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so, if you’ve seen me limping recently its because I took a divot outa the bottom of a big toe…and no, I don’t know how…blame it on one of the dogs at the finca…the larger implication being that I haven’t been ‘out and about’ for a couple of weeks…and missed Micho’s One Year Anniversary and the new Steak Night at the new/improved Travel Menu…

maybe, that and the fumes from the petro-based stain that the boys on the finca are  using to re-do my patio/beams….whooo…a cheap high…

I’m amused to see photos of the Red Zebra…when I first moved here, 6 years ago, I looked at it as a rental…a small studio, no yard and $400 a month…nah…and who’s the new evening bartender at La Morena? I forget her name but she’s a definite knock-out…I suspect that 
Marianna didn’t last long(she usually doesn’t)…demon rum and all that…saw the lovely Miss M and her new boyfriend last week…at 9am! no, she wasn’t just getting in…and, due to a variety of reasons, the proposed field trip to Salama in a couple of weeks isn’t happening…transportation being the issue.

yep, it’s Mother’s Day…assuming that one gets lucky tonight, hopefully there will be crop failure in the morning…and the May issue of Our Man in Antigua hits the streets this week…unfortunately back to the old price per the ‘new price’ of Copia Fiel…outa my hands, what can I say….Amazon has it cheaper, btw…order now, in time for Labor Day/Halloween…

www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer   and if you really wanted to know just what happened last year, ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’   this year’s reprise/repeat of same has been stalled by various events, outa my control…maybe next month, who knows?

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Jackson is moving in with Mike D and Nazi John….add the occasional presence of Frank and it’s a recipe for….insanity or extra beers…from Jackson’s description of his previous abode, the Spanish School by day, the brothel by night, counterfeiters/thieves free at no extra charge, this might be a positive move….’might’ be the  operative word..

and the doors keep turning: Tanya H leaves this week for a 3 month contract in Canada, stripping no doubt…yeah, I’d pay to watch. Going away party Tuesday, 7pm at La Morena…is the honey blonde, Marianna, still working there? she does go thru employers rather quickly, I’ve noticed..Joe M, HBT’s old pal and chauffeur, leaves Monday, Sam R’s back for a few weeks, Mike D leaves next month for a couple of months, and Joe Bob, aka Bobby Darling, bails on the 15th for a little while and Neil Craigs red guitar got stolen…wtf? Neil! you lose your scooter, your spleen and now this?

I see that the so-called ‘prime space’ on 5th Ave norte is till vacant…in what was Tacocontento…why did they never make it there? are there any good Mexican restaurants in this country? I’m told that Cactus Grill is good but…our orbits haven’t matched up, so far.

and the Great Lime Shortage? Bodo had some lime juice but now they’re out…I’m told that some big storm in Mexico wiped out a few crops…and this is serious: Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow or today, take your pick…and without lime juice for the margaritas? racist joke coming…what do you call four latinos in quicksand? cuatro sinko.. if that’s not enough, ask Der Comandante Shetz to repeat the Cinco de Mayo joke..

i wouldnt’ expect a pub quiz at Ocelot tonight…Shaun’s still probably recovering from the Derby in Kentucky this weekend…and Tall Bill, up in the States for some ‘leg work’ reports that he is walking much better…with the aid of prosthetics…good…keep it up and come home. and yes, if you haven’t heard, Ed left us last week…I keep planning on going by La Taverna and having a shot of Royal Choice, in his memory (we both liked the stuff).

so, iz it gonna rain tonight?   from my location, north-weird, in the Secret Mountain          Laboratory, it sorta looks that way….hey, what, me worry? there’s firewood and enough lime juice for another blender or two of Quetzalteca-fueled daiquiries. If you hurry, it’s a toss-up between 6 o’clock Mass or the AA meeting..                                                              



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I’ve sometimes said that Antigua needs a good Elvis impersonator….’got my wish tonight, in the form of Simon Krebs by way of Dusseldorf… yeah, Germany…passing thru, leaves tomorrow, did a little interview for some kinda book thing with me at La Taverna…and his brochure read something about doing Elvis songs…he burst into song…’Are you lonely tonight?’ and I knew then….Bobby D and Gracies’ second to last gig tonight, at Kafka…yep…that and ‘All Shook up’…great! Nelson and new (I assume) lady on hand..she’s cute..

