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and home by ten…drum roll…another day of days”…miss altman runs a tight ship with a vicious schedule…runs me into the ground at any rate…this Venetian Masked Ball thing is ruining my nap/drinking schedules…feb 17th…don’t miss the debut of the immoderate moderater and i have no f….king clue what the job description entails…er, means..ok?

Seth Montford, our famous celebrity pianist (no pianist envy here)? playing at Cafe No Se?..yep…boggles my mind for juxtaposition(and that’s not in the Kama Sutra)…a class act in our best dive bar?…ok…

yeah…the 11 o’clock pickup of the 20 copies?..12, 1pm and thence back to Joco to the print shop(again) and out the door with same at 2pm..ok, it’s guatemalo…parked in front? a very very cherry turquoise blue and white ’62 Buick Skylark…V8…kinda made me drool a bit..hood open and i could recognize every ^%$#@! part..starter solenoid, etc..yeah, i’m an old fart..62? i graduated from f…..king high school that year..

ah…I met the new Director/Head Cheese of INGUAT today…eating lunch at Epicure…John and he are old pals..and no, I didn’t say a word about Walter’s disappearance..what was his name? CRS…but he took a copy of the book and my business card(can’t hurt)…

Juan Mario Cervantes, our local version of Kojak…at el Portal…yeah, he got a freebie copy, signed…hey, i’m covering my bases here…we spoke of yesterdays ‘bam bam at BAM” the Antigua version of Dog Day Afternoon..

the ever tasty Maggie M hanging out on the patio at Ocelot tonight?…yep..the usual suspects in/outside, long after sappy hour, glazed grins/eyes…hey, for 5q..why not?

el muro off to a slow saturday night, el caminante not…angie angie’s packed, como lo mismo as cafe no se…bistro cinq packed!…la pena del sol? packed..5th norte? doin’ great, except for tacodiscontento..but that’s par for their course.

barb and robto walking home…jaime apparently indulged in one of his quirks..el hooker cheapo and getting rolled afterward..ask Robto…weddings in town, fireworks and photo ops..’saw one bride in a gown that must’ve been commissioned at a tent and awning store..never saw so much fabric since i saw a square-rigged frigate…frig it?..’dont’ go there..that’s the groom’s job later…ah, what a perfect evening: the fire is laid and i’m not..cu around tomorrow…hey, it’s the day of the Stupor Bowl..hasta la pasta and thanks, again, for the very kind words about the ‘booklet’…2nd Edition coming out next week..more pages, more content, more more…

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fried my brain…uh, right..vodka-breath..go by Fusion on 4th calle and ask Alex for a tour of the massive re-mod job next door, where the ill-fated 709 restaurant used to be…this is HUGE and will be a very interesting place whence(done)completed, scheduled to open two week before Easter with a ‘soft opening’ in February…only two rental spaces left, if that’s a clue..

Bill Ipsan, the very talented Cuban painter that i wrote about last month…or so…being kicked out of his space on 2nd calle, around the corner from Epicure…owner wants to put in a liquor store…a few churches within the designated ‘no booze zone’..he was relating the final final melt-down with the ‘person’ of PV and the delectable Ms A…yeah, o so typical of a plain pain in the …. vs a tasty and talented lady…sign up for tickets for the 3rd Venetian Masked Ball…yeah, I’m ‘in’…signed off on being the ‘moderator’ whatever that means…moderate isn’t exactly a word often used in my life(as you know)..if a little is good, more is better…etc..february the 17th, a friday…

El Muro!…kicked out some walls, decorated the place..what was a ‘dive bar’ is now a semi-classy joint…no biz but tasty barmaids..what happened to the ‘free drinks’ til 11 pm? round up the Gallo Girls, bring on the Brahva Babes and have some kinda nude/jello/wrestling event..’it’s a full nelson and she’s pinned!..i could ‘moderate’ this…

and thanks, one and all for the very kind words about the Amazon.com reviews of the booklet…tis selling, and a major tip of the panama to Frener Printers!…50 more copies ordered today…should one wish(and i wish you would)google our man in antigua for the various outlets..i’d love to upgrade the vodka brand..woof!

