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i guess that if I had a decent calendar I could tell whether the moon is full or not…it looks that way but then again I need glasses….El Muro? having a closed door ‘special interest group’  thing on Sundays…nope, can’t talk about it…ask Max but he probably won’t say anything either…whatever, it’s working.

John Korte, paripatetic wanderer, back from the wilds of El Salvador and Ecuador…left his great tricked-out SUV there, to return and continue the trek to Argentina…yeah, he loved Suchitoto…it’s like Antigua was, he said, 75 years ago…I agree.and thanks to Scott Stanton for suggesting that town to me, last year..

I’m ‘getting’ the printers schedule/promises…he’s close and I just need to factor in a four hour time lapse between the promised time of delivery and the actual finished product…hey, it’s Guatemala, dude..i’m lucky that he’s that good and no, I’m not complaining..I need more copies and he’s producing…fine..i’m outa stock..fine..


the 2nd Edition of Our Man is up/out…better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and chock fulla more details bout this burg we call home…order now in time for ….St Patricks Day…? you missed Groundhog Day, btw..’went into the darker regions/depths of the Mercado with Bull this morning, in search of barbecues…yep…found ’em..two different places…he likes the hibachi size and i’m gonna pick up the recycled car wheel on a stand model…just as soon as any $$ flows, which will be Wednesday..the book? yeah, it’s selling here, there and so on…and yes, i ran into ‘her’…she of the infectious smile/laugh today, twice..the same ol magic reared its ugly head..am i that dumb or that much of a masochist?time will tell and the correct answer is “C’…both


The Venetian Masked Ball is near…the 17th, next Friday…go buy a ticket or two…yeah, i know it’s 300q but that keeps the riffraff out…show up and see who’s who/what..i think that ‘what’ is the larger question.as in ‘what the hell are  you supposed to be?’ Gabi is on top of this, big time..superbly organized…whew..more chisme about the blow-up on Fifth Avenue…folks taking sides…it’s not what it appears to be, in my humble opinion…time wounds all heels, as they say. I’ve read the documents and heard both sides…’nuff said..

the finca, where i’m residing? every month they bring in a ‘pest control’person and spray the shit outa the place, so if i seem a little more ‘off’ than usual(hard to believe), blame it on the pesticide…or..drum roll, did you hear about the recent suicide? an overdose of basil…pestocide…again…Ay Robot!…what a great resource for A-Town…i bailed outa the comic book world in the 60’s…Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Suzy Creamcheese et al…R. Crumb… Dan’s gotta treasure trove of wierd shit/memorabilia..pulp fiction? yep..

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phrase compliments of H.Ross Perot…and where the hell is he? this phrase is in reference to the new Prez Otto, who came out yesterday advocating decriminalizing…drum roll…drugs..since the YouEss of A is the world’s biggest Hoover of blow and meth, consumer of weed and other pharmacological wonders, you gotta wonder…imagine if stuff were legal and taxed? $$$erious dent in the deficit….add penalties like there are for DUI’s but not for possession…the speed freaks die sooner or later…imagine the ad campaigns! Coke: the Real Thing!..Classic Coke…stepped on ten times..is the Big O on board with Mexico(12000 dead in 2011)and Colombia? or is this just a cynical ploy to be coerced into fighting the War on Drugs with those DEA idiots and looking for toys/$$ to sign up? either way, a very bold statement…

the sunsets here are so very short…a flash of orange tinged clouds at 6, gonzo by 6:20…but, better than none at all…Santorini, Hawaii and Arizona…even Manuel Antonio in Costa Rica…the park, the park…the space next to Fusion on 4th calle is getting rehabbed…lotta roof damage and they’re hoping to be open before Easter/Semen Santa…perhaps a bit of a ‘cultural center’ in back..the newly opened Chocolate Museum across the street is getting traffic(foot)…

this Sunday: Finca Azeotea…Azotea…whatever…champagne brunch, 300q per, seth monfort on piano, for a brit ngo children’s foundation…three course lunch/brunch and no, i don’t know what time it starts cuz the embassy didn’t specify it…


for those who spaced/missed this, there were two…yep, 2!, five star reviews of Our Man in Antigua on Amazon.com…as mentioned, i learned to write for my audience a long time ago and this is perfect for eight grade level, two syllable words and the short attention span theatre..and yes, that could well describe me…as usual, the 5 o’clock Lush Hour at Ocelot attracts the evening crowd of assordid animals…’missed it tonight but last night? packed, up and downstairs…the ever delightful Ms E reminding me that I’ve promised to take her shooting…well, i had but the Antigua Shooting Range never quite made it, other than the back page of La Cuadra…’still gotta 100 rounds and a clean, well-lighted..no, well oiled little Beretta that needs to let the hammer fall a few times.. a long time ago, the elusive, seldom seem JR offered a trip to some ‘range’…he’s gotta be around, because the Pirate Radio Guy found him and now has an antenna for broadcasting locally…a whip antenna? sorry, san francisco humor…red light, green light, et cetera..