La Morena! Shaun’s latest in the O’lot patio…most excellent art work and also most excellent is Marianna, last of Frida’s…she says she’s La Morena (ok with me)..grand opening Thursday at 10, altho one can go by earlier (and pay for the drinks).

Semana Santa’s economic boost not felt equally amongst restaurants/bars…Fusion reporting great $$, other’s complaining…so? so what? get a better product/service…finally ate at Fiesta Mexicana, that new place on 5th avenida….Frida’s has ’em beat…por ejemplo: tacos are served usually hard shell or soft….not, repeat, not raw corn tortillas…for an owner who’s from Tapachula, one would expect better….and also? no Negro Modelo beer?  where the hell is Edwin the Liquor/Beer King? go b\y and sell him a short count case of NM, please? o thats right…’no repeat customers’

Bobby D and Gracies last duet show tomorrow night…Ocelot, 9pm…she’s going back, he’s staying for a while..

heard that Travel Menu is ripped up per changes/expansion…some grumbleing per details of the transaction, but that’s Antigua, baby…and it wouldnt’ surprise me if Los Tres Tiempos cuts back their breakfast hours to weekends only(no business)…Jardin Bavaria offering breakfast, but probably only for Semana Santa..

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merciful heavens, it’s a monday, taxes to be filed by tomorrow…so? so what? that’s right, I’m retired and I live in Guatemala, so take a flying f…. at a rolling donut, ok?

Tomorrow night, 8pm or so, is Ocelot’s 4th Anniversary Party…no, no idea about ‘party favors’ but then I don’t know what the latest pricing is for the newly reconstituted ‘Happy Hour’….5-8, he says…

o blessed miracle of the Virgin Harry!…my replacement ATM card arrived! 14 days from order to delivery here in  A-Town…taxes paid/filed, cha cha cha..they advised me to use/activate it at a ‘merchant’…right..as if…

Carla B returns! probably Friday, in time for more crucifixtions/displays of our local Al Quaeda marching bands…can we call in a drone strike for the weekend?

and yes, a little ‘feel good’ kinda story…one of my local heroes..


and so, one of my local pals …my best wishes/etc…as I said to my old pal, Jerry, up in Mill Valley, we’re in the ‘actuarial red zone’….all or most of us are turning 70 soon..HBT already there, Jerry next month, Charles last December and me…June-o

Is Ale, one of our most enchanting waitresses/servers really leaving Thursday?…some kinda going away  party at Travel Menu Thursday, at 12 or so…pm, of course..animal..Lito her latest, leaves in May for Albuquerque…the good ones leave, the average stay and the others get fired…so, still here?

go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and punch in that credit card number!

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and then some, at ‘happy hour’ La Taverna style…Alex Long’s new cantina, aka La Calle, back in Nido Antigua, across the street? looking very spiffy…any joint that stocks Flor de Cana 7 yr on the shelf works for me…the smoking thing needs to be ironed out but aside from that…it’s cool.

Nelson, tickling the piano keys at the early show at Micho’s…lightly attended…Pelicano Sport, the new bar in the Ocelot patio? empty at 6 or so…Lava 1/2 full, O’lot’s new happy hour of 5-8 had a few takers…

Changes at the Travel Menu….they’re kickin’ out the walls to the west and the Snug? the landlord dropped the boom per the noise…so, that’ ll be storage…rumor has it that Christophe, now king of the pig at Reilly’s La Esquina on the first Sunday, will be the new chef…some menu changes, probably…Spiros and Jerome plus a 3rd, seen in a business kinda meeting…another bar/restaurant in the offing? Capt Gerry/lady seen in Bodegona, looking for white eggs…’had to explain that this is Latin America and the chickens are latinas..hence only brown eggs…

tonight’s ‘theatre event’ at El Sitio? packed, with the ‘old guard’ in attendence…old…Luke Armstrong McGuire the youngest…frankly, Scarlett…the previous little theatre permormance at El Finca Nieto was superior…listless…Mike Chrisman did his part…Lex Cargo slipped in, Jackson Underwood in person but for the price (free)it was worth every minute…the cocktails helped, frankly. The babe in the leotard helped..

now, for something completely un-PC….there’s a new women’s shelter in town, called ‘Tempura’…for women who are lightly battered…. 

