and I’ve figured out that I can’t backdate the Beretta,since I don’t have a paper trail or a licensed seller of same…it will always be ‘hot’ and illegal,like some of my old girlfriends. The only difference being that they weren’t capable of going off 14 times in a few seconds(not that I didn’t try). …and don’t even think of ‘hair trigger’…the Examiner gig continues and they’re workin’ me to a frazzle…upload, jump thru hoops, add hyperlinks, crank the stats…you could pump it by going to www.examiner.com/x-22480-guatemala-travel-examiner  if you felt my pain and click on the subscribe button…no pain, no obligations and so on…I need the $$ and they’re only payin’ pennies…’might have to downgrade to a cheaper brand of rum(feel my pain)…if there’s an internet connection at the beach, I’ll try to keep the flow goin’..if not, imagine being by the pool, with umbrella drinks…pina coladas at sunset, cha cha cha….oh, and I”m drivin’….that should be amusing. Old folks in back,used to going along at 40 mph.

One last thing…we(Antigua)will be having another ex-pat from NYC moving here…he’s a perfect DOM(Dirty old man)who paints. I suggested that he take up the slack and become THE painter of nudes here…someone’s gotta do it and its a great gig…I will be the quality control person…hmm

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