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it’s December the 3rd, we’re at almost a mile in altitude and we’re walking around in shirtsleeves at 7pm?…the stars/planets are out, the moon’s hangin’ overhead, globos are being launched in the park..fireworks, marimba bands playin’…how much better than all of that?

La Fonda Peter Real on 5ta has a street display…a floppy eared burro and two guys dressed up as shepherds…no, not the germanic type…arabic types…passed by Ricardo’s T&V and who’s working there now?

hint#1...she also works at another bar in town

Peter the Hodge’s going away party tomorrow…Santa Ana, with a 4pm start time but i don’t know if this is on G.S.T time or not..passed Da Mayor, getting into a compact japanese kinda car…we waved…no more big Jimmie Suburban? or is this some kinda incognito thing?
no, it wasn’t a Henway….what’s a Henway, you ask? oh, about a couple of pounds…
upper 5th waiting for the crowd of imbibers…and waiting..and waiting…a new bistro on 5th calle, by the Moviestar office…Casola Bistro, i think..and a new jewelry store also going in , next door….look..i didn’t have a pen or my camera…i’ll try to shape up tomorrow but i’m not promising anything.
‘thought I’d flirt with the ATM’s today…haven’t used one since last February/March’ debacle of the the Boys from Bogota episode…called my boutique bank in Sausalito and asked the question about remote changes on the PIN….nope..no can do but we can mail you a new PIN #…fine…does the old-previous PIN # expire? yep, in about 2 business days…this may be a good Plan B for traveling, especially after the recent brouhaha with those scumbags at BAC..I’ll know by Monday if the account was hacked…
ran into Alex of Sobremesa early, opening the ice cream shop…has yet another new flavor…Sweet Potato Pie…damned fine stuff…he’s outa the new flavor, Gingerbread…kudos to Alex for the travel guide idea, btw…the ebook will be out by the 14th..the cover art is done..
re the closing of El Caminante…there’s some skulduggery(love that word) but all will be made queer….no, clear…soon..nope, my lips are ripped…no, zipped…it’s all just another Antigua ‘story’…kinda like the Cafe Flor saga with JP…ran into the very tasty Victoria this morning..whew, that woman dresses to kill/thrill and it works. Plus she sings like an angel..
one of the El Muro babes
 yep, that’s her…Ricardo snagged another of Antigua’s finest…she’s still working at El Muro but I don’t know when…’not my problem, hey?
the ceviche thing at Lava/Ocelot is working…’seems that folks like the stuff on Sundays…a few brewskies to wash it down with and….fine…after watching ‘she of the infectious laugh’ get sick at Dos Mundos and then the wife of a friend have her lip paralyzed for a few weeks, i’m not doing the stuff…go ahead on it..Spiros’ stuff looks great…Nadoush? Nadooosh? the new place on 6th ave norte, now open..’wish ’em well…that’s a dead zone. With the coming of Las Cebollinas on 5th calle, that region might now take off…funny how the center of gravity changes here but then again, i haven’t been here long enough to really have a clue(about much of anything, i admit). As with Valentine what’s his name from the sci-fi novel, i’m just a stranger in a strange land(but i love it)..have a great weak end..

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I tried…took the camera and tried to capture whatever…the photos are just a symptom…let’s see,where to start…Ocelot…Nelson’s back! …yay…Pangea’s Lounge now the the recipient of the old Road Kill aka Hot Road signs/plaques/flags/memorabilia that once decorated the never visited bar that once housed Fusion,next to Hector’s…let’s hope that this doesn’t repeat itself history)
jeez..off to DaVinci..ran into the DuFlons…serious NYC experiences…off to dos Reilllys, where TooTall is now working with Ryan…

Too Tall and Ryan

 thence forth, or fifth..it was dark out…stumbled past Fusion 2…packed…Bistroq Cinq packed…Robbin on top of it…der Henrik at the bar..who knew? up the calle to Xian’s grand opening (chinese/indian imported antiques)yow…packed, open bar, food, tasty women..a glitzy city crowd.. Pablo A and wife, Nick Z, La Reunion’s new head pro and her? she had some kinda function but i never got her name..
 nobody home at El Caminante…El Muro? jammed,rockin, packed…
 ‘avoided going back to Oshalot….Piano Mike and Moriah…no, wait…that means that I DID go back…sheesh…O’lots music will be starting earlier and ending earlier per the hotel next door…the one that Da Mayor has a finger…uh, connection with…Ricardo’s party at Tabacos y Vinos crankin”…well, he was…dancing, laughing, made me drink scotch on top of the Stoli i’d been swilling…
are these bad photos or what?  Marvel dancin’…’here, have another scotch’ I tried to get away, leave…no…they  insisted…lights out around 10:30…in the store, in the store… 

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‘make of that whatever fits..lightning over Acatenango and the coast tonight…’thought this was over but then there’s a lot of things that I think are over…mammaries…no, memories are me…

still marveling over the change in seeing Flor of Dasha as a brunette…some of us dont’ do change well…ah! Wayne Hooper and the Cuban pianist Adan at Pangea’s Lounge tonight…were supposed to be there last night as well…great! two of my favorite musicians(with a capital M)…they’ll be there next Tuesday night…as with G.S.T, they’re s’posed to start at 7pm…plan on 8pm..well worth going by to hear some most xlnt music by two great musicians…even Piano Mike agrees…he/Moriah got to play in a building that I’ve always wondered about…Zone 10, The City, the Casa Yurrita…i’ll google it later..weird moorish/arabic church..

