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or has the whole fucking net slow? i’m running  TIGO and they’re great for uptime but for two nights running i might as well be on a dial up connection..porno? fuggedabout it…friend send me youtube stuff…snore…yeah, i know that we live(sic)in a 3rd world country..

some busy places tonight…Weldon, getting a bus load of turistas…Fusion packed, lo mismo with Bistro Cinq…El Caz? quiet but doing  a few tables..dos Reilly’s lo mismo..Da Vinci? a dead zone as was Red’s..Angies’? a few tables…great talks with Brian/Glenn Wilson of C21 outside of Cafe No Se…never knew just how much Brian had written about the foibles of  Guatemala…expect more from the ‘bookette’..

thanks to all for the great comments about ‘our man’…plumb bob, ryan et al….ah..Carla B has a new job!…Fusion!…a good addition,i say..and thanks, Peter the G, for pointing out the differences between maggie and what’s her face..i obviously didn’t get it..but what else is new?

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two new barmaids at El Muro!…Fabiana, just getting used to making drinks and the statuesque Onya…gaelic girl, tall blonde, curves…damn…where does Max find these babes? Onya? yep..that works for me…the ‘distribution centers’ for the bookette are fairly well nailed…east, west, north, south and central…thank you, Antigua! 75 of the first 100 gonzo…and Frener Printing? out did themselves…cranked 50 on Saturday…slow down, guys..i’m trying to keep my ‘life’ as it is.

Sobremesa? packed!…no tables/chairs unoccupied…Ginski of Marty and Co, in a wheelchair…told me that he fell off the bus…wrong: he lost a wheelchair race/bet and gets to spend a week in a wheelchair..and i fell for it..’gave him my secret recipe for pain…Oxaforte…i.e., codeine tabs…100q for ten tabs, over the counter at your favorite farmacia..

Robto de Oro and a sweet lady having a tete a tete at a place that i can’t mention…Henrik back at dos Reilly’s tonight…Nelson playing PV and then No Se later..Karla holding down Whisky Den..ah…fruit juice/health bar stuff…Sierra’s Sangre at Ocelot…10q and damned good…ask Plumb Bob about my reflexes after ingesting same..caught two glasses knocked over(i did it)with a right and a left..spills, chills and thrills but nothing broken or sloshed…aside from me and PB..

The Great Chicken Bus Stuff Job? a success, a record and weird…not a lot of gringos showed up…but the locals from Joco caught the spirit and concept…220 or 221, breaking Poland’s dubious record of 209…go Ginski and Marty…on to bigger and better venues, ideas.. 

coming soon to a ruin near you…the Venetian Masked Ball…nope, not like the Policeman’s Ball..this friday, 6pm, GST…San Jose El Viejo, 5th ave sur..masks at the door..show up, watch me make a fool of myself as the moderator..read the www.guatemala-times.com editorial…barb came out swinging about the drug stuff in central america…i’m proud to write for them..and for free…

i could be onya and then enya?..ah, those gaelic babes…go by el muro and feast your eyes..i’ll be back, with clean glasses..got a bit steamed up tonight..and broke my latest pair of fake Foster Grants…back to the mercado for the knockoff’s…35q…why is it warm tonight? weather report said 3 days of rain…who cares? another cheapo umbrella, #6 for last year…Alex L and wife-o walking the streets and taking the night off from Fusion…the Chocolate Museum? doing good foot traffic…great displays, lotta rental space..i like it..hope they survive..its a touch of class.



