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now that I’ve discovered that what I thought was a lime tree, is actually a lemon tree and I’m doing my personal version of March Madness with martinis, I’ve gathered/taken all the low hanging fruit (not a gay joke)but with the aid of a bent coat hanger….if you see me in town in the evenings, with a bulge in my pocket (back pocket, please)that’s a lemon and I’m off to my favorite tavern with personal lemon twist makings…

speaking of that, last night should have been or might be the 2nd to  last night for Miss Cindy and her fondness for adult sports beverages…she leaves, they say, tomorrow for her ‘teaching post’ in the Galapagos…..this town doesn’t need any more…..uh…hammered/inebriated folks…Ed Clark, diagnosed as terminal in Houston, is a prime example..

news of a PGA Pro-Am event at La ReUnion yesterday…surprising that some locals didn’t make the cut…Nicky Z! WTF? you were the course pro, dammit..and yes, the long time hostal, El Gato Negro, is definitely history: the old annex, now the San Carlos Hostal, is doing great but the original on 6th Ave, is muerto…got to smile twice at Carmen Maria or Maria Carmen, Adolfo’s daughter..why are so many women in this country named Maria C or C Maria? some kinda catholic joke that I’m missing? and by my calendar, there’s another f%$#@! month of ‘processions’  can’t we just cut to the chase? ‘seen the movie,read the book…same old same old…if nothing else, and this is a ‘good else’…there’s a lot of cleaning, painting and general sprucing up of buildings in town….and that new/old jade store on the corner of 5th  Ave/3rd calle?…Wa Lo or ? it’s an extension of Casa de Jade, Mr Leech’s fine emporium…they’ve got some excellent stuff and not just jade…jewelry, should one need such…and the Snug? a resounding success! not sure about the new ‘Red Zebra’…haven’t been there but Nelson has played there…

So…now I have an official Doctor of Divinity degree…whoopee, you say…well, since I’m running with the big Dogs with P.hD’s…I figured…Hogan, who was dubbed ‘Von Daniken’ for a  while? always bragging about his degree in Animal Husbandry? I dub thee D.V.M, hence forth..Hap’s in Costa Rica, hanging at the Del Rey (with my personal instructions),,,he should be very Happy by now…..and yes, I’m processing the photos from Flor’s Fabulous Floor/Fashion Show Saturday night….whew!I’ll crank an article soon, once my monitor cools off…or I do…and yes, wrong again but I double-checked this one…Alex/Fusion, opening a new bar called La Calle, back where the Avisa/Aversa spa/new age blah blah was..soft opening next Friday, not this Friday….silly me..the usual screw up..on my calendar, that’s the 4th of April…

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what was the old ‘Riki’s’ space on 4th Avenida  has been totally buffed out, from a new roof on down, per the owners putting up the $$….rumor has it that the new tenant will be: A, Taco Bell, B, jade store, C, spanish school, D, travel agency, new bar/restaurant or E, all of the above…’B’…go figure…

Lava packed, Ocelot empty…the Butt Patrol came around earlier this week (Health Dept)and slammed Whiskey Den for people smoking on the patio…ergo, if you’re puffing it’s either upstairs or in the street..where you can suck some diesel smoke.

Casbah’s little bar? packed! Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos? Lex Cargo  working there, two nights a week…..stopped in at Hector’s…sign on the chalkboard reads ‘#1 on TripAdvisor’ …if that’s the case,it’s old info from when Hector owned/ran it…six people and and an expensive cocktail (I needed change for the tuk-tuk)…44q for a shot of Stoli? i didn’t bother looking at the menu, after that..44q? at least, at Dishwater, I get music..and change.

YES! local copies of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ finally out of the printer!…5 tonight, 20 tomorrow and a new print run for September, along the with the September edition of ‘Our Man in Antigua’…with all the latest updates unlike Lonely Planet and TripAdvisor…they’re good but behind the curve/times…

and La Rumba, the short-lived ceviche place? didn’t have a business licence(or a clue)…and the new back garden of Sobremesa? smashing and that’s where customers are gravitating (going) to…who knew? it works…how much longer will Papas y Beer and 13 continue to pay their rents/suppliers? or Mango Verde? the venerable La Antigua Vineria, on south 5th ave, next to San Jose el Viejo? great new paint job, changes, upgrades.,..Bepe just doesn’t quit..looks great!

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ever hear of ‘cascade failure?’…tis where when one system (automotive, computer or plumbing)gets upgraded…like the new pump in the fountain that caused the older pvc joints to go out, the recent upgrades to my plumbing system on the finca brought a series of ‘breakdowns’, like the faucets in the bathroom…’having been a slum lord in a previous life, I offered to ‘do it myself’, assuming that they were tools to be had…as if…but, a few days later, Joaquin the older guy  with the shotgun at night, brought me a rusty 8 inch crescent wrench (with pride, mind you) yeah, I barked the knuckles and the faucets weren’t fixable but all is well and I’m ‘flushed with pride.’

why were there three PNC (cops) parked outside Casbah last night, about ten? somebody get refused admission? a shakedown? didn’t see any AK-47’s or such being waved around…the town, last night? Fusion/Mamma’s? empty…Micho’s kinda medium packed, B5 doing a giant party of 25 or so (smiles on the waiter’s faces), El Cazadore Italiano doing SRO, no seats/tables, Luciano fuming in the kitchen but cranking the dishes out the door..