some folks doin’ biz tonight…A Bell’s Fusion packed….packed..el Cazadore italiano picking up the slack, along with B5…dos Reillys doin’ a moderate crowd..DV dead..nope, didn’t drop in to gaze upon the C#1…Ricardo’s T&V oddly quiet tonight..Plumb Bob and Nicky Z hanging at Ocelot, around the blonde from Monterey who goes home tomorrow.

no passing zone


Xian, the new Chinese/Indian import store on outer 4th calle..near Welten..having their grand opening bash Thursday night at 7pm..G.S.T..their stuff is tasty and authentic…$$? of course..Peter the H selling off more stuff..furniture…guess this means that he’s really pulling the plug…damn..the good ones bail, leaving the rest of us to fend for ourselves..’survival of the shittiest?’..no, fittest…damn spelchuk..it’ll be interesting to see who’s still here come New Year’s…yep, weird times abound and it ain’t all just life’s rich pageant..news of the return of Roberto de Oro..Jan 5th he says..kick start the ol rio  Motagua operations, deal with the troops..i’d planned to go by El Muro but faded(so what else is new?) and no news of El Caminante…I’m thinkin’ that the Luscious Lucy has departed…for where, who knows? she has talent..all she needed was tassels..and a good soundtrack..that could apply to some of us…manana, humpday…go out and …. someone…Lava! doing a good crowd…must be the setting, the lighting..whatever, it works..

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thanks to TLG and MDC(who faded)but Karla showed…for getting me over the hump of going to Panza Verde’s 25th Anniversary bash…and it was a bash…the Mime, Ron F on sax plus others…crowded beyond my wildest expectations…people from every segment/layer of Antigua..great gowns, costumes..the ‘performance art’ thing kinda sucked but to make up for it, the splendid Ms A…black spangles, short skirt, blackboa and hat…’reminded me so very much of Wife #3(and 4)..Laurel is a dress of peacock feathers and what looked like ferns…


I stopped off at O’lot for a pre-party cocktail and Emma/Bob Wheat came along..we ‘did’ the stuffed saint in the glass casket by the park…all in all an exceedingly interesting event/evening, beyond my personal expectations..a complete list of local characters…well, 90%…it rocked…lost one of my ‘press passes’ and some biz cards…the pass? i suspect it’ll get a bit drunk out tonite..


jeez..missed El Caminante’s Lucy Show…and El Muro’s…call me Mr Faded Early…damned waiters kept pouring triple shots of Absolut…loved Uwe’s black and white shoes and how did Lynn know that I have a thing for fishnet stockings? have I been talking in my sleep? writing on bathroom walls? thanks again to TLG and Carmen for suggesting that this was a ‘must’…it was..one of the more interesting evenings in A-Town in a long long time..

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is it just me or why did they feel it necessary to perform an autopsy on Gadaffi? he’s got this hole in his head…yep, that’s what did it..was it some kind of ‘insurance adjuster’ thing?

a quiet and perfect night…a marimba concert in front of the Cathedral, Neil at O’lot about to start howling at the moon(if it shows up), Allan behind the bar at Travel Menu, accompanied by Peter the H…I like TM..the size, the coziness factor, the wall stuff..

Plumb Bob aka Bob Wheat back from a trip to Rio Dulce/Livingston with Carla B…ack…she’s leaving Friday for a month at least to RD…managing a hostel, teaching, cha cha…see if she can hack living there or until the possibility of the sailing job on the big catamaran kicks in…btw, her truck, the fabled Dori is for sale..price? dont’ have a clue…FB her if you’re interested…money talks, bullshit walks, btw..

Alex B’s Fusion 2 doing some tables..El Caz empty…Como Como? empty, Cafe Med closed…Flor? dead….Caffe Bourbon…lo mismo…Ricardo’s T&V? jumping, as usual, even minus the delectible Marvel(yes, I checked 2X)

looks like Halloween is getting bit more popular, given some of the few stores selling masks and stuff…as far as i know, Ocelot and Peter the G’s El Caminante are the only venues…Panza Verde’s advertizing another 25th anniversary thing…damn…miss the manic energy of john wilbur for stuff like halloween…..maybe this saga will come to a conclusion soon…max says its looking better..no, i’m not doing last years costume…hanging a potato from my zipper and going as a dictator..might do a big black plastic bag, cut some eyeholes and go as white trash..

weird stuff in the museum on 5th calle…the old univ of san carlos…no cameras allowed…right…5q to get in for locals, 50q for tourists and it ain’t worth 50…5, yes..


what we have here is a copy of the fabled Breastplate of the High Priest, or Aaron, son of Moses…right, THAT moses and not Charlton Heston…precious stones in the original, each signifying(12) the twelve tribes of Israel..what the hell it’s doing on an old catholic statue, here…who knows? another ‘only in Antigua’ story..it’s just weird enough that i’ll write about it…manana…

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