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rascals, scoundrels and cutting edge thieves…I had a premonition last week when I went to my usual ATM in the BAC bank across from the park and the transaction was refused…okay,maybe i’d made some serious withdrawals in Nicaragua and El Salvador…but this morning? nada, zip, no can do…’call my boutique bank in Sausalito and learn that yes…there was money remaining but my ATM card was frozen/dead/muerto because of ‘fraudulent activity’…WTF? can you explain that? i mentioned, in passing that Antigua had been the center of unauthorized ATM debits in December and January…the US Embassy had issued a warning and the local magazine, Que Pasa, had run an article about several people being stripped,ripped, left for broke and zero’d out…hey, what are these debits for and where did they come from?  ‘just a minute’, she replied…’well, there’s one for $387.76 on the 7th and another for #357.86 on the 9th and another for….where? B O G….Bogota? yes, that’s it…where you there? Colombia? hardly…Nicaragua’s bad enough..so…my card is dead and a new one will take three weeks to arrive…$$ in the states but can’t do shit with it..

The US Embassy recommends not using ATMs in Antigua…o good..wTF? the details of this are and will unravel…I’m already beginning to unravel..if you see me on the streets with a tin cup, a white cane or something to sell…you know why..if I ask you to run a tab for me…i’m probably good for it but not for a few weeks…welcome to Guatemala…gringo…buy me a drink, would you? I need 4 or 5 after today..

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