The new version  of the Venetian Masked Ball coming next month…Ms  A the Delightful and Mona Rose doing it…wonder if PV is missing Ms A? they should…they’ll never find anyone better…the usual crowd of gringos in the park returns from Nicaragua tomorrow…some kinda american legion whoop-te-doo in Granada involving commanders, salamanders and colanders….I passed this year: the 12 hour bus ride from San Salvador to that hell-hole Managua isn’t even tolerable with serious meds/rum/headphones…the on-board videos are crap and the….well, that’s just my opinion…i’d rather go to San Salvador, eat well, slurp some 7 year Flor de Cana and check out the new dancers at Lips (field research)…happy fin de semana…we made it thru another week, more or less. 

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it ‘s slowly occurring to me that Peter the H and Lisa really are leaving in a few days…i’ve followed the saga of the ‘Beav and the trials/tribulations for nigh on two years…damn…that said, having been in similar situations where the times, the gods and the fates weren’t aligned, there’s a time to raise and a time to fold…it’s never easy and only time can heal any thoughts of what might’ve been or coulda/woulda/shoulda…ask me about the dot.com days in the 90’s, por ejemplo…a killer idea(but you can’t patent ideas)perfect timing, etc etc..written up in the Wall Street Journal, newspapers and that…just that close…

how ’bout a little whining? why isn’t there a bocce ball court in this town? why haven’t the faux mexican joint known as frida’s hired the mariachi band? why isnt’ there a decent bbq joint in town? or chinese? i know…this is Antigua and this is Guatemala…shut the f…k up and suck it up…if i really felt that strongly, i’d be living in San Jose, Costa Rica or even San Salvador..it’s all a trade-off…fewer gringos here, the architecture and the climate..yeah, i know that Granada has more bells and whistles…breakfast at Kathie’s Waffle House? I’m dreamin’ of #3…but it’s still Nicaragua and it’s small town Granada…but even they have decent mexican food…why not here?

Ixcot!..that black hole of despair? packed with a crowd..family deal…their biggest night ever!    Granada? Nicaragua? why is their beef so superior? Brendan B…what happened to the promise of rib eyes to die for? …hey, another couple of days and it’s Burn Satin..no, Satan Day…i think i’m gonna do the thing at the gas station this year…wednesday, 7 ish, no?

the ATM experiment hasn’t backfired…so far…screw…thanks a ton to BAC for giving Antigua a giant black eye for tourism…bastards all and no remorse…no warnings, no nothing…the dumb signs in the lobby…hey, it’s a crime without penalties, no recourse and no remorse..bastards..it’s not enough that they have more money than god…it’s the concept of ripoff..the unecessary ripoff of tourists and locals..tis been said that it’s an inside job, which make sense…i love this town and to see it’s reputation be smeared by the boys from bogota aggravates the hellouta me..fine..i’m going to my room…see you at the gas station…bring matches. 

lastly…thanks to those of you who’ve commented on the rough draft of the ‘travel guide’…it’s different but it’s ‘meat n pototoes’…seen from the perspective of someone who lives here, travels/writes and it’s stuff that i’d want to know before i hit town…the good, the bad and yes..the ugly..thanks..’should be out as an ebook in two weeks, print version in january..

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for whatever reason I started flashing on the Partridge Family….’never watched it (very politically incorrect) but what’s her face, the mom, was hot…was…we all were…not we’re not so hot..except maybe for a local star that’s going on to bigger/better things…Lucy Luscious!


she’s doin’ the Circus Bar in Pana December 9th…their 28th anniversary wingding…way to go, Lucy!…her finder/founder, Peter The G..seen in the park at 6ish…Neil the C on the other side of the park…nope. theres no connection.

JB of the Revue and ‘Crash’ Harriss seen outside El Portal early, waiting for the golf foursome ride to the city..every damn tuesday/thursday..don’t these guys have a job? pick up a copy of the Revue Thursday, for Terry’s ATM/BAC editorial…those %$#@! bastards at BAC…thanks for giving Antigua/Gautemala even more bad press..and the wandering Pat Ferrell? back from Florida and off to Costa Rica next week…and no, i didn’t ask if he’s staying at the Del Rey..there are somethings gentlemen don’t discuss…god, how long has it been since i’ve been there? 18 months? a new world’s record..the roulette table, the #35 split, the babes…tie me down and no, i’m not telling Jason about this…welll, maybe..hmmm…Ocelot reporting a late/early morning visitation(drunken time)by some honcho from El Salvador..

damn..the Del Rey…i could crunch the frequent flyer miles…i got into ‘so much trouble’the last time..had to have friends wire me $$…would she even talk to me?

Whisky Den, closed on a Tuesday night? por que?

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per a couple of weather prognosticators, there’s more rain to come…how much? no ones sure but the numbers projected are fearsome…and i left my f….king umbrella again somewhere today, however the moon was up, a bright planet nearby and the evening was relatively dry, which is more than i can say for moi..re the gringo popped at Mickey D’s earlier this week…supposedly from San Fransicko(my old hometown)and carrying numerous packets of blow…why? buying or selling? the exact number of ‘packets’ varied, according to who did the counting before and after..where’s mine, for god’s sake? the only decent marching powder i’ve seen in this country was up north…a chunk the size of a golf ball for 300q…the rest has been stepped on and…adulterated, shall we say…my ex-lady friend, elena, who’s brother is a cop in San Jose, always had the best…


yep, i miss her…but dont’ miss the drama..

