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kinda night…humid, waiting for the rain/lightning…Fuego blowing massively off to the west…yeah, ‘Body Heat’, back when Kathleen Turner was a babe and hadn’t porked out.

Ximena, ex-El Muro, remarking that June is slow for business…yep…be glad that we’re not in the food/bev biz or retail. .Sobremesa, doing tables and the only action on that side of town(or anywhere else)…weird, how some nights the center of food gravity shifts, kinda like the current influx of spanish school students…most of the schools doin’ biz and as usual the blonde gringas acquire after-hours ‘tutors’…

Beverly of Lava sporting a new cast on her foot….no, not ‘rough sex’…i asked, ok?…MM of El Portal with another new boyfriend(2nd of the week and it’s only Wednesday)….she does train them quickly and they usually are relegated to taking care of her dogs…’sit, roll over, play dead’…sounds like some of my marriages.

Rich Neel organizing a Sunday trip to the road/track/races…cars, at the track out towards Escuintla…8am, the park..limited seating.

Da Mayor, spiffy in a gray suit, seen ‘lawyered up’ about six…yep, gave him a freebie copy of a First Edition “Our Man, etc’…something to read in the courtroom..maybe, just maybe the printer will have the latest version out tomorrow(promised for today)…right…half presold…where’s the money?

dos Reilly’s dead, Da Vinci/Chez Chris lo mismo…Ocelot supported only by the usual Lush Hour hard-core group of 5-6 slurpers..yeah, i had one, ok?

Cashbar? closed again/still? yeah..Mondays, Tuesdays and now Wednesdays? makes sense…Sangre tried a 2/1 breakfast special for a day or so…no go..upper 5th is becoming even more of a grave-yard..no word on the proposed changes, if any, for La Sala…Julio partnered up with Mario B of Johnny’s and we’ll see what develops..given the slow changes on 5th Calle, maybe that part of town will see some kinda renaissance..El Gato Negro slow, so the backpackers haven’t made a dent, $$ wise…the Christian groups here for a week or two left, matching t-shirts and all and no word/count on how many souls or children saved..in the immortal words of Marjoe, “glory gee to Beezus!’

and no, the proposed trip up the coast to Take-a-Lick Abaj on ‘hold’..Tom aka Richard Petty Martin ran the Beige Bomb into the rear of a truck last week…in the rain, in the City and the brakes malfunctioned…some crumpled hood stuff, nothing major but it put a damper on going up the country, a la Canned Heat…   

bizarre-ness….the owners of La ReUnion(that 80 million dollar place outa town?) the golf course that’s world-class? They have no idea what the PGA is, or who Jack Nicklaus is, much less the US Open….whew…A Pete Dye course that they paid thru the nose for and still don’t have a clue about the golf business? yeah, they know who Tiger Woods is, if only because they watched the porno movie of ‘Tiger’s Woodie’..only in Guatemala, eh?

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“if I had two, I’d be King.” The King just laughed, since he already had two..what this refers to is anyone’s guess…there’s lightning to the north, past San Felipe and Volcan Fuego is spewing orange gouts of lava…thanks, Brielle Miel for pointing this out earlier…she leaves for Jackson Hole, Wyoming in a week…six months on a ranch…horses and all..no word if she’s gonna get on on the branding/neutering process…ooh, tie ’em up and burn a brand on their furry legs…kinda san francisco, in a way..

so…the Butt Patrol has struck Ocelot and Lava…no smokee there anymore, no ashtrays…as an alternative for those of us who still cling to this risky behavior, there’s the terrace at Da Vinci…service upstairs may be a bit slow but Luis Miguel is planning on installing a bar upstairs..

Alex of Sobremesa! back from a honeymoon in Italy with some great food/drink ideas…yeah, he’s got the concept that the $$ is in booze and not food..its not hard: in a quart or liter there’s 25 shots…sell 4 and the rest is profit…is this hard?

there’s a coming vacancy on 5th calle…nope, can’t talk about it but the concept/idea should work…5th, with Da Vinci, Chez Christophe, Las Cebollinas may just be the new ground zero for the food/beverage biz in town…La Pena del Sol anchors the west end…’got to introduce Bill H to Maite M this morning…amazing that those two haven’t met each other…she plays next door at the tennis club(and I confessed that I sometimes leer thru the bushes when she’s on the  court)…and I’m saving my balls for her…nope, not what you think…tennis balls that get knocked over the fence..she accumulates boy-toys that take care of her dogs…hey, if it works, why knock it?

