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referring to the rains tonight, afternoon, cha cha…the umbrella was useless, the streams in the calles/avenidas deep enough to surf and so on…They pulled the rugs out from under Abassi, the Indian restaurant on 4th calle…the rug merchants gone, the retaurant moved up by El Caminante on 1st Avenida.  I sense some difficult times ahead for retailers, with some unusual closures noted…Da Vinci, lights out on a Tuesday evening(alas, Claudia’s 1,2 & 3)..Las Palmas closed? La Esquina, lights out still? Sobremesa on 4th dark? wtf? yeah, the rains dampened any spirits or ideas about going out, unless absolutely necessary(I’m drenched)..long chat with JEH about tourism and the future of same here…neither of us at all optimistic…Clinton doesn’t show up anymore, Paris and Mel only here for some kinda ‘save the kids’ or working off some ‘community service time’ and the big question…why would any ‘high roller’s, aka the ones who book the hotels at $300-$500 a night plus transport, air fare and so on…choose to come here? the food? the sights? the atmosphere? JEH has his perspective, I have mine…Sausalito, San Francisco, Carmel, Vegas, Hawaii…30 years of living in ‘tourist’ towns…I like it here but Idon’t see the draw…or the attempt to sweeten the pot(hello, INGUAT)Honduras has a better tourist bureau, El Salvador’s kicks serious butt, Costa Rica is a known quantity and even that Commie paradise known as Nicaragua is stealing business…and i’m not even mentioning Cuba…and as screwed up as they are, even ‘they’ are sucking in the tourist $$$’s…maybe it’s time to roll over and let the narco $$$ flow…we know that gambling is illegal in the City but casinos are there…open a few casinos in Antigua, let the ‘escort’ business thrive and open/change a few hotels along the model of the infamous Del Rey in San Jose, Costa Rica…allow some light prostitution, light gambling and light drugs..Laissez Le Bon Temps Roulez! let the International Gaming Technolgy group owned lock, stock and barrel by Sig Rogich of Vegas come in…Reagan’s Ambassador to Iceland..the 80’s..they’re in South America, Central America and all over…sell out to  the hucksters,the pimps and the narcos…$$$ talks and bull shit walks…Guatemala is walking..no, limping..legalize blow, let the drug subs land in Puerto Quetzal, refuel and off load a few tons  of Bolivian ‘marching powder’ and see how soon tourism picks up…it could be a ‘white Christmas’ ….beef up the cops as does Vegas and the boys from Metro…they don’t take shit from anyone..do some kinda ‘zone’ like Amsterdam..hash, blow, weed and hookers..the only thing missing from this equation is hash…with a phone call, the other three are ‘here’…get over it..you want some phone numbers?

welcome to Guatemala! pass the straw..

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where to start? the hardest working woman in town, MDC of Salon Creativo (2nd calle oriente) starting construction on her new house…already working 6 days a week…now signed up for more work…Angie Angies tomorrow and Saturday, thence Gaia (cashier) Friday/Saturday nights (til 3am)..whew…for the best foot massage(with a pedicure)…that’s where and i swear by her…if i were ten or 20 years younger, i’d be chasing her..hell, I might anyway…she is one of my favorite people.

Pangea? lights back on,Neil at the helm…and the bugger at Ixnay, body-checking/trying to corral any and all walk-ins? access blocked to P’gea, visually and otherwise..Neils’ got the responsibility without authority, a deadly combination: he’ll land on his feet,whatever happens but there’s a time limit imposed to turning it around…no more of this lounge stuff, eh?

Alex Bell and wife at ocelot…’reporting outrageous numbers for the new Fusion…plus doing a shrimp biz on the side…got the little buggers upstairs in tanks, growing at an accelerated pace while being bombarded with music of Enya and Kenny G…go figure..also at O’lot…Guitar Mike aka Piano Mike, solo tonight,doing old R&R standards on guitar…Moriahs’ in El Salvador and Caffe Bourbon,despite their wine promotion…totally empty-o…hint..bring back PM and Moriah…the only joint on 5tha avenida not doing tables..the only…even folks at Taco uncontento and Polio Compero.. and Loss Arcos..with a dread-locked gringo flamenco guitarist tonight..

