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’twas the night before….oops, wrong holiday…gotta get a new calendar, assuming that after the 21st of December, we’re all still here…there’s a ton of hype about the ‘end of the world’ coming…even worst than the Harmonica Convergence a few years back..I’ve been invited to go see/observe/whiff some copal up country about then…might be better than the flying saucer conventions on the West Coast that my folks used to take me to..

Marcel, late of El Cazadore Italiano, taking life easy…swapped the blue Chevelle for a gray Camaro…Ignacio, our somewhat truncated Cuban musician? looking spiffy again and says he’s playing at PV, La Sala and Cafe No Se…doing better than a lot of other musicians, eh? PM? off to take a dip in the Sea of Love…another triumph of hope over experience…i wish him well..

Klaus of the Jardin Bavaria, back from Spain/Germany…stories varied…John the Rexer, back in town, ‘taking meetings’ in the sun…Ilegal Mezcal is everywhere these days(except in my cupboard) and yes, we’re losing another SYT….i admit to having had an ‘avuncular interest’ but it’s time for her to blow town and go on to bigger/better things/places…there are times when i forget that this is a transient town…some that I’d wish would stay, don’t and some that I’d wish would leave…don’t..

somewhere, in the last week, I noticed a new sign  up for a hotel/restaurant and a ‘spor bar’….did they mean ‘spore’ or what? spore, i can believe, as in mushrooms, keep ’em in the dark and feed ’em horseshit..perfect…and the Prensa Libre referred to our mayor by another name…does this mean that Adolfo has had it?  well, yes…and yes, there’s a certain place, where if you go upstairs and ask nicely for an ashtray, they’re available…no names, eh?

got one of those insipid e-cards today, from a lady friend who used to reside in ‘Vegas…now hiding out in the Dom Rep….the message was…what are you thankful for this year? good question…I’m thankful for not being on my ass in a 3rd rate hospital in the City, not still in the clutches of the IRS and so on…my life is good and I don’t take that lightly…off to the Jet Set tomorrow! whoop whoop, as Yo-Yo is fond of saying…and where the hell is Buck Wheat? still in El Salvador with Evelyn?  the country isn’t that big, eh? have a great day tomorrow…this is truly an ‘american holiday’…eat till you burst, burp and ask for seconds..or thin may be in, but fat is where it’s at..

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one of the iconic symbols of American snacks went outa bizness today….fired the workers, some 18000 and said…adios. If you were around San Francisco is the late 70’s, a disgruntled city supervisor who’d lost his job gunned down the Mayor and the first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk…and then his attorney used the famous “Twinkie Defense”, claiming that Dan White had overdosed on Twinkies, which caused his lapse in values, judgment and so on…yes, acquitted…only in SF..for my 50th birthday, some bizarre notion (that’s new, you ask?)and for a birthday cake I arranged 50 Twinkies (with candles)…yeah, ‘San Francisco values”

ah…the best breakfast in town! where? Micho’s…4th Calle Oriente, #10, where Neil Craig is working his ass off, 18 hours a day, threatening to fire at least one employee…are they skimming? probably…anyway..he’s got a simple ‘American’ breakfast…eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast..all done perfectly..35q…the best I’ve had since Kathy’s Waffle House in Granada, Nicaragua…he, as are many in town, is a talented chef and the rest of the menu reflects that…Alex F of Sobremesa gets high marks, as does Alex L  of Fusion…El Cazadore Italiano keeps on keepin on..this particular plate is simple…home cooking, diner style, you name it..I’ll be back..

La Casbah?  fresh exterior paint, the signs back over the front door but the electrical meter is missing?…’heard that Mateo is going to resurrect it…how? wait and see…No! Mateo is back! saw him in the street and at 8 pm the newly resurrected Casbah opens…the murals are gone and it’s totally new inside…will Djinn move back in to their previous space?

that vacant space on 5th Calle, near Organica et al…still vacant…hey, for $3000 bucks a month, why not?

Tourists! hordes…streams of white folks being hustled (one way or the other)from point to point…cruise shippers, most of them…what the hell…a few souvenirs from ‘trusted stores’ and some jade from specific stores, a few commissions here and there…it’s biz, folks..welcom to Antigua-Stan…leave the money, por favor…

and kind of a sad day on the finca where I hang the panama…one of the two older Dobies died this morning..12 and ailing, so it’s probably a good passing…she’ll get a plot (already dug) in the doggie cemetery corner…she was always hiding out in my bedroom and I’ll miss her..Godspeed, ol gal..doggone, damn.. 

and yes…more/further delays for the November version of Our Man…Frener the Printer…had the flashdrive for two weeks…said…”wednesday…then 10 am Thursday…then 10..no, make that 11am on Friday…no, I’ll bring it to your house by 1pm..(today)…aint’ got it…o well, it’s only money and promises, something that Guatemala is short on…good thing I’m not uptight or anal or Type A…

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is it ever gonna stop? yeah, every one says another week…two weeks…what the hell do they know? I know that I’ve got mold on the hat band of my favorite old black fedora,if not also on my mind…my mind.. what’s on, my mind? not much(typical)

Caffe Bourbon,now offering hamburgers…o tired cliche, o tired menu item…Pietra,what was on the saure, moved a block south, by Mono Loco…rotsa luck…another hope/dream/idiotic scheme moving into the previous space..


yeah, this isn’t my usual ‘beat but it’s different…whore’s therapy..no…dammit,spel chuk..’horse therapy’ and damned interessting..more to follow, once the rains quit in the morning and i can shoot better photos..if it were the previous, rather than the latter, i’d be thinkin’ of going out to the Jet Set (and I am)for some ‘indepth interviews’..looks like a run to Monterrico next weekend,compliments of Johnny’s Place/Yann…yey! I hadn’t known, for example, that he’d gotten married(why am i always the last to know?)for a little update and time off…right, the hectic schedule of being rained on, morning, noon and night…the only bright spot is that I’m still on Umbrella #1, a first..gave the real 1st one away to MDC of Salon Creativo, a few months ago..