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quoting Robt aka Plumb Bob Wheat..referring to our little home-town…’not sure what triggered the phrase but sometimes it fits…whew…dueling marimba bands circled around the fountain in central park, amplifiers and all…our Mime, on 5ta norte, captivating the usual crowd…he’ll be a part of next fridays’ Venetian Masked Ball…starts a 6pm, GST, San Jose el Viejo…parking at Porta Hotel nearby…masks? gotta have one  to get in but there’ll be some at the door(with last minute tickets)…

whew…I don’t have to beat my meat tonight or tomorrow…drum roll…now that i’m barbecuing again..ok, Mr Austin, ‘grilling’ and i’m buying local meat…it’s usually kinda tough and meat tenderizer helps…what did you think i meant? i was gonna use the little hammer and pound the steaks a bit..

per Piano Mike, who’s playing at Caffe Bourbon tonight, the problem with the license to play music has been solved…the multa paid, the license obtained and the music goes on..some of her neighbors, who’ve complained, probably won’t be happy about this..

Maggie M, Queen Bee of El Portal and other  places…presiding over a table of eight or so chapins in the Ocelot patio…the elegant Gina C and Flors’ sister on their usual  chairs at El Portal…probably waiting for Flor/Dasha to meet up when she closes.

and a perfect evening…blue skies, xlnt temperature, the town crowded with very tasty Capitalinas: they’re getting the Costa Rica tica jeans/slacks concept: tight enough so that one can tell if a coin in the back pocket is heads or tails..answer: tails..’heard via the ‘vine that Carla B is gonna be in town this coming thursday: a good reason to celebrate.

the ‘bookette’? moving off the shelves of a few local retailers…more to come, next week, when i pick up the latest print run on Monday…i think they(the printers)called about 5pm but it and they can wait til Moanday…i like the addition of the little gold stickers..’Five Stars!’ Amazon.com…yeah, it’s true…not one, but two 5 star reviews and another on Smashwords..the 2nd Edition has shipped, at least from the print plant on the right coast to the Florida P.O…it’ll linger there for a week while Caniz jacks me around and thence here…per the folks at Epicure, the sea shipment of books outa be arriving in a week or so..

Sobremesa’s Alex is getting married next weekend…Saturday…yeah, i’m goin’..the VMB Friday night, a wedding on Saturday…’went by El Muro earlier to drop off the last poster for the VMB…damn, Max has the tastiest bar wenches in town..way too young to be seen with, at least for me but a man can dream and thanks to a fresh container of meat tenderizer, i don’t have to beat my meat…the fire is laid for later(and I won’t be)the sunset is perfect and the patio calls…have a great weak end…this place is perfect. 

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who would’ve imagined an afternoon/early evening sprinkle? not me, obviously, having left umbrella #5 behind at Bangalore Bobs..’ran into a made-up/sparkling version of Briele Miel Duflon on her way to the the park for photos…damned near didn’t recognize her…false eyelashes and the whole kit/caboodle…tres chic and damn good looking..with/without, kinda like frosting on a cake..

thank you, John Rexer et al…the ‘distribution network’ is 99% complete..25 copies a week, no mas..here, there and so on…Ricardo of Tabacos y Vinos at the helm of his usual nightly semi-party…Jean-Marc! don’t usually see him at T&V but there he was..Gabi A, doing TV..television, not transvestites..for a promo for the VMB, coming soon..next friday…buy a ticket, see the show, marvel at the costumes and laugh when I try to be moderate…no, the moderator…I can do this…trust me, i’m a trained professional..

Alex Ferrar of Sobremesa and Helados Exoticos? tying the knot…i.e, getting married next weekend, on the 18th…jeez..weddings…been a long time since i’ve been to one…they bring back weird flashbacks..Mario B of Johnny’s Place got hitched recently..Jann’s s’posed to be doing it(getting married)…is there something in the air or the water?maybe i’m just old and septical..no, skeptical…probably both..after 3.5 times, you know…

interesting conversations at O’lot tonight..jail experiences..maybe i started it by dredging up my own apprehension by the FBI…a long long time ago..and i paid my ‘debt to society’…Plumb Bob had some funny experiences same-o same o…a different crowd tonight..Bruce of PV, Michael T, John Rexer, Nicolas of Fish, Robto/Barb,Mario and then this guy rides his motorcycle into the Whisky Den..WTF? is there a bike’s only parking place in there?  Jerome of Travel Menu dashing in, between sprinkles…a quiet damp evening…La Pena del Sol and Las Palmas doing the group dinners…5th norte semi active..