‘walked by Cafe Flor..packed and Victoria! belting out ‘besame mucho’…welcome back and the best of luck in the new incarnation…nope…a reincarnation is when you come back as a flower…go by, eat and enjoy their music..i will…that scoundrel ol pal of mine, ignacio, in the back..dark glasses at 8pm..and no good words for JP…let him rot, where ever he is…note to Claudia #1…drop the rent on the old Rum Bar..that number is from the good ol days…it’s a different world and $2000 a month ain’t it now..half, maybe? Seriously…the old bar is the size of my new kitchen, the place has been mildly trashed and the location sucks..drop the rent to 400oq or less, let the new idiot try to build up a biz/take a slice of the profits if/when…some $$ is better than no $$(in my world)…obviously didn’t make it to El Muro’s Thursday night ‘free booze til 11pm’ thing..it’s working, oddly enough..trap the crowd, get ’em hammered and then start charging $$ at 11…duh…

‘walked by Alex’ ice cream outlet…complaining in a nice way that he’s been selling out of all of his food at Sobremesa recently..nightly..nice problem to have..’tried his latest ice cream recipe of tequila/pomegranit..pomegrenite..pomegranete? yep, plunked down the 20q rather than just a spoonful…where the hell does he find time for all this stuff? he, Alex, Shaun…hardworking and dedicated…throw in Neil and Marcel also..dos Reilly’s doing a nice crowd…Chez Chris a few tables…DV dead..what’s up with the Cargo Room? haven’t seen any promotions, notes or anything…is Lex’ fading? location, location,location…

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says the weather gurus for us in the valley they call Panchoy…the clouds hang low, the sky isn’t visible and if it were 20 degrees colder I could imagine being on the houseboat in Sausalito…same fog/cloud cover over the mountains, perhaps a breeze and the squawking seagulls waiting for food on the deck outside.

Shaun/Jason of Lava Burger Central! in a time when people are being let go, places are closing and prayers are being said for $$ to come thru the door…what are they doing? adding more ranges for cooking more burgers…and adding at least two more specials: one, a 100% buffalo burger, the other a ‘bacon explosion’…wrapped in/around, smothering the burger in bacon…’works for me…plan on this weekend for the intro to those two.

Ungood news re the Bar/Staff Salty Beaver Bus tour today…cancelled, for various reasons…some i’d heard but choose not to go into..whatever, not a good sign…

another ‘sign of the times’…Taco Uncontento now going the 2X1 route…Karla, Nelson y famille seen exiting La Cencienta, as I dipped in to try their cheesecake…both of ’em said it was good..also reporting a good night at Abassi, where Nelson somehow fits N’lawns style music into an indian restaurant atmosphere.

Wonder how the clothing boutiques are doing selling bikinis and sun dresses with this weather? Pat the S and Matt B with family in O’lot…and who walks in? the ever delicious Miss Emma…back from two weeks in England or wherever..another ray of sunshine back from the beaches of El Salvador, Camilla the Thrilla..and thaaat’s all, folks…early in/early out…i wrote, i napped and that’s it for moi..nuke a pizza, crank up the flatscreen and ‘veg out..maybe tomorrow will be more exciting, cuz i’m certainly not…hey! there’s a little sample of Lori S’ ‘medicinal’ herb that i haven’t road-tested…science marches on! i’ll lurch later, no doubt. I may be diagonally parked in a parallel universe but watching vintage Bonanza dubbed in espanol is….bizarro…some of my gay friends in SF have suggested that Bonanza really is homo-erotic: ‘Big Ben’…Little Joe? Hoss?…Adam, of course the prototype ‘sensitive guy’ who leaves home…flip a coin…hasta manana