thanks to Rich O, I got the explanation for the massive hordes flocking into Ocelot/Lava…tis the end of the spanish school/volunteer cycle, the girls are going back to school in the You Ess of A soon and they’re having one last fling or two or three..the blondes who have found(or been found)by their latin lovers, aka tutors, will have to say goodbye…the LL’s will have to face the fack…fack? ‘fact that they’re not going along, not getting a green card and…o well, love…

the short-lived Pit Stop experiment is changing/morphing into a new kinda Lava outreach station for families/kids, with a burger and hot dog menu…maybe a play area, unlike the wild after hours parties that were so wild , if only for a while…yeah, that was me last night,in the Ocelot having a pink faggot cosmopolitan…

Peter the G! aka Glover, shepherding a newly (same day)arrival of real estate clients thru the maze of Bodegona, thru the pillow sections and so forth…a full service’ kinda real estate agent, not like the rest of the lazy pack in this town….reports of the Marvelous Marbel, working at Reilly’s La Esquina…nope, I haven’t seen her but….and the September version of Our Man in Antigua posted on amazon.com this morning…lotta changes…and no, the long-promised local edition of ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’ isn’t out…%$#@! local printer…

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in black….’got caught in my first procession of the season….buncha kids in black robes/hoods….not a good sign for one who’s not ‘doing’  Seman Satan this year…thanks to HBT, I’ve got a hideout on the river across from Gualan(Zacapa way)…a pig gets it in the neck, i get some ‘quiet time’ …..and maybe the little procession there for Semana Satan will seem ‘picturesque’..given enough rum,probably so..and we’ re losing some folks, headed back for the YouEss of A…Alabama Bob is going back, ostensibly to consider work…or not…and one by one, the ‘snow birds’ who bring their annual wackiness plus laughs/decent conversations, are….damn…I’ll miss ’em all…

Casbah’s new ‘pub’, downstairs where Djinn used to be and which has been vacant for a while?…nicely converted to a cozy bar, with a  hammered(distressed)brass top…opening night…opens at 11am for the hungover crowd, not sure when it closes but they’re open all week except mondays…might work…’hammered/distressed’ might apply to a few locals…take Hap, for instance, who took off for Roatan(with the black eye he picked up here a few nights/mornings ago, kissing the cobblestones..

cobblestones? why do we have tumulos/speed bumps for cobblestone streets? paved roads, I got it…kinda like another question about the clock over the Arch…while four clocks and who winds them? and how big is the $#@! key?

Shaun et al getting their new Pit Stop put together, in spite of the usual lackadaisical(no flowers)attitude of the Guate workers..steal/copy an idea…english muffins with black beans, an egg and ? 

some kinda tall/slinky brunette..six feet tall, doing a mini-foto shoot on north 5th…tight black jeans, boots…killer…and expensive..

Andy, our resident mime, doing his thing on 5th, without white face (paint)almost didn’t recognize him…the beggar woman who hangs out by  El Portal? crying this morning…her husband died…who knew she was married? and what kinda home life?

and the high point of my day? being awakened from my afternoon siesta by the guard at the gate with the news that Marbel and her sister(Carla)were here…whoooee baby!…it was great to see Miss M again…and she’s in need of a job and a place to stay…got idea’s? i’ve got her #…(I wish)

manana? St Patrick’s Day, as if a lot of folks needed another excuse to get hammered…o, it’s St Patrick’s Day..gimme a double Jameson’s….I’m outa here monday for a day/night of ‘field research’….looking for the ‘Perfessers’ long  lost stone in the cane fields of Santa Lucia Cotzumalguapa…right…hey, I found specific directions…what could possibly go wrong?


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as usual, you say….the towns’ composition of bars/restaurants is continuing to morph….more closures, more moves, more tectonic shifts.

The venerable Panchoy Restaurant on 6th Ave, across from dos Reilly’s, calling it quits after 15-20 years, the ex-Pizza Mia space on 4th Ave, across from the ex-Ixcot/Pangea spaces will have a new tenant soon…who is bailing from a space on 4th Calle per the competition…a long time bar in town reputedly getting the boot per repeated infractions of this and that..

on the other hand(five fingers)…La Sala pumping Salsa Night with a Cuban foursome…La Casbah doing electronic music on the weekends only…hey, he owns the building and doesn’t need the $$$, ok?

and yes….the first installment of last weekends’ jaunt…and a partially new crew


Riki’s..the old Riki’s space? lost another possible tenant per the costs of rehab…Ritual, on 5th Ave, across from the Posada Don Rodrigo…closing…on 5th Ave? the golden zone of town? yep…at least Ocelot/Lava are doing fine…slammed by folks at 5 and 6pm…and the new owners/tenants of what was Pangea still dithering….no clues as to menu/direction other than ‘wine and beer’….

and it looks like another ‘road trip’ is shaping up for next month…Rabinal/copper/malachite stuff…the silver ore that Mike D found is okay, but it’s in a mine that’s already being worked, so fuggedaboutdat..it was a practice run anyway..now that we know where to find the topo maps and directions, we can find our butts a lot easier…the crew may change a bit, depending on the terrain/roads..it was different this time, being in a new car with brakes/good tires and so on…one forgets those simple pleasures and/or lack of concerns..one does…and I like Henrik’s new black Land Rover…way cool…or is it a Range Rover? who cares..Luciano is back at El Cazadore Italiano and they’ve got their groove back, after Marcel cashed out…and a good thing.

and the ex-Mayor’s daughter, working the La  Leyenda Hotel on 4th Ave? she’s aged….really aged, recently…we smile at each other, etc..however, on the good side, the ever elegant Victoria C is back in town and judging from her clothes at 5pm, working somewhere on 4th Calle..we had a conversation across the street from each other, ok? is she still hanging out in Norway sometimes? Reid C says he finally saw Miss 8:30 yesterday….how did he recognize her? outstanding assets, he said…yeah, that’s her…if you’re in the park at 8:30, et cetera..can you say ‘pulchitrude?’..can I spel it rite?

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