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and not the airport….Personajes, on 6th Avenida for the Flor Show…her ‘summer fashion’ show…swim suits!  She and the marvelous Marbel were the stars and knew their steps…and the usual collection of Flor’s models were there,plus four guys who were ‘stiff’…what’s with the Pizza Christophe sign outside? I guess he could take orders and schlepp pizza from his place around the corner…that block of 5th called already has 2 other pizza outlets, so what’s another? the Studio, across the street advertises pizza…jeez, is that what this town is famous for? Los Cebollines left/pulled the plug after two years or so (smart).

so, yesterday a partial lunar eclipse, partial solar eclipse and the Spring Equinox? yep…plus a little rain, at least in San Felipe in the night…and this is ‘E’ Verano?’…hey, anything that settles the dust, ash and smoke in the air is good.

I popped in earlier to have another look at the Osteria Di Francesco, behind La Taberna and who was there? Wendy Wever! back from Turkey,looking great, tanned and with Angie Del Rio..she’s here til July when she goes on to Colombia, teaching more ‘englis’ I assume. Osteria is and has expanded and looks great..’passed my doctor headed in, with another couple..Osteria may be taking biz away from El Cazadore…same kinda City/$ crowd.

Wendy’s, on the park, appears to   have finally opened…signs up..a family of fouor the only occupants at 7pm…Dunkin’ Donuts appears to  be a hit…if nothing else, its the sugar. 

and the town is fulla young white kids…running in packs, doing good works (I assume)…John Adams leaves for the States on Tuesday, Cindy is held over til April the 3rd or 4th..I forget…waiting for more medical reports…and the local print run of Ponzi Bob etc is now due out on Monday…Copia Fiel! professional in every way…email updates, cha cha…

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of the St. Patricks Day festivus that hit Antigua yesterday….capped with the arrest/incarceration of one of our more notable bar owners….D&D and I don’t mean Dungeons and Dragons…imagine how much it takes to get arrested here..

ok…rant’s and raves time: where in the hell is the Municipal water wagon and why can’t the sidewalks (filthy)get hosed down? why do tuk-tuks travel in packs of 2 and 3?…if they spread out, might they find more business? and where is the ‘wheel crampers, aka el cepo? the town is packed with people parking their vehicles willy-nilly, blocking traffic..even if the City cut the price of  the fine from 300q to 100q, they could be racking up a thousand quetzals in an hour or so…dunno..jest asking, y’ know. And don’t even ask me about the water pipe installation mess on 5th Calle..unbelievably dumb.

Marbel’s coupon book for local discounts? great idea…for 50q and 40 tickets? if anyone who was at Hap’s going-away party last night at Mamma’s had one…bingo! big discount,…and no, myself and Tono refrained from the antics of St. Patricks Day in town…we’re gentlemen drinkers…

This Friday night? 7pm,Personajes on 6th avenida..the ever fabulous Flor of Dasha is doing another fashion show, …swim suits! yeah, I’m in..

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now that I’ve discovered that what I thought was a lime tree, is actually a lemon tree and I’m doing my personal version of March Madness with martinis, I’ve gathered/taken all the low hanging fruit (not a gay joke)but with the aid of a bent coat hanger….if you see me in town in the evenings, with a bulge in my pocket (back pocket, please)that’s a lemon and I’m off to my favorite tavern with personal lemon twist makings…

speaking of that, last night should have been or might be the 2nd to  last night for Miss Cindy and her fondness for adult sports beverages…she leaves, they say, tomorrow for her ‘teaching post’ in the Galapagos…..this town doesn’t need any more…..uh…hammered/inebriated folks…Ed Clark, diagnosed as terminal in Houston, is a prime example..

news of a PGA Pro-Am event at La ReUnion yesterday…surprising that some locals didn’t make the cut…Nicky Z! WTF? you were the course pro, dammit..and yes, the long time hostal, El Gato Negro, is definitely history: the old annex, now the San Carlos Hostal, is doing great but the original on 6th Ave, is muerto…got to smile twice at Carmen Maria or Maria Carmen, Adolfo’s daughter..why are so many women in this country named Maria C or C Maria? some kinda catholic joke that I’m missing? and by my calendar, there’s another f%$#@! month of ‘processions’  can’t we just cut to the chase? ‘seen the movie,read the book…same old same old…if nothing else, and this is a ‘good else’…there’s a lot of cleaning, painting and general sprucing up of buildings in town….and that new/old jade store on the corner of 5th  Ave/3rd calle?…Wa Lo or ? it’s an extension of Casa de Jade, Mr Leech’s fine emporium…they’ve got some excellent stuff and not just jade…jewelry, should one need such…and the Snug? a resounding success! not sure about the new ‘Red Zebra’…haven’t been there but Nelson has played there…

So…now I have an official Doctor of Divinity degree…whoopee, you say…well, since I’m running with the big Dogs with P.hD’s…I figured…Hogan, who was dubbed ‘Von Daniken’ for a  while? always bragging about his degree in Animal Husbandry? I dub thee D.V.M, hence forth..Hap’s in Costa Rica, hanging at the Del Rey (with my personal instructions),,,he should be very Happy by now…..and yes, I’m processing the photos from Flor’s Fabulous Floor/Fashion Show Saturday night….whew!I’ll crank an article soon, once my monitor cools off…or I do…and yes, wrong again but I double-checked this one…Alex/Fusion, opening a new bar called La Calle, back where the Avisa/Aversa spa/new age blah blah was..soft opening next Friday, not this Friday….silly me..the usual screw up..on my calendar, that’s the 4th of April…

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