Roberto Fraser of Rainbow Cafe says that Guatemala City now has a cricket team (and they just whipped on El Salvador’s ass) and they’re thinking of expanding…perhaps with a Antigua cricket team…but they need a large grassy area to play…hmm..the polo field, the horse show field out by Ciudad Vieja? I like the idea…watch the bowlers bowl, slug a few gin and tonics, make semi-intelligent remarks about the wicket or the pitch…’oh I say..well done, Nigel!” if cricket is anything you’ve ever wanted to ‘do’..Roberto is the guy to talk to..

dos Reilly’s doing a good early trade, Fusion same-o, B5 waiting..and waiting..El Caz with the shiny SUV/guards crowd filling up…town fulla folks in suits/ties…why? who cares? bring money, dammit..go take a look at DV’s terrace…it’s a lot better than some,like that place on 4th that advertises “best terrace view in town”..yeah, that one..the one that’s always empty..and if you go on a Monday or Tuesday night, you’ll get to gaze upon Claudia #1, which ain’t bad..John K around for a few more days, before leaving us, once again, for the wilds of Ecuador and beyond…ask him about trout fishing at 14000 feet with a rubber worm..”Fish and Stream” coulda run this article..Ricardo’s T&V packed, as usual…party time…he seems to have the magic ingredient for making it happen…’another glass of wine, my dear? ‘ hey, it works…have a great weak end..stay away from Fuego..



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The ol Rum Bar, down on 7th calle?….vacant for about a year…I once offered to rent it, thinking of using it as a house even after it was trashed by the departure of JP…met with Claudia #1, liked it and asked what the rent was…’dos mil’…I, not really thinking(typical)assumed that she meant quetzals…cool, right? When we met again to discuss things ($$)I found out that she meant dollars…oops..wrong again, pavlov breath…anyway, it’s rented again and no, I haven’t asked her about the rent(its a little joke we share)but the sign outside now reads “Hugo’s Ceviche”…rotsa luck with that concept and that location…anuther roll-over of a faded restaurant that didn’t last long on 5th Avenida Sur…what was Conchas and Perlas is now a fairly good art and jewelry showroom..Experiencia something or other..o well, not my money..

Mike D took the morning flight out today…one by one, the ‘irregulars’ are goin’ home and several are asking themselves ‘why?’….

a few have enjoyed and asked for another installment of the “Four Pigs et al” article…here tis..


by another bizarre circumstance (even for Antigua) Reed is buying that Land Rover, assuming that Tom can find the title…forge the title..scan another one, get the graphics program going and be creative. I mentioned having done similar stuff importing minerals/gems into Athens for the annual mineral show I used to exhibit at…create your own Certificate of Origin, an invoice or two, age the documents a bit…how well do the Greek Customs agents read English? about as good as the PNC here…

ask Shaun of O’lot about his night time adventures up on the hill when all the electronics went out on the new car (just outa the garage also)…whew…damn lucky how it all turned out…Reed and the Land Rover, eh? that’s a road trip I’m not missing…first of all, it’s downhill in a little bit of mud and also in a pig pen guarded by one of the largest sows around..I suggested making a harness for the pig, leave  trail of carrots or whatever..I think I’ll watch from the safety of the upper patio, sip a gallo or four..

Alex Long’s (Fusion) new  expansion project next door is about a week from being done…’looks great, done well…the proposed tenants are getting antsy about moving in and making some $ for the rent..