INGUAT!…Walter Fischer is actually doing stuff…projects, programs, events…go Walter…and we always thought that INGUAT was just sucking money and not doing anything…Walter’s doing stuff…

‘spent most of the evening in the Cargo Room, talking with Lex…damn, has he got a project underway…nope, no details(zipped the lips)but when it comes off, it’ll be spectacular, even for him..the rest of the town? muerto…dos Reilly’s and O’lot the only venues with customers…Edy of Pangea in person…smiling, laughing, asking what’s next..who knows? the rules have changed,the weather sucks and what was before….probably won’t be the next time…go with the flow(hate that phrase)a table of 8 at Sabor Tiempo, some at Peter Fonda Real and that’s all she wrote…I wouldn’t want to be in the position of hoping that ‘accounts receivable’ was gonna get any checks soon(hello local magazines)..i suspect that soon it’ll be COD and i don’t mean Call On Dad..Atitlan…those poor bastards..it just gets worse but at least in A-Town the water flows downhill and outa town…PNC in abundance tonight…two trucks loaded with troops, flashing lights and following each other? why?

yep…not quite as depressed as i was/were/have been…the walk in the winds/rains thi yesterday brought back fond memories of living on the coasts of northern californicate, hawaii, oregon and so on…i liked the wind in the face, the umbrella that i had to borrow totally f…king useless..but it wasn’t mine because I’d left umbrella #5 at ocelot the night before and it wouldn’t have lasted a new york minute per the velocity..

whew…the Panza Verde gallery thing for Brielle DuFlon!….i’ve never seen an ‘opening’ so packed with people..60/70?…take your pick..saw folks i’d never imagined seeing, got to meet Korey/the mom…finally…we’ve been FB buddies but…and the exceedingly divine Ms A…back from the Dom Rep with a neck brace(long story)…damn, she’s delicious…and the ‘usual suspects there…no need for names,cuz i’d run out of space…it was good…’hope that she sold something(the main concept) but at least she’s ‘launched’ as an artist and she is, all of that..who knew?  not me, obviously…tagged her as a bartender at El Muro…wondered why she was hanging with Carlos Thomas..duh…she has a brain…and skills..

part 2…travel menu…Allan at the bar and Carla B…Carla B is about to launch off into a very exciting turn in her life…off to Rio Dulce/Livingstoned this Friday and maybe…taking off on a big catamaran for Cuba, Florida, East Coast, Greece, cha cha cha…damn…be a part of the crew..cook, serve cocktails and just look good(no problem for that) totally wish her the best…if if i were…nah…but i get it…popped into the Cargo Room, chatted with  the Lex…finally, finally picked up the stones i’d left with him a month ago(our schedules don’t match) a few aquas, tourmalines, ruby cabochons..

past the Ocelot..quiet..Edy and friend at a table…Francois of Tartines hovering in the entrance..por que? a chat with Edy?..who knows, but it’s not his usual territory…Whisky Den closed…quiet night elsewhere…hey, the rain stopped for a while, giving our clothes/shoes a chance to dry out..

ok…my personal secret place to stop on the way home…’used to be Da Vinci and thence Hector’s…DVs moved…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos is it…

miss delicious

anyway…night after night this is a small party…great wine,music, conversation and everything that Antigua Tobacco Co aspires to…his staff?…whata name..Marvel…and she is, in every sense of the word..I’m …umm…what’s the word? shall we say…attracted…

TLG on the street, off to play at No Se…i was packin’ rocks,otherwise i’d got in the truck and joined him..oh…you Blackberry folks?  one of you who shall remain nameless, sent me an email last night…50/60 copies of the same email later came over..o boy…technology rears its ugly head..’had one for two days and hated it…alas, Atitlan and the villages…cut off, roads down, bridges wiped, houses sucked downstream: looks like i’m not visiting anytime in the fear nuture, as planned…got a little adventure planned for the other direction in a week or so…probably won’t ‘do’ el salvador next month,as i usually do…Lips and the strippers will have to do without me(as they do)

my landlord, the horn dog(his wife is in the States for week or so)brought by this ‘lady who wanted to meet me’….ok, fine…we talked, exchanged phone numbers..nah, don’t think so but the concept was good..it’s either Lucy Luscious or the new Marvel…whew…Marvelous…i truly enjoy being a DOM…dirty old man…Lucy’s doing something this weekend at El Caminante..probably involves taking off clothing…

rumors?…hah…heard one this morning(tuk-tuk/gringo/knife)…the source was the one who asked me about it later…go figure..’need a rumor hotline..

I like it here…tis all that it could be but…from time to time I miss the rumble of a V-8….doin’ 80-90 mph…’miss the turbo charged Porsche, the five litre Mustang,the Cad  with the Northstar V8…the BMW 735-I…speed was me…no more..ah, the memory of seeing what 120 mph felt like..goin’n thru the gears, watching the tach wind up into the red zone…the clutch,the gear box,the surge..

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