Bull!  hope the pork chops got delivered…i’m gonna pop for the bbq tomorrow…the recycled car wheel on legs..just the right size for a rack of lamb, ribs or a small dog…

‘ordered the shipment of the 2nd Edition today…let’s see..3 days to the Florida P.O. Box..it sits there a week while Caniz screws around with Customs..here in two weeks and thence to the printer..bigger, better and tastier..whiter than white and a little dab will do ya…right..the 1st Edition will be history by then..as will all of us, eventually…go out and do something memorable, while there’s still time…this is all there is, i.e, have you ever seen a luggage rack on a hearse?

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no, not a fortune teller..kinda like my self today, flogging the frigging book here/there…’think i’ve maxed out the printer, who is good for 25 a week for local consumption..any more than that then we all go wacko..BTDT and no mas, gracias..

ran into Max of El Muro…BIG changes coming soon…about a month…new look, same ol tasty bar babes and yes..the Roatan ‘thing’…99% resolved…the family has left the island, much much poorer but free of the INTERPOL stuff, lawsuits, et cetera…sadder but wiser, one would hope..’caught up in a web ot frivolous charges and living on an island that has no laws other than piracy…privacy?  pirates without borders? the lawyers are, as always, the only winners.

lotta tour groups in town…the maya ladies, como tiburons, swirling around the groups..The VMB? Venetian Masked Ball? coming soon, to a town near you…February 17th, a week from Friday…a great location and from what i’ve seen, Gabi is all over this..bells, whistles and new stuff…yeah, i’ve signed on as ‘the moderator’…whatever in the hell that entails…she didn’t give me a job description so i guess i just wing it..

frener printing? absolutely top notch..i had this idea(you know how that goes)about a simple little gold sticker for the cover…’5 stars! amazon.com’…David cranked a sample and had 60 printed an hour later…for free..dude!…how much better than that? i’ve maxed out his weekly press run at 25, ergo…that’s all there’s gonna be for local consumption..the first 50 is gone, the second 50 out this weekend..y no mas..25 a week, take it or leave it..i like my life just the way it is, thank you…four or five outlets in each  part of town…

ah, that was it…’striking a happy medium’ the random phrase…like bitch-slapping a Gypsy for a bad fortune telling session..
Kafka’s  old space? someone moving in, with tasty furniture..Claudia #1 walking with a gal friend, looking superb as always..the ‘8:30 ‘ special,walking thru the park in yellow and black…and no, she didn’t even blink or acknowledge me when i said ‘buenas dias’.. this morning…a vision, as always…too young, of course but one can hope(and keep on hoping)because at my age, that’s about as good as it’s gonna get.

Theresa K leaving Friday…alas..will return sometime..thanks for buying a copy..the 2nd edition lands in two weeks or so, per customs/shipping..thanks to one and all for being such athletic supporters..


yeah, the print reads 1st edition..but it’s really the 2nd…bigger, badder, bolder…well, kinda..’ran into Walter Fischer, lately of INGUAT…he’s taking his dismissal bravely but he’ll be missed…’seems to think that he’s still got a foot in the door..yeah, it was nepotism/politics…same-o the world over..ooh, my nephew needs a job…he is/was good for INGUAT..and the ever delightful Gina C at El Portal.grandson outa the hospital, safe and sound..the ever more blonde Flor of Dasha..the brunette thing was fine but she’s a blonde at heart and i like it..hey, my last two wives were blondes..and a few girlfriends here/there..i’d like to think that i’ve kicked the habit(not nuns, thank you)and learned the errors of my ways(chapter 72)…who knows or cares? we men are such hounds…a little perfume, some dangling earrings, a wiggle and a walk…god, i’m channeling the big bopper, chantilly lace..hasta manana

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