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as usual….HBT and his ‘krewe’…’N’ah Leens spellin”….did Divas 2 last night, in search of feathers and flesh….feathers? not there,friends..

music tonight! Wayne and Nelson at Kafka’s…3rd calle, 8pm….Bobby and Grace, Ocelot at 9pm…you know, if they’d tell me a day or so in advance….good luck, Lori Shea on her proposed Antigua music page…and a giant tip of my best panama to Lori for arranging the house-sitting gig in Rio Dulce next month! gets me outa here at the heighth of the madness…4-9-4/19 height: heighth? well, the top of craziness, ok?

the ‘cornhole story’?…tis written, let it be done…probably up/out tomorrow, after I re-read it once or twice…I liked the Earth Lodge…very very  time-warping for me…memories of communes in the 60’s but without the view and the Jack Daniels in the bar…

and I was off (so to speak)about Hogan’s departure…tis tomorrow, Thursday and not soon enough for a few folks….just kidding, Van Daniken..your presence will be duly missed, especially at a few ‘happy hours.’

and I s’pose that the ‘Perfesser’ and that crew will return intact soon…no maps, no guide books, no reservations…not sure about guns, unless Jim O was packing..

and a face from the past, in the Park this morning..she of the ‘infectious laugh’….we spoke for a  while, even though her yappy little dog (on a good chain, thank you)went for my cojones…it’s been a while and maybe the memories have faded…if you knew me four year ago, you’d know..yeah, she looked good but not THAT good, y’ know?

dont forget…www.amazon.com/author/michaelsherer   christmas is coming!

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