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has music returned to A-town?….Nelson’s back, doing the little french joint up east 4th calle and Panza Verde Mondays nights…that great singer, Jessy and friend at Ocelot tomorrow night, nine or so…Friday, the Snug hosts the Gypsy Reel…Celtic/authentic band, who seldom play G-mala…starts around 8…pm, not am..

the errepressible Tanya H..irrrepriseble…whtF where’re spel chuck? doing her birthday party, Wednesday at O’lot…the time? dunno…after happy hour, one suspects..wait! there’s more! she says 4:30 mas o menos for the start…Bobby Darling and Grace there at 9pm..

yeah, the endorphin/chocolate highs of Valentine’s Day have passed…the one major holiday in the year ┬áthat no MAN can ignore…you can space out Easter, Labor Day, the 4th…maybe even Halloween but not V Day…the card, the flowers, the chocolate, the edible undies, the dinner…and even if you don’t want to, you gotta do it..do gays have this issue? dunno…tell me, if you know (but I won’t quote you).

big shoot out at Puerto Quetzal this week…cops vs cops…all about the blow..6 dead, a few pounds missing…shocking!

so, the weather is perfect, there’s a few groups of tourists in town and most of the merchants are semi-happy about the ‘high season’…if not, tough shit…Semen Santa is a month or so away, so suck it up and wait for that to come to town..yeah, one by one, we’re losing/missing some of the 90 day wonders who come south…one leaves, another the next day…o well..their stories are boring, as are ours..except that we don’t have to go home to 3 feet of snow…

whatever ‘expeditions’ might have been planned are on hold…various reasons: personnel, $$ and conflicting schedules..and there’s no truth to the rumor that the latest charter boat operation on the coast is to be called ‘Master Baiters’…none, ok?

and yes, another print run for local consumption for ‘Our Man’ and ‘A Year’…amazing..thank you, Antigua(and tourists)…www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer for the latest…updates/changes, cha cha cha…and..wait, there’s more! the photo-less version of ‘A Year” now up on Amazon….Kindle to follow soon…and a helluva lot cheaper sans fotos..

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