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Can you pronounce ‘souse of the border’?…..earlier this week I felt the distinct urge to burn some frequent flier miles, go south to Costa Rica and ‘party on’…at the usual hell-hole known as the DR…I called for reservations, I emailed for reservations, knew/met the owners at their desks and they still…bumped me for a kingsize overpriced noisy room on the street. ..obviously not a case of who you know and who you blow…ok…I was exhausted anyway, having missed the 5am flight and taking the 2pm route thru fucking Managua and then into San Jose at 5 or so…and then whom do I run into(after doing my shift at the roulette table and hitting the #32 combo?….right…Elena…shorter red hair, still as delectable as can be..ok…fine…Tin Jo for dinner and history…we haven’t seen each other in over a year(and we’ve known each other for 4-5 years)…nope, I’m not posting any photos…forget about it…it was good and it was bad….bank issues/ overcharges/account closures per too many atttempts to access from CR….thanks to friends(from all over)I got out, in time and in one piece…tired, exhausted, thoroughly sick of San Jose and airports in general.

The health is better, for the most part….and I’m damn sure not eating unwashed vegetables. I’m getting over my depression with ‘she of the infectious smile’…it all just takes time and I ‘get that’…life goes on, one way or the other. Tis a quiet Sunday, I’m not writing a damn thing and I”ll do up the bbq later. Thanks again for all of the help getting my dumb ass out of Costa Rica…

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