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ah…the wedding? Elle and Mo? perfect..he’s a prince…the setting? La Posada del Angel,lower 4th where Bill(Clinton)stayed…actually i was expecting more,something over the top than Panza Verde..who cares what i think? everone was running late: Mario my usually reliable taxi-driver, the one with the card, the times, the stops and the schedule? right…faded…a  ‘no-show…as if he cares, he is now officially off my Christmas Card list. So, running late(thanks, asshole)i caught a tuc-tuc to the four blocks away from the Marvelous Ms M’s domicile…the driver tried to extort an extra 5 q…WTF?…’had I been carrying he probably would’ve had a face to face with Mr Beretta but…i wasn’t and he finally became convinced of my sincerity’..

thank god that Luis my friend the guide came along..he called another cabbie who showed up…in time to be slightly late…late? Lex was late and he had the ring…the weather? lightning/clouds/lightning over Agua and Fuego…spucking fectacular!…this was a Civil Ceremony, unlike the full-on Church wedding for Alex Ferrar (Sobremesa)a few months ago..’nevertheless, it went ON and On and On…were they getting paid by the word or the page? champagne was held in abeyance(wait til the words are said, things signed…on and on and on…whew..the rains started, the canapes were whipped on and the bus was waiting outside, at least..onweird to Ocelot…onweird to Bistrot Cinq, dinner reservations at 9…food didn’t hit the table til 10:30…they were packed, jammed and slammed..even Camilo was serving dishes..folks lined up…maybe 50-60 would-be diners…’never seen B5 so packed, ever..M and I bailed at 11:30…Elle? radiant! ‘Mo’ her bridegroom? perfect, a prince of a guy and as I’ve said more than once…keep this one, all the bad ones are taken.

The ex-Cahsbar/Cashbar/Casbah Story? Canoa propped their signs in the open doors today, indicative, one presumes that they’re ready for biz…the lower level? yep…another pub owner and Mateo are doing a different kind of pub…kinda like Panza Verde’s tiny bar but writ large..for the older/senor citizens…with $$ , one would presume..and that little bar in the back of Riki’s…Paris? new management, from another local bar owner, coming soon..it’s always been one of my favorite hideaways….nobody will ever see you there..’wonder if the pizza is still as good as it was..was that when…what’s his name, now working at La Sale, the ‘Joe’s  Grill’…Fabrizzio!….whew, a senior moment, yet again..

ah, a miracle! went by to a friend’s house and met his carpenter..brought the book box photos/measurements…asked..’can you do this?’   Si!…when? today! right..as if…2 hours or less later…shazam! arabic for no fucking way, jose! haven’t decided on color, as I’m still in shock…

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