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Wendy F….king Wever!….back, seen at Angie Angies this evening…back for a month and looking tanned and good…Turkey agrees with her and yes, i warned a few bar owners…’be on the lookout for Miss 1-800-Tequila…an old joke…what’s up with Cashbar? ‘free drinks from 8-9 and 5q drinks from 9-1am?…are times that hard here in A-Town?…

‘ran into Ron Fortin, Mr Saxophone, around El muro..yep, he’s playing tomorrow at Ocelot(evening shift,early)…with the looming departure of both Piano Mike and Nelson, minus also Ignacio…there’s a hole, musically speaking that could be filled..

where do the ‘christian groups’ go in the evenings?…just wondering…if it isn’t for salsa lessons, bible study or ‘come to Jesus’ meetings, just WTF do they do at night?..gotta be boring as hell, whatever it is…maybe they play chinese checkers with the Mormon missionaries..maybe they practice the missionary position…i applied for a job at a church once, for the ‘m’ position but they didn’t call back..

ah! bocce ball!….went by the new Nido Antigua mini-mall..Alex Long’s new idea next to Fusion..in back is this great as yet undeveloped space…so…I said…”bocce ball courts!’….could be…some time, some how…go by and put in a word, if that’s something you’d like to see…a simple eye-talian game…but fun…not a lotta rules, and even you could do this…tell Alex I said to go ahead on this idea..

the June edition of ‘Our Man in Antigua-stan’ is gonzo…whoopee..the July version hits the streets tomorrow…’get yours while the getting is gooder’..Christmas, you know, is just around the corner..assuming that 12/22/12 or so really isn’t the end of the world…order now..i need the $$…

‘stopped by Sabe Rico and their new ‘chocolate room’…superb and they’re going head to head with Fernando and the Choc Museo…totally artisanal Guate chocolates and they all look great..go by…try to leave without buying something…I did, thanks to a pop at Travel Menu, interspersed with a final final at dos Reilly’s…5th avenida’s evening restaurants mostly full…Caffe Bourbon doing gooder, Tacodiscontento empty…same o, same o…Sangre? why bother? one wonders(I do)if the change, i.e. Djinn..moving across the street, as Ricardo did with Tabacos y Vinos, will improve biz? in his case, yes..big time..is it all about location/feng shui? will the upcoming belly dance-off at Gaia do anything? film at eleven..


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because it’s a rainy/drizzly Monday evening and a very slow night in A-Town…how slow? Tracey and Beverly at the O’lot, showing each other their tongues…I tried to enter the contest(tongue-lashing)but was voted out..the real reason was that Beverly was eating some kinda potato chip that left her tongue orange: when i tried to get close to completely/fully examine the effect, she threated me with one of her crutches..thanks…i was only trying to help.

fine…yesterday, Father’s Day? town packed, restuarants doing good biz…who paid? who cares? the greatly anticipated Races at the Cofino Track out by Esquintla? not today, Gertrude…the posted schedules on the net weren’t in sync, track closed…but back towards town, a few miles, was a massive motocross event…mud, rain, noise, babes in tight pants…supposedly there is another race event on July 1st at the track, depending on which web site one believes..when the rain started, we left.

Peter the G con familia plus friends in town for Eff Day…brunch at the Sunshine Grill(another vote)one of these days, etc.

and yes, another day of lame excuses at the printers…’tomorrow, tomorrow’..wasn’t that a song from ‘Annie’?…hey, it’s only been a week/weak overdue: thank god for the online sales, the few, the proud, the obscene.

and if you don’t see Sierra working at O’lot it’s because: A, they found her in the bathroom, B, she’s wanted by INTERPOL or C, she’s found other jobs in town..(C is the correct answer) A and B have never been causes for dismissal in town, btw…might even be grounds for a raise…and no, I haven’t seen Max to ask him about the ‘John’ sighting last month supposedly in El Mastil.

und ‘zo? is this all there is? ‘fraid so…some days/nights there just ain’t much goin’ on, so throw another dog on the fire and settle in.