El Caminante’s open…Angie Angies is doin’ great..go by and see(before its gone)the carving of St Michael redone as Ronald McDonald…major joke/goof and sold…and as mr vonnegut once wrote, and so it goes..rip, mr v..it’s a quiet night in A-Town…avoided (2X)angel of djinn..last seen at ricardo’s t&v slurping wine..she’s a bit too peligroso por moi..but i like looking at her.. 

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Antigua! great idea, to be formally known as ‘Moist FM’ and probably transmitting around the 101 spot on the dial…to be up and running soon, bringing us old rocknroll/disco stuff…70’s/80’s sounds…hmm, i might even turn on the stinkin’ FM/AM/CD player that gathers dust in the living room. I had to crank up Puccini high a couple of nights ago, if only to blank out the noise of the chicken buses and tuk-tuks…and yes, i starting packing today: clothes, not my pistol.

El Muro? yep, looking better all the time..fresh paint, upholstered chairs and three new barmaids…where in the name of freezing jesus on a corndog does max find these babes? whatever/wherever….the main thing is that he does…Lex back at the freshly opened Cargo Room after a couple of weeks of being gone…different atmosphere, displays and his 2nd anniversary of being open in this dog-eat-dog town will be next month…expect a party…

Caffe Bourbon? closed all day and no…I know not why, specifically but i can guess…speaking of dog-eat-dog, the usual antigua chisme of vicious lies, slander and unsupported gossip has cost Ocelot the services of a recently hired barmaid, Lucy Luscious aka Iris Andrade..she was sweet and showed up on time: maybe she got a little sloppy after work but who doesn’t? i never saw it…’wish her well and success elsewhere…

what in fresh hell is in the water at Monterrico? Mario B gets married and Yann is scheduled to go down the aisle soon…Nick’s sister, whom i passed in the street this morning, looking superb…oh, INGUAT? another bold move by Walter Fischer…they’ve opened up a streetside info booth at the entrance to El Jaulon, on 4th calle…Mr Fischer is making INGUAT’s presence known in this town…and a good thing, given their dismal record of past performance, other than spending outrageous amounts of money on themselves…up the street, finally went thru the new Chocolate Museum…people in there, lookin’ at stuff…and nice ‘stuff’…decorated/laid out very well and i wish them success…altho, given the location and rent$$, they better sell a lot of chocolate and knick-knacks.

the previous short-lived Cafe Livingston on 5th calle, west of the park? now another mini-store and #4 or 5 on that block…gee, let’s open a snack stop, sell a lot of pork rinds and retire on the proceeds..sorry about the mis-direction of the newly opened Sopas on 7th ave..north, numbnuts, not south, between 3rd and 2nd calles…and everytime i walk by that bistrot on 4th and read the sign that says ‘best terrace in town’ i’ve gotta ask the question…has he every been to El Chaman or Sky? or even, god forbid, El Caminante’s top deck? yep, they’re open and it looks quiet except for friends popping in for a Gallo or two. 

Travel Menu doing just fine…der Henrik and Pat F…Allan, behind the bar and on top of everything, as usual. Angie, her usual effervescent self..and a toot of the ….no, a tip of the panama to www.guatemala-times.com for their insightful reflections on the Colom presidency….I see him in a totally different light now, even Saaandra…politics…just like the chisme in Antigua…a little blood in the water and the sharks make up shit..some of our seasonal snowbirds are leaving us…back to the States…poor bastards..and I ran into “….” at McDonalds on the way home: we agreed not to mention names. I’m cleaning out my food in the place, so this is a good excuse to go for the four basic food groups: fat, grease, sugar and carbs and if it’s true that we are what we eat, i s’pose that implies that i’m fast and cheap.manana? hump day and you know what you’ve gotta do…go do it…lastly, I
 heard that a new chain of restaurants are opening in the YouEssof A…Elvis themed…”Greaseland”

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don’t ask…it was/is just ‘one of those nights’…a crisp evening, a light jacket, a half moon above and Jupiter hanging over Esquintla..probably illuminating events at the infamous Jet Set…frankly, Scarlett, I don’t like Esquintla but that’s not a problem since I never go there…again.