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it’s one of my two favorite times of day….5 +….the clouds roll over the mountains to the west, reminding me of San Francisco/Sausalito fog banks, the various flocks of birds in the finca fly in to the fountain and fight over landing rights(the smaller mourning doves lose to the larger clarineros)and to the east, where the last group of tennis players wind up, all you  can hear is ‘fault! or ‘out!’….reminds me of being married, in a way.

By any measure, Lori Shea’s Antigua Music Organization show was a success/boffo/superb!….the 300 chairs were filled and another 50+ people milled around…the 2nd act, ‘Annika’ seems to have taken the prize for musical perfection/act/class etc..’according to a few people I spoke with…familiar faces in the crowd…the ever elegant Maite Morjan, Yves Goudard/wfe (they’re thinking of moving to 
Morocco) and Lito/Ale, two of Antigua’s more popular waitstaff..Lito says he’s leaving in a month and moving to Albuquerque (NM)….we shared experiences…the fabulous Mexican food, mainly..I could almost live in New Mexico…almost..the climate, the culture, the food..Santa Fake,  not..Taos? I never really ‘got’ Taos…

Some go, some return…’Nazi’ John, so dubbed by DVM aka Hogan…James Mullen, our 50 yr old heavy metal Goth….heart of gold…Ponzi Bob leaves Wednesday..always dreamin’ of gold..some day?

so..it’s the main month, down to the countdown of Easter Sunday…yeah, the crowds, the pickpockets…the alfombras are xlnt…works of art, in some cases….I’m not a ‘stand in line’ kinda guy, unless I’m at the head of the line..ask me about the scar on the back of my head, for an example.

and yes, the ATM thieves…two of the restaurants that Mike D mentioned as possibilities for his regretful event are old time Antigua establishments but all it takes is one bent waiter….my recent experiences with ATMs? I’d probably avoid the one in Bodegona…when it’s gone, its gone and it takes a while to get it back…the replacement ATM card might get here in 3 or 4 weeks…cash? o, that’s right…how do you get cash, in the meantime? think about it..and I’m waiting to see how Alex Long’s new cantina shapes up, La Calle…it feels like it has what I’ve called ‘critical mass’…a term for describing the perfect size for a bar or restaurant…like Hector’s  or the Snug…it’s ‘people thing’, a comfort zone.

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why do the tuk-tuks travel in groups? seems to me that if they spaced their routes, they’d get more business…o, that’s right! business? it’s a Guatemala thing, where reason/logic and such don’t apply.

Tomorrow night, 6pm…Lori Shea has mounted a production…oops, wrong semaphore/metaphor…at the Spanish Cultural Center, from 6 to 8 or so…most of Antigua’s traveling troubadours will be there, for the launch of her Antigua Musical Organization, which will try to bring some order into the musical scene here..6th avenida between 3rd and 4th calles..video stuff, interviews, a lot of chairs and maybe it won’t rain, like it did earlier tonight.. Yep..thunder and rain but just right…15 minutes or so, just enough to settle the dust. A bit early? usually, the last week of Semen Santa gets some rain..Jackson says he’s not going but will be at the Red Zebra, down by 8th calle/3rd avenida..

yes, got ‘bit’ by the ATM bandits but it’s working out (slowly)…Mike D says he got hit a month ago by one of three restaurants in town…nope, no names…ask him..

Antigua? this is a tough town, like Vegas but smaller and without the ‘escorts’ and gambling…if anyone has a problem with OTC meds, alcohol or any other kind of addictions, this isn’t the place to stay clean/sober..

Alex Long’s (Fusion)new cantina in the back of Nido Antigua is shaping up but I wouldnt’ expect the soft opening tomorrow night…I popped in, they were working (sic)..maybe Saturday (pick one)

And, I’m surprised that someone hasn’t come along and rented the old Tacocontento space on 5th avenida…prime location, with Semana Santa coming soon..and I was dismayed to hear of the motorcycle/old man in the street/event last week…re Loris thing tomorrow night: after party at  Kafka’s…9 or so..

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