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as part of my never ending search for truth, justice and….wait: I’m channeling Superman?

anyway, ‘earth to ground’ and after a week of food stalls/fairs/processions in and around La Merced, the sidewalks are greasy and the pigeon population almost non-existent…is there a relationship/clue/causal factor? from this one can gather that ‘torpor’ is the theme here, ‘lite’ and minimal relationships to  substance…Mike the C mentioning that he’s considering making a major move here (real estate) Nicky Z, La Reunions’ head pro talking of some strange proposed invention for golfers…which actually, given my own experiences in the New Age World of Wackos, might just workl..ask  him about ‘chakras’ and be prepared for laughter…O’lot’/Lava doing their usual Slappy Hour of Regulars…CArla B getting ready to  head for the Lake next week for her newest reincarnation(that’s not where you come back as a flower)..shit! April 15th! Tax Time! as if I pay but i gotta file and tomorrows the 1oth!..Turbo Tax!…screw..that messes up a half day of calculated and creative number-crunching…Victoria C, closing up El Reino del Jade at 6:30…she is sooo elegant…like Claudia #1 at DV tonight…two of the most beautiful women in town…as is the divine Miss M…who seems to be off-planet…got a terse ‘ok’ email from her on Sunday…nothing more since then(and i popped for her business cards this morning…o well..it is/was an exceedingly quiet night in the food/beverage industry in town…those who were closed ‘got the concept’ and those who weren’t should have…there’s some tense anticipation for a cruise ship arrival  tomorrow amongst the local street vendors..’cruceros!’…unfortunately they’re not big spenders:  it’s been said that they’re good for $20 per head (if that)getcher flute and mayan weaving!

tax time…it slipped up on me…blame it on the processions, the bossa nova or the vodka..hey, those of you(not me)who pay get to pick up the GSA tab in ‘Vegas…ca ching!

Marvel! babe, i need you…there’s the shipment ready to go(be sold)…earth to ground, come in, Marbel..went by Angie’s after 6…closed..por que? Dyslexia, ‘open to 7’…closed..as i said/wrote earlier…’torpor’…i’m goin’ to the patio and listen to the koi carp about their existence…  

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personal stuff, aside from Elmore Leonard’s book of the same title..Wife #2 who went to an exclusive Cathlick day school in Carmel (classmates with Patty Hearst)actually had to go around and knock on doors in the o so snooty environs of Carmel and solicit donations for ‘pagan babies’…she kill me if she reads this but the odds are slim/nun..the headline refers to a new chapter in the little/silly booklet, now in its umpteeth version…Franklin/Asgreenasitgets.org has this section, at least for the next few weeks…I’ve been kinda down on a lotta NGO’s here but after interviewing Houses to Homes, my position/opinion is changing…

RT2 and Mary at O’lot..she laughed when I told her that my phone was set on ‘vibrate’ and i carry it in a front pocket…hey, at my age..that’s the only buzz i’m gonna get..

Ripped again? or still?…John Rexer, Mr Ilegal Mezcal hisself..snagged his shirt on a table..ripped..get it? matched his levis..the semi-usual crowd of Happy Hour schmoozers/boozers..this was the 2nd time I’ve seen John in the daytime in the last four years..what that means or implies, I have no idea…draw your own conclusions/dotted lines..our wandering bar goddess, Carla the B? off to the Lake and entering the employ of a new guru in town…please, let this work..’having spent a goodly/godly portion of my life in/around ‘gurus’ of all stripes, persuasions and creeds, I’m…let’s just say..naw, cross your fingers for her..Barb the K’s surgery is actually scheduled for the 9th…cross fingers or whatever else works..and come back here, pronto..Travel Menu’s kitchen is ‘under repair’ for a day or two..so, if you’re..etc..wait til wednesday..the New ‘Original Antigua City Tour?’…looking good…thought i saw Bull Durham riding this morning and later, about 5ish,a full load of turistas rolling along 2nd calle…go Juan Carlos!…seriously, this is an xlnt tour..cheap,fun and chockfullafacts..40q for and hour and a half? I’d pay that to watch the monkeys ….k…starts at 9am or so, in front of the Cathedral/parque..

try as I might, tomorrow there’s no escaping the ‘jezus on a stick’ thing…the little finca where i reside(live)has the first station on the west wall.showtime is 3pm..o boy..if i called first thing, could the farmacia deliver some serious meds? prescription? we don’t need a stinkin’ prescription..i’m re-reading Treasure of the Sierra Madre so if i go off on a tangent…so what? better than going off on a lark, eh?

the most xlnt Claudia #1 of Da Vinci seen about, before going to work(so to speak)at 6 or so…one of usual three Claudias is on some kinda sabbatical per family stuff..so? there’s #1 and that’s all I care about…call me, please..make my Razr vibrate, just one more time..

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