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so…after the 2nd latest/highly derogatory article on the lawless state of things in Antigua, some of the street corners were manned by PNC…Policia Nacional Civil today….it’s not the daytime problems….it’s the night times and the fringe areas. Yeah, there’s drugs, hookers and loud music and yes, the ‘scene’ has shifted from upper 5th Avenida southward…yes, there are ‘after hours’ places to get laid/if paid) and drink til dawn…are the cops aware of this? Hell, Yes…you wanta get robbed/beaten? walk home after 3am and you’re on the plate as the ‘soup du jour’….tell me if the troop/squadron of soldiers that walk around semi-daily, armed/dressed in camouflage, have any impact other than scaring the shit out of tourists? “Forget it, Jake…it’s Chinatown” as I’m so fond of saying….until some socially significant person gets maimed/killed/whatever, it ain’t gonna change…the underpaid cops need the money, honey…get over it.

on the other hand….four fingers and a thumb…Blake’s aka Pappy’s BBQ new expansion around the corner, literally now at 6th/6th, opens this Saturday and the place looks great…Shawn of Ocelot having his 10th anniversary of being a Guatemalteco gringo also Saturday…Chocolate, Cheese and Port…Travel Menu still astounds me with the changes, the Snug keeps on packin’ ’em in…6 or 7 at a time but WTF?

Alabama Bob’s back! esconsconced..is that a word? at La Taverna…thanks for the mineral book…god, I’m need a larger monitor…maybe this Saturday….eyes goin’, squinting….yeah, I’m back, feeling better…toe job healing, parasites dealt with, birthday behind me.

and yes, Tropical Storm 2E aka Boris moved on…Antigua got off lightly and I’m not complaining, cuz I live uphill. The half moon is out, clouds drifting along…and there’s just enough scotch/soda to ease me into dreamland.

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or was it ‘Dr. Livingston?’…Nazi John, Sam the K and whoever else signed up for the Rio Dulce/Livingston trip should be back by now…I confess that Rio Dulce doesn’t grab me anymore, nor Livingston…although now I know why there’s a statue of Jose Marti’, the Cuban martyr, in the park there. If you can find the book, ‘The Divine Husband’ its about Guatemala in the late 1800’s…

and no need to call the ‘Toe Truck’ thanks to Carmen of Salon Creativo on 6th calle, #19….an xlnt foot massage and I can walk a helluva lot better, meaning 2X a day into town…yeah, I footed the bill….and across the street, the new/improved Travel Menu? fabulous job on the remod and I love the travel posters…I want one or two…think that Korey D is responsible..

yes…why? new bars/restaurants opening….Samsara, an indian place in what was the Cargo Room, corner of 6th calle, 7th avenida/in what was the brief place known as the Beer Company, in the Ocelot compound? Las Margaritas, mexican food/margaritas..and some mention of reopening the old Pit Stop, up the hill? why?

and some fairly brazen daylight thefts of motos in town…Luis the Guide, who hangs out by the City Hall, saw the thieves, using a screwdriver to jimmy the ignition switch…and what was the Tacocontento location on 5th Ave? adding a second electric meter, for the upper level…WTF? a spanish school/travel agency? this town already has way too many bars and restaurants, although if  you like a bit of class, go into Alex Long’s new bar, back in the Nido Antigua mall…La Calle…so, it’s gonna rain? I’ve got my umbrella from 2 years ago(a personal record)and a fresh stack of firewood, a bottle of scotch and a boring book..

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so, if you’ve seen me limping recently its because I took a divot outa the bottom of a big toe…and no, I don’t know how…blame it on one of the dogs at the finca…the larger implication being that I haven’t been ‘out and about’ for a couple of weeks…and missed Micho’s One Year Anniversary and the new Steak Night at the new/improved Travel Menu…

maybe, that and the fumes from the petro-based stain that the boys on the finca are  using to re-do my patio/beams….whooo…a cheap high…

I’m amused to see photos of the Red Zebra…when I first moved here, 6 years ago, I looked at it as a rental…a small studio, no yard and $400 a month…nah…and who’s the new evening bartender at La Morena? I forget her name but she’s a definite knock-out…I suspect that 
Marianna didn’t last long(she usually doesn’t)…demon rum and all that…saw the lovely Miss M and her new boyfriend last week…at 9am! no, she wasn’t just getting in…and, due to a variety of reasons, the proposed field trip to Salama in a couple of weeks isn’t happening…transportation being the issue.

yep, it’s Mother’s Day…assuming that one gets lucky tonight, hopefully there will be crop failure in the morning…and the May issue of Our Man in Antigua hits the streets this week…unfortunately back to the old price per the ‘new price’ of Copia Fiel…outa my hands, what can I say….Amazon has it cheaper, btw…order now, in time for Labor Day/Halloween…

www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer   and if you really wanted to know just what happened last year, ‘A Year of Driving Dangerously’   this year’s reprise/repeat of same has been stalled by various events, outa my control…maybe next month, who knows?