the apartment appointment? scheduled and confirmed…no show by the landlady..but…a perfect location for moi…and i brought a pocket fulla 100’s..maybe tomorrow night…cross your fingers/legs or whatever else one rubs for luck…i gotta get outa this place…old Animals song..very old, more so than the Beatles…kinda contemporary with Louie Louie (the Kingsmen)….hello, Guy Lombardo…walked up 3th calle…El Muro closed on a Wednesday night? yep…El Caminante? open? yes…Nelson and Karla there, at the bar…wtf? when did this happen? (the reopening)…yes, another new BMW in front of what was Nokiate…place empty and dead…Cafe No Se relatively quiet, except for the presence of our/the premier blues band, Otis Brown and the Blue Dawgs, chowing down…Angie Angie’s quiet…

flip side…Welten dead, Fusion doin’ a few tables, Sobremesa almost packed…Ocelot fine, Edy and Pangea wishin’/hopin’,..alas…the perfectly beautiful Mss C of DV and pal at Ixcot, having a girl talk..great talks with Mario and then a loop thru the park…DV dead, Chez Chris los mismo, the newly opened Los Cebollinos dead, per Mario, they got their start from getting the contract for supplying prison food..dos Reilly’s with a few slurpers…cover’s the overhead but no more..Ay Robot with people browsing…cool..they are unique..Nadoosh t rying the loud music trick to lure customers..upper 5th dead..

how strange..El Muro closed on a Wednesday night and el Caminante is open? again? yeah, i’ve heard the stories from at least one side of the old equation..’guess i need to hear the other side..more Antigua chisme…great talks with Jon Mellen of Epicure re San Francisco in the 60’s/70’s…memory lane…Carol Doda, North Beach, the Playboy Club…good god..i’m older than dirt…and lastly, the xlnt Adan the Cuban pianist..making the old upright piano at Caffe Opera resonate…he’s so f….king great, under appreciated and so on..I love this town…great restaurants, bars and music..what else is there?  and bless you,MDC, for yet another superb pedicure/foot massage…you’re the best..ran into Paolo, my old landlord..yes, he’s wants an autographed copy of the book…assuming that the advance copies hit town tomorrow or Friday…etc..CreateSpace and Amazon are waiting for me to order more proof copies..for an ebook download, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/114724 or you can try the Amazon site…google amazon, our man in antigua and try your luck…100 copies coming in by early february via boat..more on the way…thanks for all the kind words. I’m hubled..no, humbled…

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I bought a fifth…no…actually a liter since we’re in metric land..I could plead the Fifth but I’m not sworn in (yet)…the town? rockin’ with people, shoppers, sippers and thing’s are looking good for a lot of merchants…well, some…Iris Andrade aka Lucy Luscious doing just fine on the day shift at O’lot..it’s  far cry/long way from opening beers at el muerto Caminante..yeah, that mess…he said, they said, cha cha cha..chisme, ya know?

The Antigua Venetian Ball, now in it’s 3rd year? Lynn B has given up the reins and Mona Rose is in charge: nope, don’t know Mona but I know that the delectible Ms A is doing stuff, design wise..i’ve still got the long black velvet cape…gave the mantle to Lori S and the mask to Hector..let’s see…how about a brown paper bag with holes cut out for the eyes? cheap and quick….hmm..expect the ‘Ball’ to happen in February….where? they’ve been downsizing the venue every since the first one..San Jose El Viejo last year…dunno..guess i gotta ask..

is it my imagination or has the music scene in this town taken a dive? Nelson’s back and he’s gotta strong schedule…there’s a few others, who just a few months ago, were weekly events..yeah, the times($$)have been and are still tight..even the mariachi’s have left..we need Willie and Lobo, old time Puerto Vallarta duo that went on to fame and fortune…hmm, the light bulb just glimmered…and thanks to John M for offering to schlepp in a box of books in Jan/Feb…smuggled copies of Our Man in Antigua…hot in more ways than one and yes, Virgin..no, Virginia…you order this atrocity and beat the Christmas rush…go to

https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/114724     and it can be sent as an email attachment as a last minute gift..alas, the printed version will have to double in price…printing, shipping, cha cha..outa my hands, lo siento..blame it on Amazon..for a total visual rush, go by Da Vinci’s and see their tree…staggering…outrageous..only in Antigua kinda stuff…I love this town.

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