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some are faster than others, especially if you’re trying to swat ’em…and no, I haven’t been by La Calle to see how Spiros and Alabama Bob are making it work. It’s kind of an unlikely duo, almost an ‘Odd Couple’ thing but who knows? 

and yes, the annual migration of incoming/outgoing folks continues…the ‘Perfesser’ and Nazi John will be in town shortly…James Mullen  probably here for another week and I guess that Tanya H is or is about to pull the plug on Antigua for good. There’s a great newish FB page for Antigua Classified and Antigua Ex-Pats that’s getting a lot of traffic…I like ’em both, btw.

Piano Mike, sometimes aka Guitar Mike, is doing four gigs a week now…two with Bobby Darling, and two solo, either Travel Menu or Hops and Tails (the old El Muro)out on 3rd calle oriente.

And another long time Antigua bar goes City! aka Reilly’s, Luna Miel and Mono Loco, La Sala is opening a City bar…no, not titty bar…City bar!

And a definite…well, maybe definite ‘good bye’ to Carla Berryhill…from the snake/tarantula infested swamps of Rio Dulce to an Irish bar in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia! that girl does get around…here’s wishing her luck..

and yes…finally…out of town last week…4 days in/around Zacapa..and I only saw one drug lord and that was in a supermarket. The ‘Plan’ was to go look for amethyst and tourmaline deposits…the first got turned down and the second was subject to a breakdown of the Jeep, way up high in the Sierra de las Minas. Yeah, thanks to a lot of luck and a bottle of rum, we got out.  And returned the next day, bouncing our way up/down what might have been a road here and there…my kidneys took a shot, I’m sure. A big tip of the Panama to J.R and his magnificent Jeep…tricked out, raised, wide tires and so on…couldn’t have made it without him and or the ‘captain’….and I heard a LOT of Antigua/Gaute history on people and places here…I hadn’t known that he moved to Guatemala in 1950, por ejemplo…and, of course that info was subject to a ‘news blackout’ since I promised not to write or talk about most of it. Visualize ‘los tres monos’ and there you have it..and the Marvelous Marbel? last seen working weekends at Casbah’s little downstairs bar and as always, looking great.

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so….TLG was there to play later…I carried in his neat little suitcase of harmonicas…most of the unusual suspects were there, extra tables (with table clothes!)set up and food dispersed..I missed Tanya and I just missed the South African lady(tomorrow, fer sure, in the park)…Piano Mike stopped in, on his way to the 7pm show at Travel Menu, where I was going to go but…turned right on 5th avenida and walking by La Terazza, Casbahs little bar? inside? the marvelous Marbel, in a stretchy little  outfit, complete with cat’s ears(I think).

Also with peculiar timing, a  ‘grand opening’ of a place maybe called La Casa Blanca, on 5th ave sur…per a usually source(not typical for Antigua-Stan)their new name is The Tavern…hmm…some name, same start date?

now, the ‘burning question)…not preparation H, btw…there’s been some mention of Guatemala doing a time change, beginning tomorrow night? and moving the clocks ahead by an hour? what happened to ‘Fall back and Spring forward? is this true? who will actually do it? (not me)too bizarre, eh?

tonight, at Hops and Tales, Piano Mike and Andy z Luna…no, I don’t know the ‘start time’ ok? find your way to the old El Muro, on 3rd calle oriente, by Nifu Nifa or whatever its called, the only restaurant with a shotgun at the door (with a guard, of course)…someone once said that the reason for the shotgun is a freezer full of good steaks inside…right, as if..Ocelot’s getting a new wall mural, something about rugby…dunno…and yes,  it appears as if the ‘rainy season’ has returned…not soon enough for a lot of farmers…seems like there’s a lot of protests about the Monsanto ‘cram-down’….can’t blame ’em as that bunch of international criminals deserves to be run outa town/country..Agent Orange, Round-up, etc…they suck..

and maybe…a trip to Zacapa next Friday…right…a good thing that I’m a mellow kinda fellow… 

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thank you, yet again, Jim O, for some great Antigua history. “Valley of the Dolls’, etc. Two Stroke Dave, later revised to Rolex Dave,  ultimately met his demise in El Salvador. This town has so many fascinating chapters/characters, that every day is chock fulla laughs..”Bull Durham’ another book of stories/adventures, same Reid C…and, of course the inimitable H.B.T, who never runs out of stories…like his current ‘situation’ which I’m not going into…we may, depending on some variables, be traveling to Zacapa next weekend…I have no idea how he and the ‘captain’ will mesh/get along, as they’re polar opposites but that’s yet to be seen.

so, another notch added to the ’86’d from that place/this place..it’s hard to keep track of the individuals who reach this pinnacle of bad behavior but fortunately there’s only a few players of this caliber. If you’re a habitue or frequent flier in the bar scene here, you’ll recognize the signs…regular binges and the usual warning signs of angry outbursts, serious intoxication and then just ol falling down drunk and disorderly behavior.

