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Blooie! the mortar bombs at La Merced were great….the earlier aerial fireworks show at what might’ve been Capuchina…I try not to get to close to wedding ceremonies, as I break out in a cold sweat thinking about one.

‘the Perfesser, Mike Donley, is back in town…with a tale of two boats…ask him…it was a narrow escape and a….per he, Reid the Choate is due back, once his son graduates from the Police Academy..no, not the movie…

Alabama Bob, likewise back from El Salvador (and Evelyn)….rumors starting to build about another ‘road trip’, this time up the Pacific Coast towards Take a Lick Abaj…look out Reyo!

our loss…the delightful Miss M aka Marbel…left us for India…actually Nepal..yeah, she had her ‘issues’ but I liked her: we laughed well together. What the hell did she do with her drum set? in the living room of her apartment on 6th avenida, was a full on pro drum set…kinda makes sense, in that her ex-boyfriend of ten years was a drummer for Lenny Kravitz…god speed and vaya con dios. I suspect she’s in for a bit of culture shock.

der Henrik, back from an inspection tour of the new Reillys in Granada, Nicaragua…yeah…2 thumbs up…Granada, unlike this burg, likes to party and is officially encouraged to do so, fueled by Flor de Cana rum and Tono beer…it’s like Antigua, visually except they paved their cobblestone streets and its hot and humid…perfect for ordering another round of adult sports beverages.

4th Calle, the ‘golden gulch’ of A-Town…quiet…Micho’s doin’ a bit of biz, and El Cazadore Italiano packed with the glitzy city crowd..Caffe Bourbon doin’ well…Da Vinci a dead zone but the annual Christmas tree and decorations are xlnt, as usual…worth a look…Flor(escent)of Dasha open late, doing biz..Travel Menu doing two tables of 4, the bartenderess complaining….and where’s my book holder? 

dos Reilly’s filling up early…Ocelot/Lava quiet but it was early…Ixcot other known as the Cemetery, dead..stick a fork in ’em…Sangre? with a 25q cover charge and some kinda ‘all you can drink’ special? folks..wrong concept: pay people 25q to get in and then hit ’em with the ‘all you can swill’ idea…La Casbah lit up, music on and a full staff…welcome back!

the funeral? Figueroas on 6th avenida norte…a full crowd..business is dead concept in full play…and another ‘only in Guatemala’ adventure…


Ricardos’ Tabacos y Vinos, by the Arches? packed to capacity..!

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maybe, baby…maybe later….town packed with folks, spending $$$…is it Bono bucks? if Yoko had married Cher’s ex and then remarried the leader of U2, would she be Yoko Ono Bono Bono? right, who cares?

Riki’s? dark…Cashbar going the 2X1 drinks route on a Friday night? yep…’startin’ to make sense about another restaurant going in on the top level…weird scene…4th calle bistros doing biz…Sobremesa, B5, Fusion…alas Tartines…Chez Chris fine, DV empty(as usual)Epicure doing a decent early dinner crowd..dos Reilly’s quiet early/Ocelot packed(the 5-6 Lush Hour crowd)

Facehole put me thru password change hoops…some kinda hacking thing, so i’ve changed a lot of passwords elsewhere(and over due, I know)…someone gave me(change of subject)a list of shuttle prices from a hole in the wall (Chisubin)travel agency on 6th calle oriente…seriously f….king cheap! if I weren’t ‘with’ Mayan Kingdom’ on 6th ave sur, etc…yeah, I already paid ’em for the shuttle on Sunday…off to Chi-Chi Rodriguez’ place…no…Chichicastenango/never been/high time to go/why not?

and yes, Wendy F….kin’ Wever is back…this town needed her dose of energy…been kinda dull lately or is that just me? answer is B…I haven’t lit off my flare pistol in a year nor plugged any household appliances in a long time: there’s nothing quite so satisfying as putting a round or two in a refrigerator that just quit…and yes, another earthquake recently: shake it but don’t break it…Juan Mario Cervantes, our local Kojak, in El Portal…one thing about his business is that its always there…no layoffs, recessions…

INGUAT and the local board of Tourism(thank you Juan Carlos)have endorsed the ‘book’…yeah..pamphlet but it is getting bigger, ok? the printer’s error with the size(smaller)is working in my favor…foks..no, folks prefer it…good..buy two..a few more outlets here and there…no, not electrical outlets…stores/shops/can I trade it for food? outcall masseuses?


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hell, who knew? thanks, to Korey D for setting me straight on the perversion…no, the conversion rate for the real numbers that Da Mayor is being charged with…uh, appropriating? taking? ….somewhere east of $300000, depending on one’s counting apparatus….mine sucked, obviously….$40000? hah!….he really does have enough $$ to pay his attorneys, unless of course that aforesaid $300K is not around or not in cash….and just how much is a ‘get out of jail free’ card in this town?