The Great Antigua Bus Tour? yes..finally, finally got to ride the tour today…I like it, better than the previous incarnation..story goes that next week is their ‘Grand Inauguration’..this week, they’re getting the kinks worked out, etc..the water’s back on is all of town..finally..pipes hooked up, etc..

Who is the very tasty, usually very well dressed babe that knocks on Jades Antigua(upper 5th)at 8am?  she’s an early morning vision, whoever she is.

if I count my chickens/quetzals, I’m off to El Salvador next month…couple of days in my favorite city, San Salvador, catch up with Dan of Lips, maybe an outing to some Mayan ruins I haven’t seen..and a special thanks to Robto de Oro, for parachuting in some much needed $$ following the demise/loss of my debit card…maybe,just maybe next weekend I’ll have a replacement.. so, if i hit you up for a few $$, that’s why..from the looks of the FB ads, Mario is whipping up the crowds at La Sala..a good thing..that part of town may well be the new ground zero, given the demise of upper 5th avenida..funny how things shift, eh? different crowds, different times,…Zone One, long the garbage pit of the City now becomes the new hot spot..good for Henrik et al for seeing this and goin’ forward…altho now that Neil Craig has his own joint, who’s gonna cook at the  new/improved pub at what was Casbah? and are they ever gonna open? oops..not s’posed to write about this stuff…’scandalous babble material’

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since I’e been tagged with writing ‘slanderous babble’ I can see no reason to stop..in Antigua, we all have our special niches and I’m proud to say that…i like it..call me S/B for short…no, not ‘shit for brains’

o where to start? how about Marcel of El Cazadore Italiano decided to take early retirement and bail? yep…cashed out…burnt out, they say..he was the perfect host/front man and who’s going to replace him? Luciano’s working double duty at Pan y Fantasia…Marcel will be hard to replace…’wont be the same and that’s the truth(as I see it)..

those of you, restauranteurs/bar owners, who made your September ‘nut’ or rent on time(or a few days late)consider yourself lucky…a lot didn’t, couldn’t and never will..some report a slight uptick in October biz(the first week)….

Ixcot, that never never worked crepe place within the Ocelot plaza? supposedly pulling the plug in January…a valium..no, valiant effort that continues to baffle the hell out of me..17 years in the Tex-Mex business? what a slam-dunk for something like that in Antigua…

expect changes in Ocelot’s mission/appearance/prime directive…the blues/jazz market has shrunk…can you say “Nelson Lunding?’…the market has shifted/changed…the clientele is different…Neil Craigs new thing in Micho’s should work..great location, traffic and Neil…oh..the 9am appointment to take a ride on the new Antigua City Tour bus? blown off…o, come back at 11…naw..they took off..per Walter, this is a time/week of growing pains, shake down cruises, working out the kinks(all of these my words, no his)I’m again scheduled for 9 am on Thursday…we’ll see..or not..’good thing I’m on meds and really don’t give a shit one way or the other..

I‘ll be around this week with another five book holders..carefully crafted and sprayed with high quality clear lacquer…there’s nothing to good for the clients of my far flung publishing empire, just as soon as Frener cranks more price stickers, which I’ll reglue…yep..full service..that’s me..slanderous babble? you decide…I’m deciding to have another Bloody Mary and call it ‘quits’ for the day…vaya con queso…

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where have all the gringos gone? if I saw ten today that’d be about it…flown the Guatemalan coop for the YouEss of A?…today, Sunday? a totally Guatemalan buncha people, in the park, the streets and watching our own Andy the Mime…the largest crowd I’ve seen so far, blocking the section of 5th avenida north for a few hours.

so…if the Spanish school folks are gonzo, and the Christians likewise…leaving a few backpackers who haven’t figured out that school starts soon, what does that mean for A-town? biz-wise, it means that until the 15th rolls around(Independence Day) they’re sucking wind…last night, an almost full/blue moon and the first of the month($$)? emptiness…El Cazadore Italiano and Epicure doing a few tables and that’s all..folks..

part two of the  firework factory up/out…’el rancho de rockets’…I’ll paste a link tomorrow..the September version of Our Man in Antigua-stan to the printer and Amazon.com..tomorrow..this weekends’ weather has been superb and reminding me of why i live here..

again, major kudos(congrats)to Henrik of dos Reilly’s for the Granada idea…killer! I like  to think (sic)that i know Granada somewhat and….it’s a perfect fit.

Lili and her paper-selling compatriots are exempt…they get to stay…thank you, unnamed person, for stepping up..it just wasn’t fair. As someone mentioned, this place is being Disneyfied…day by day…ok…but use some common sense/logic….if you’re going to a gringo picnic tomorrow, get your wienie roasted (I’m not)..gotta little interview  to do.

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