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kinda night…humid, waiting for the rain/lightning…Fuego blowing massively off to the west…yeah, ‘Body Heat’, back when Kathleen Turner was a babe and hadn’t porked out.

Ximena, ex-El Muro, remarking that June is slow for business…yep…be glad that we’re not in the food/bev biz or retail. .Sobremesa, doing tables and the only action on that side of town(or anywhere else)…weird, how some nights the center of food gravity shifts, kinda like the current influx of spanish school students…most of the schools doin’ biz and as usual the blonde gringas acquire after-hours ‘tutors’…

Beverly of Lava sporting a new cast on her foot….no, not ‘rough sex’…i asked, ok?…MM of El Portal with another new boyfriend(2nd of the week and it’s only Wednesday)….she does train them quickly and they usually are relegated to taking care of her dogs…’sit, roll over, play dead’…sounds like some of my marriages.

Rich Neel organizing a Sunday trip to the road/track/races…cars, at the track out towards Escuintla…8am, the park..limited seating.

Da Mayor, spiffy in a gray suit, seen ‘lawyered up’ about six…yep, gave him a freebie copy of a First Edition “Our Man, etc’…something to read in the courtroom..maybe, just maybe the printer will have the latest version out tomorrow(promised for today)…right…half presold…where’s the money?

dos Reilly’s dead, Da Vinci/Chez Chris lo mismo…Ocelot supported only by the usual Lush Hour hard-core group of 5-6 slurpers..yeah, i had one, ok?

Cashbar? closed again/still? yeah..Mondays, Tuesdays and now Wednesdays? makes sense…Sangre tried a 2/1 breakfast special for a day or so…no go..upper 5th is becoming even more of a grave-yard..no word on the proposed changes, if any, for La Sala…Julio partnered up with Mario B of Johnny’s and we’ll see what develops..given the slow changes on 5th Calle, maybe that part of town will see some kinda renaissance..El Gato Negro slow, so the backpackers haven’t made a dent, $$ wise…the Christian groups here for a week or two left, matching t-shirts and all and no word/count on how many souls or children saved..in the immortal words of Marjoe, “glory gee to Beezus!’

and no, the proposed trip up the coast to Take-a-Lick Abaj on ‘hold’..Tom aka Richard Petty Martin ran the Beige Bomb into the rear of a truck last week…in the rain, in the City and the brakes malfunctioned…some crumpled hood stuff, nothing major but it put a damper on going up the country, a la Canned Heat…   

bizarre-ness….the owners of La ReUnion(that 80 million dollar place outa town?) the golf course that’s world-class? They have no idea what the PGA is, or who Jack Nicklaus is, much less the US Open….whew…A Pete Dye course that they paid thru the nose for and still don’t have a clue about the golf business? yeah, they know who Tiger Woods is, if only because they watched the porno movie of ‘Tiger’s Woodie’..only in Guatemala, eh?

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‘being a sexagenerian my days are often spent talking about food rather and sex/drugs…usually…there’s a brand of english muffins at Bodegona put out…oops, wrong word…made/baked by Europa that’s indistinguishable from many US bakers (meaning that i can’t remember the brand that advertised the ‘nooks and crannies’ thing..trust me…right…later, when the brain (sic)kicked in..Thomas’ English Muffins, not to be confused with some of our local barmaids.

it’ s been a great day for the ‘bookette’, Our Man in Antigua..some xlnt leads and introductions plus the idea of having/creating an ‘app’ for it…thank you, Nicky Z!..

and John Korte, the traveling guy? just back from the wilds of Ecuador and points in between and organizing another tour..ask him about trout fishing at 12ooo feet and the rubber worm..classic and worthy of ‘A River Runs Through It’…and again, major kudos to our own Luke Maguire Armstrong for his prize winning essay on having a suit made here in Antigua…

