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and I don’t mean the crack troops…my first Guatemalan head cold, complete with post-naval drip and headache, so I’m not out/about these last few nights, that explains some of it..tis just one of those weeks. Frener, my usually semi-reliable printer, still hasn’t produced the latest version of ‘Our Man. etc’…”I’m workin’ on it.” it’s just as well, since I don’t feel like doing much except road test a fresh bottle of Cuervo Gold and suck down some limes(anti-scorbutic). ..no, not your aunt…vitamin C kinda stuff, like medicine…can’t hurt..

passed the ever well dressed Victoria of Cafe Flor…one of the most glamorous ladies in town, always elegant, and a smile/wave that lights up the day…how long has it been since I’ve stopped in to hear her sing? promises, promises, i know (and I f eel bad about it)

the newly revised version for Amazon.com is ‘in review’ and should be ready by tomorrow…some deletions and a lotta additions..the URL for such is www.createspace.com/3755222 and I almost typed in ‘cretinspace’ which is where i’m currently visiting..it is too early for a ‘tequila sunrise’? film at 11..

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