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and we’ve made it to FriedDay…Lex’s Miss Antigua Pageant last night? TV crew, photographers up the wazoo…no, in the calle. The Cargo Room can only hold just so many and the street was set up with chairs and what appeared to be the Top Three…Gabi A and Scott S seen…

Weird Rumor #7….the top level of the Casbah changing…

Riki’s dark, and what was Pangea, thence the Lounge, the Bud Bar and Braulios? reincarnating (nope, not coming back as a flower) into a combo pizza and sushi place..Edy’s out(and he’s happy) Alex and Sobremesa and Shaun of Ocelot proudly, and rightfully so, displaying their 2012 5 stars of excellence from Trip Advisor…now if only TA would pull the La Esquina listing(and a few other departeds in town).

the new ‘up scale’..why do I use this dumb phrase? the deli that opened in the old Deliciosa space? aimed at furriners with $$$ per Jim D…I was gonna take a look but got side-tracked by Jason of Lava and his oak barrels…’here, try this…have another…taste the oak’? rum, whisky and tequila, yes…drew the imaginary line at mezcal, I did…and missed the new deli…they closed at 6 or so.

So…tomorrow night, 8ish…Angie Angies for Nelson’s final final here before taking off for the States(back in Octo, he says)…Wayne Hooper, Adan and Willie Gomez plus Nelson and we(M/I) ate at Wokco again, next to a spiffed up La Sala…’didn’t leave any food this time and I like the place…atmosphere, decor and good  fresh Chink grub…so sorry..no racism on Friday…suppose I said that they have a different slant on things? slant…ok, fine…you’re on your own now.

‘think the one in the middle is the High Princess

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La Esquina!…rocked out til the early hours, with Ladies Night and a superb quartet/quinted of very very good musicians…including Scott Stanton on sax….trumpets, guitars, drums and what might have been a tuba(hey, it was dark and the thing hadn’t been polished in years)…the place was SRO.

the beauty and the brains

Lou chops the mint, Eduardo cranked a mean mojito…as good as the Golfo Bar at the Nacional in Havana(that’s where I learned)…

the band? killer!



as good as it gets...

 This was pure magic.

The Cargo Room?

Lex, hand-making the signature dessert, Tangerine Foam….perfect, light and memorable…Rebecca Vicar’s art hangs there, amongst other places in town….go by/buy…it’s all good.

whipping up a surprise

For what’s usually a slow night, there was entertainment…even Hector’s was jammed, door closed at 10, people still slurping food and drinks.




good works!

‘somehow I dodged the procession..

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Antigua’s most beautiful woman….

Leonardo would've painted her

seen in front of Hector’s at 10 pm, waiting for a table…’place packed and it’s been that way, all fucking week. Speaking of Hector’s, not only did he remodel the kitchen but he also fired 99% of the kitchen staff(something to do with sticky fingers)….and he has a new waitress, who works around the corner with Carmen…the previous waitress, Nora…is now at La Esquina, learning the ropes(and the cocktails)

You never know who's on first, much less second

This town continues to amaze me(and after Vegas, Carmel,SF and points in between, etc)…rumor has it that a certain ex-lady friend of another friend is returning to Antigua…why? I gave him my Dominating Over Women Lotion:  it damned sure didn’t work with ‘she of the infectious smile’….maybe it’ll work with someone else.

Rumor also has it that the inaugural  Salty Beaver Bus trip will leave(a week later per the printers fucking up the posters) on Tuesday at 7:30 am, corner of 5th Ave Sur/7th Calle…vicinity of the Rum Bar…

the french connection/La Esquina

The Cargo Room…now open for lunch and thru the afternoons…packing in the carriage trade…the ladies looking at the jewelry and having a leisurely lunch.

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