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Jackson is moving in with Mike D and Nazi John….add the occasional presence of Frank and it’s a recipe for….insanity or extra beers…from Jackson’s description of his previous abode, the Spanish School by day, the brothel by night, counterfeiters/thieves free at no extra charge, this might be a positive move….’might’ be the  operative word..

and the doors keep turning: Tanya H leaves this week for a 3 month contract in Canada, stripping no doubt…yeah, I’d pay to watch. Going away party Tuesday, 7pm at La Morena…is the honey blonde, Marianna, still working there? she does go thru employers rather quickly, I’ve noticed..Joe M, HBT’s old pal and chauffeur, leaves Monday, Sam R’s back for a few weeks, Mike D leaves next month for a couple of months, and Joe Bob, aka Bobby Darling, bails on the 15th for a little while and Neil Craigs red guitar got stolen…wtf? Neil! you lose your scooter, your spleen and now this?

I see that the so-called ‘prime space’ on 5th Ave norte is till vacant…in what was Tacocontento…why did they never make it there? are there any good Mexican restaurants in this country? I’m told that Cactus Grill is good but…our orbits haven’t matched up, so far.

and the Great Lime Shortage? Bodo had some lime juice but now they’re out…I’m told that some big storm in Mexico wiped out a few crops…and this is serious: Cinco de Mayo is tomorrow or today, take your pick…and without lime juice for the margaritas? racist joke coming…what do you call four latinos in quicksand? cuatro sinko.. if that’s not enough, ask Der Comandante Shetz to repeat the Cinco de Mayo joke..

i wouldnt’ expect a pub quiz at Ocelot tonight…Shaun’s still probably recovering from the Derby in Kentucky this weekend…and Tall Bill, up in the States for some ‘leg work’ reports that he is walking much better…with the aid of prosthetics…good…keep it up and come home. and yes, if you haven’t heard, Ed left us last week…I keep planning on going by La Taverna and having a shot of Royal Choice, in his memory (we both liked the stuff).

so, iz it gonna rain tonight?   from my location, north-weird, in the Secret Mountain          Laboratory, it sorta looks that way….hey, what, me worry? there’s firewood and enough lime juice for another blender or two of Quetzalteca-fueled daiquiries. If you hurry, it’s a toss-up between 6 o’clock Mass or the AA meeting..                                                              



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I’ve sometimes said that Antigua needs a good Elvis impersonator….’got my wish tonight, in the form of Simon Krebs by way of Dusseldorf… yeah, Germany…passing thru, leaves tomorrow, did a little interview for some kinda book thing with me at La Taverna…and his brochure read something about doing Elvis songs…he burst into song…’Are you lonely tonight?’ and I knew then….Bobby D and Gracies’ second to last gig tonight, at Kafka…yep…that and ‘All Shook up’…great! Nelson and new (I assume) lady on hand..she’s cute..

La Morena! Shaun’s latest in the O’lot patio…most excellent art work and also most excellent is Marianna, last of Frida’s…she says she’s La Morena (ok with me)..grand opening Thursday at 10, altho one can go by earlier (and pay for the drinks).

Semana Santa’s economic boost not felt equally amongst restaurants/bars…Fusion reporting great $$, other’s complaining…so? so what? get a better product/service…finally ate at Fiesta Mexicana, that new place on 5th avenida….Frida’s has ’em beat…por ejemplo: tacos are served usually hard shell or soft….not, repeat, not raw corn tortillas…for an owner who’s from Tapachula, one would expect better….and also? no Negro Modelo beer?  where the hell is Edwin the Liquor/Beer King? go b\y and sell him a short count case of NM, please? o thats right…’no repeat customers’

Bobby D and Gracies last duet show tomorrow night…Ocelot, 9pm…she’s going back, he’s staying for a while..

heard that Travel Menu is ripped up per changes/expansion…some grumbleing per details of the transaction, but that’s Antigua, baby…and it wouldnt’ surprise me if Los Tres Tiempos cuts back their breakfast hours to weekends only(no business)…Jardin Bavaria offering breakfast, but probably only for Semana Santa..

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