Music? you want music? got it…last night at Travel Menu, Bobby Darling opened for Piano Mike and Andy Luna…tonight, Piano Mike and his alter ego, Guitar Mike play at Hops and Tails, the old El Muro place on 3rd Calle. Travel Menu? their remod, I think, is great…food, equally so..that’s a hot location for some, not others…that side of 6th calle is basically bar to bar, like Punto Zero, staring at La Sala/Reilly’s across the street…how many bars are there in that end of town? How does Mitos or Segafreddy’s keep going? what’s up/not up with the old Sangre on upper 5th? its mucking afazing to me..

the ever glorious Tanya Hughes returns tomorrow…Nazi John not far behind and where the hell is Hogan Von Daniken? Next week, the 4th, is the one year anniversary of La Taverna…still hanging on, thanks at least to Dave the Slave..the main reason is their relaxed/non existent enforcement of the ‘no smoking’ law..if it weren’t for that..who knows?

so…Labor Day? yeah, Monday, at least in the You Ess of A, which from here appears to be more f….ed than ever…if you read/watch the news, it’s one sad screw-up after another: Fox News is no better than a cartoon network for dummies, no? and I think that we’re all on the same page as the latest Monsanto ‘cram downs’ for here and El Salvador…even Vietnam, defoliated by Agent Orange, rolled over..’those who don’t remember history, etc..’the mind reels…I think I’ll take my medicine early (Flor de Cana) and  space out…have a great weekend!

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so, I’m trying out the new scanner and for once, read the manual. I get to the part that reads…”emits low level magnetic flux…if you feel abnormalities…move away…’  where? Monterrico? as if i could feel any more ‘abnormalities…

and yes, there was a shooting on the Calzada Santa Lucia last night and no, she didn’t die…shot in the left arm and went to that palace of health care in San Felipe (no water, no toilet paper, etc)…did you hear about the rape at the Convent? a ‘Cloister f…k’

and yes, there’s a cattle call for female bartenders at the new Reilly’s 3….bilingual, of course and no, I have no idea about the signage/license…since it was last WokCo and before that La Esquina, will it be the ‘Wokin’ Esquina’?

thanks to all who remarked on the new book, The Year of Driving Dangerously…tis out on http://www.createspace.com/4370297 and on Amazon.com as of today….met with my local printer re: copies, cover and costs…he’s dreamin’, of course.

‘heard that the go-kart races last weekend were lame…lame in the sense that there were NO spandex babes, which is the only reason I go…and spent all day in the City yesterday with HBT and Dr. J…Cemaco, WalMart, Pricemart….I hate the City but the babes were babelicious….and yes, the new brakes on the Ford got broken in…’never sucked so much asbestos smoke in my life..ah, Two Speed Tommy..full on and brakes to the floor..

our maid, the chunky little devil who can’t read? walked off yesterday but returned today…guess that having an unemployed boyfriend and a marginal job is better than..etc…replacements are being called forth…

party of 6 at Papa Town…surprise…I figure either a ‘creditor’s meeting or the bankruptcy/work it out committee..’

Is Murray ever coming back? i’m having doubts….what for? the Jeep that HBT pays the monthly storage fees?

Alabama Bob says he’s coming back…several bars are having minor celebrations, in anticipation..

El Muros’ sign is down…last I heard from Max was some story about some ex-Presidential chef going in there…right…and a new ‘fish and chips’ place on 5th Ave Sur, before the ever-dead Mito’s…Pescado Loco and supposedly they have malt vinegar…that stuff, when applied liberally, kills the taste of the fish/chips…do they serve it up on old newspapers? you tell me..it’s a perfect evening and a perfect end of a great day…is this our ‘canicula?’…

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meaning that there’s not a lot of content…yeah, you say..that’s typical but there’s even less than usual..

why has the Park been closed to vendors all week? cops on all four corners and no sellers of anything? WTF? expect some kinda march/demonstration about this, sooner or later..

La Casbah’s sign up again, over the old Djinn doorway…looks like another license issue, using the Cashbar license to flog the new/improved ‘english pub’ thing downstairs…como dos Reilly’s/Cafe 2000…i dont’ get it, but that’s typical…La Casbah…darts, warm beer, bad food and a pub?

the unlikely couple of the year…Miss Emma and Juan Mario Cervantes, our local ‘Kojak’? huddled at Ocelot?…JMC, per his new business card, is an ‘Asesor Despacho Ministerial’…WTF? I know what gazpacho is, but a ‘despacho’?

the two Carlas…Carla B and Karla H also in there for Happy  Hour..plus Plumb Bob and Hillbilly Tom…HT says that the Beige Bomb needs a water pump now and it’ll be ready to go…hell, he could use a water pump hisself…get better, dude..you’ve been losing too much weight.

 so/’zo…the ‘box project? yet again, a photo, a prototype and $ left for the ‘Box’ guy..who knows? the price stickers aren’t ready, despite promises…the book is now available in India…yowzaaa! BFD, to me…maybe a mini-dinner party here on the Finca Inka-Dinka-Doo with Elle, Mo and the Marvelous Miss M tomorrow evening….getting everyone’s schedule is like herding cats..

and what bar owner is driving a very new/snazzy BMW?..biz can’t be THAT good…and I dont’ think that the Prize Patrol comes to Guatemala…JMC said,in response to the question about the 17+ tons of coca paste seized last week, that maybe..just maybe he could get me some part of the lab samples…he was amused as I was to the concept/ultimate journey of this shipment…again, WTF? the implication of a lab with a large amount of chemicals like ether…benzene et al…Nicaraguan blow always smells like their gas..or diesel…sulphur, if you really wanted to know..yeah, I have a nose for these things….the week end is near..rest up..TLG aka the ‘Mescalitos’ playing at Caffe Bourbon tonight..

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