Saturday night, last chance to hear/see Nelson the Lunding who departs shortly thereafter for two/three months in the ‘States…Angie Angie’s…8ish? Wayne the Urbane Mr Hooper, Adan the Amazing Cuban on piano, Willie Gomez on guitar..as mentioned somewhere, the music scene in this town is/has shrunk: next we’ll paying to hear the mariachis or there’ll be a three way playoff between the various Andean-style bands who work the park or 5ta…I know, I’m dissing the marimba groups and the Friday 5pm band at the Palacio: maybe if they added go-go girls…white boots, bouffant hair-dos…now, ask yourself the question: how long has it been since you’ve seen a really great bouffant hairdo? oddly enough(don’t ask)there was a time when i can remember taking bets on how many one would see in the course of a day…

and what’s with the new stand  up/brass rail bar in front of Braulios? looks like it’s seen use…another try, another gimmick and it still ain’t workin’…give it up, folks..the Bud Room failed, the Pangea sign is off the outside of the building and its history. Stick a fork in it…you’re done.

so…a recap…tonight theCargo Room at 8 or so…Angie Angie’s Saturday night…did i miss anything? yeah…a lot, i know…will Sangre every take down the Estrella sign? if only to let Djinn move their sign in its place?…Wokco? yeah…going back, soon…has Hugo’s Ceviche made it, in the old Rum/Scum Bar location? ‘forgot to ask Claudia on Monday night about it, but the kiss…nope, not tellin’…kinda erased my RAM for the evening..

the latest version(locally printed)comes out next week…Our Man in Antiguastan…assuming that Frener actually produces on time…tis why I’ve quit paying part of the $$ upfront… Amazon.com already has it…buy some now, in time for Thanksgiving, Christmas or Hannukah…last months’ 25 went like Belgian pancakes…er, waffles? whatever…down to five and worst-case scenario is that I light off either the fire or the bbq with ’em..

www.createspace.com/3755222 and tell ’em Groucho sent you…’obscure reference #6…and yes, I found the ‘Groucho’ glasses/nose/mustache disguise in town..so if you see me…and i’m weirder than usual…hello!

a fool on a stool? at the entrance to the Condesa Expresa, a new guide service is set up….for $35? yep….take the Bell Tour…$20 and worth every bit and then some…4 hours of history, Antigua-style.

And tonight…8ish? the Cargo Room, the setting for some kinda deal involving the new Miss Antigua contestants…show and tell? dunno, but i’m goin…maybe the marvelous miss m will come along, keep me outa trouble..

yesh, Part 1 of the Race Track story up on the Ex.com site…Part 2 manana…yesh, more babe photos but ‘tasteful’…it wasn’t my fault that they wore such tight outfits or bent over so far…jeez, you’d think I was some kinda prevert.


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yeah, this day…Paris, 1971 and where were you? jeez, Andy Griffith and Ben Davidson today? yeah…speaking of dead, that’s Antigua Tonight….you coulda rolled a rubber bowling ball thru the calles…lotta places open that coulda been closed and saved on the staff $$…ah! Claudia #1 of Da Vinci! her birthday tomorrow but since she doesn’t work tomorrow, etc…nope, not tellin’ her age…i know and you’d never guess…a babe au naturel.

der Henrik of dos Reilly’s, back at the helm…er, the door…looks like the race crowd(drivers, owners and spandex babes)hit Reilly’s on Sunday pm…massive tips reported by some of the staff.

kudos to Alex F and Sobremesa for the Trip Advisor Award…well deserved, indeed…Ocelot got one a few weeks ago, equally well deserved…both of the owners work their butts 8 days a week, constantly thinking  up new stuff.

me? an exciting day of watching ice melt(defrosting the refrigerator)…I told ya, my life is just one big whoop de doo after another and…can anyone explain the popularity of plaid bermuda shorts? is this some kinda Scientology gimmick? did i miss a movie reference?

Lex Cargo is hosting the Miss Antigua Beauty Queen get-together at the Cargo Room Thursday night…7ish but if I know Lex, plan on 8ish..yeah, I’m there, shooting photos…after the photo shoot on Sunday at the race track, I better check my batteries…178 shots in 5 hours…maybe 20 of cars..hey, it was a veritable feast of spandex…ok? check the right corner…i was aiming at the cockpit…

cockpit and more

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pirate ebonics? ah, it was a typical Sunday….crowds in the park, the streets…Andy the Mime workin’ 5th Ave, the marimba concert at City Hall…folks dancin’….Alex of Sobremesa exhausted after a party of 37(rehearsal dinner)…Tartines closed on a Sunday? yep…Carlos Tomas back at the helm of Dyslexia, sorting books/paperwork(and a good thing)

Chez Chris doing dinners…Da Vinci not…Marbel? yep…dos Reilly’s and looking good…Maite M at La Caz, in an ebullient mood: she said she’s playing tennis in the morning and did i have balls? answer: yes…three, because two isn’t enough….drum roll…ah, I’ve been wondering where Miss Emma has been(she wouldn’t tell) but she’s got a new pooch, which Ocelot let her sit at the bar with and I left just before the usual motley crew of the Pub Quiz trickled in…Plumb Bob, for example.

That short-lived fish market on 6th calle, across from the Tanque Verde…threw in the towel, closed their doors, sign  up saying…”that’s all, folks” more or less…my Guatemalan head cold is slowly fading, day by day: thought about playing golf tomorrow and realized that I couldn’t make it past 2 or 3 holes, kind of a general metaphor for my life anyway….age is slapping me around, but I’ll always have mammaries…no..memories..let’ see: A + B equals C?

Upper 5ta dead…Gaia, Studio 35, Red’s…Djinn’s Angel? let me suck….no, not really..she swung and missed…i ducked and ran..she is such a witch..tomorrow, the latest edition of ‘Our Man etc” hits the streets here….no more ‘First/Second Edition” stuff…it got outa hand, with the continual additions…ah! Sunshine Grill! yeah, baby!…their pizza is hand tossed and wood-fired in a brick oven…the real deal…’owner spent time in Canada and NYC and knows his pizza…I munched a slice comin’ home,of pepperoni…add some ‘italian sugar’ aka red chili flakes, maybe some ‘shrooms…Yankees on the tube at the bar…hmm..and cozy…I’ve been hearing about it for a while…whew..one more week of June and we get to flip the bird…no, calendar…flip off whoever you feel like, even Flipper…ever hear that he was gay?


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