Da Vinci! doing several tables tonight! great smiles on Luis’ and Claudia #2’s faces..the upstairs/terrace is almost ready for business…and no, LM on having dinner there with C#1, Flor or she who you met yesterday…too many ex-wives, ex-girlfriends and I’m just an old fish thats been hooked too many times: yeah, I love lookin’ at them and perhaps a fantasy now and then..however, that’s not to say that i”m completely….et cetera..who knows?

other than that…a quiet night for whatever eateries/bars i passed by…thanks to Ole at Travel Menu i have backup sources for ‘app’ writers…great conversation with Max of El Muro this morning..this guy never…NEVER quits thinking of ways to work his business: Monday nights, which are usually deadzo, are now big time at El Muro and…yeah, he’s gotta new crop of tasty barmaids..Belgian babes…Thursdays are becoming a big deal…i probably should, in the name of science, check in..he’s got potential buyers who are persistent but he’s happy the way things are..and that’s a position a lot of bars in this burg would love to be in…Sangre? open tonight! why? no customers as usual..everyone else on 5th doing a few tables here and there…as i said to Max this morning..there are only two businesses that I’d ever consider: a parking lot or an ice-making business…minimal maintenance and constant use..cash flow etc…365 days a year…ca ching!

and…my youngest daughter, newly married in CA to a Welshman…she confesses to reading this blog…damn..do i need to change/delete or deny?…answer? nope..she knows me too well..that said, you know(or should)than not everything i hear, see or am told makes its here..i’d be tarred/feathered and used as a Semana Santa display otherwise..’ Oh, Christ, that’s Sherer up there?’ yep…’gee, I can see all of Jerusalem from up here’ or gimme another hit of that incense..

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Let’s see what we’ve got…earthquakes, rain, cold and disease. Mexico took a hit, it’s rained today, it’s cold enough to have a fire in the den aka the bedroom and Bob Wheat has what’s been diagnosed at typhoid. How? Maybe the visit to Roatan or hanging out with Typhoid Mary…typhoid, in this day and age? weird shit, dude…I’m gargling with Pavlov, just to be safe(and probably sorry later).

Too cold to go out tonight(frankly) and it’s been a long day anyway…the marvelous Marvel showed up on time and we did a few rounds: she’s got some great ideas about flogging the ‘bookette’ here, there and around…and I was surprised by how many people in town know her…this’ll work out just fine for both of us and for the greater glory of Antigua.

and where in hell is Pat Farrell? he dropped outa sight in mid January…and the delightful Ms Emma?…nope, don’t think there’s a connection but they were sharing domiciles(a house)…Neil the Craig spotted last night in the company of a sweet young thing…didn’t get a chance to ask him what he’s been up to…its gotta be weird to walk by what used to be Pangea and see it transmogrified into something called Braulio…

Juan Caravela? in what used to be Nokiate? can you say dead? big glossy ads in the local magazines and was that also Brielle Miel (and a real honey)on the back of Revue’s latest, touting La Joyeria del Angel?…getting to be Antigua’s version of Elle…ah, remember her? we were graced  with her presence for….when? was it only just last year? or two years ago…and no, no news of the Wilbur saga: I’ve been remiss in checking in at El Muro…hell, there’s a lotta things i’ve been remiss in,so don’t start a list. the delightful scandahoovian Camilla still in town…she and Frank seem to make a perfect pair…gawd, the plans I had for tonight…Angies, El Muro…the best laid plans of lice and men oft gang agley..hum a few bars…our octagenerian treasure, Marion Popenoe Hatch, seen traipsing thru the park this morning…83 or 84 and still goin’ strong: find a copy of her dad’s biography (American Legion Library) and read of some way out agronomist history of a hundred years ago…Mr Haas Avocado, for example..it wouldn’t be guacamole without him…trivia time: the nahuatl word for avocado is aguacate…or to put it another way…scrotum…pass the chips and dip..

if I had any, this would be a night for a bottle of Laphroaig and some Robert Burns poetry..instead it’s reheat the chili and throw another dog on the fire..that and ask myself the question of do the koi in the pond outfront have anything to carp about?

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