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merciful heavens, it’s a monday, taxes to be filed by tomorrow…so? so what? that’s right, I’m retired and I live in Guatemala, so take a flying f…. at a rolling donut, ok?

Tomorrow night, 8pm or so, is Ocelot’s 4th Anniversary Party…no, no idea about ‘party favors’ but then I don’t know what the latest pricing is for the newly reconstituted ‘Happy Hour’….5-8, he says…

o blessed miracle of the Virgin Harry!…my replacement ATM card arrived! 14 days from order to delivery here in  A-Town…taxes paid/filed, cha cha cha..they advised me to use/activate it at a ‘merchant’…right..as if…

Carla B returns! probably Friday, in time for more crucifixtions/displays of our local Al Quaeda marching bands…can we call in a drone strike for the weekend?

and yes, a little ‘feel good’ kinda story…one of my local heroes..


and so, one of my local pals …my best wishes/etc…as I said to my old pal, Jerry, up in Mill Valley, we’re in the ‘actuarial red zone’….all or most of us are turning 70 soon..HBT already there, Jerry next month, Charles last December and me…June-o

Is Ale, one of our most enchanting waitresses/servers really leaving Thursday?…some kinda going away  party at Travel Menu Thursday, at 12 or so…pm, of course..animal..Lito her latest, leaves in May for Albuquerque…the good ones leave, the average stay and the others get fired…so, still here?

go to http://www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer and punch in that credit card number!

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