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and you ‘Mecca me so hot’…two gay nightclubs proposed for next to the proposed mosque near the gone-zo Twin Towers in NYC..across the street an adult toy store called Koranal Knowledge, with a liquor store called Morehammered…thanks to silviaanne of Vegas…about the only sane woman i ever knew there..the return of the ‘lost bolsa’?…yep, monja blanca confirmed that the driver has it and wuz gonna bring it to my house tonight…nope…hopefully tomorrow…’got a email warning from the Us Embassy today, warning us gringos to stay away from Peten…thanks…how about a warninig BEFORE the heads roll?…my neighbor aka the Warthog..goes to a local guy on Saturday, concerned that A. i have a gun. B. i come home late/sometimes a bit tipsy. C. I might shoot her…D. she’s seen the old Beretta, a .380 a year ago, when she came to the open door, walked in and saw me jacking a round in the chamber before heading out to the Rio Motagua…and now she’s worried? oooh…wait til midnight when i put on the headscarf with the japanese kanji script that reads “Banzai!’ and go screaming nude down the steps waving the sword cane…the plane! the plane!…no, the bus! the Bus!…john wilbur’s VW project lives/runs! he and Max(who was driving)plus a few in the back passed me on calle 4th this morning…looked great..go john! road trip! Pat Sweeney, back from a trip to Denmark with Henrik of dos Reilly’s..great talks with Rich N, who’s just back from a sojourn in el Salvador with Marian..one of those all-inclusive beach resorts..food? oddly off/weird two nights running..aside from that, a great time..Lava the Burger Bar? over a 100 sold in three days…the Guate version of McD’s?…no golden arches, but…more orange car-mounted flags advertising Adolfo’s search for another term as mayor…as mentioned, if you’re a gringo business owner, contribute often and the sooner the better..those licenses and such need watering and refreshing..Caffe Bourbon doing a nice evening..some chick singer on guitar..Peter Fonda de la Calle Real doing the  group dinners..Da Vinci picking up dinner-wise..yes, the ever incandescent Ms C there…why else would i pop in? and where the hell is Murray the W?…Texass? all hat, no cattle, as they say…except i’ve never seen him wear a hat, so maybe that doesn’t apply…still upbeat about the Hotel Delfin in Monterrico…when/if i get my main camera/notebook back, I’ll crank a few articles praising their operation…it’s great..i’ll go back..when the weather moderates. I came to the conclusion that my recently stated concept of living on the beach for a month was hogwash…it’s too hot/humid/small and otherwise would bore the shit outa me in three days..Antigua is my home/base/mecca..no, not THAT kinda Mecca..off to El Salvador next month…probably back to Suchitoto..probably check in at Lips…hey..it’s business…’might have found new digs..i’ll know more tomorrow..nope, no can tell…but either the warthog goes or i do…Banzai!…report of my lady friend the opera singer..flew back from Germany via the Getty private jet to my pal Jerry’s birthday on Saturday..ah, Diana, the most sweetest mezzo-soprano i’ve ever known(and the only one) thank you for the intro to Pavarotti et al..the memories of martinis, blow and barbequed lamb will be with me forever..rack of lamb, marinated in olive oil, rosemary and garlic for a day..greasy fingers…strong red wine..the house-boat days were fun..yep, a bit cold at times..noisy, parties..rolling the kayak in the bay..me, in a kayak? yep..would i go back? nada, nunca and never…the week unfolds, as do the weak…el muro’s thursday night wipe out, el caminante’s second cabaret on friday..rest up and take your drugs..no, vitamins…hey, close enough..banzai!  

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no..not anyone in particular…just one of those nights when things happen, either for a reason or not…Ocelot’s One Year Anniversary? filled to the max..baby…with the offer of an open bar(free booze) from 5-8 you can only imagine who/what showed up…a great and grand gesture, nevertheless…the biz has been a success from Day One…a tip of the panama…




and no, the ex-partner didn’t show up…a touch of class and a gesture lost…o well..’its China town, Jake’…a word with a quiet Hector before he left to go play at Dos Reillys’…bof of us wondering why would JP aka the Rum Bum want to come back, considering the trail of wreckage left…outa rehab, met god or hit the lottery? Sangre? painting the interior entrance and the exterior..por que? personally i’d bring on the Gallo/Brahva girls, have an open bar..no..wait..they’re advertising an ‘all you can swill in two hours for 100q’….didn’t/doesn’t work for Studio 35 at half that price…idiots..

cereal killer

if we are what we eat, i’m in deep shit…’had an open box of Kellogg’s Komplete…ants got into it…decided to nuke ’em in the microwave…didn’t work but the raisins blew up…to the back yard, where even the birds turned up their beaks…ok, so who cares? Piano Mike and Moriah drawing crowds at Caffe Bourbon tonight…el Caz Italiano quiet or at least when i walked by..Tartines? ghost like…Alex’ ice creamery doing inventory…big gaps in the stock..people like that stuff(who doesn’t?) Matt B at O’lot, celebrating a reunion with old friend/student from 35 years ago..just shows to go yu that you can hide but you can’t run…er..good god..outa the blue…my last wife tracks me down on FB…haven’t heard from her since ’03..’why Guatemala?’

if you must know, i married/divorced her twice..that’s ‘why’, Guatemala..she’s probably still in Vegas..and i’m not..Ay Robot? the only bright spot on that side of the whole %$#@! block of 6th avenida..literally..Raodkill dead, Daikari counting down to implosion..Red’s? great idea…waitresses in mini-skirts!…well, i like it..BAC? all four ATM’s lined up and ready to rock for Semen Satana..betcha that after the holiday something gets ‘discovered’ and ‘new and improved measures’ are implemented, the missing $$ are split/shared and the Boys from Bogota party on somewhere else(on our money)…and yours..

we're workin' on this...trust us

Camilla the ‘sweet’ looking better tonight…it’s been a hard couple of days losing her party pals..tis how it is in a  resort town…folks come/go…ah, remember my experience of last saturday? being semi-accosted/picked up by a ‘city lady?’…she called me in the park this morning..’let’s meet at 11’..ok…’called to postpone for an hour or so..nah..tomorrow at 4pm and i’m not telling where…hey, when you’re older than dirt, this can be something to look forward to…yeah,i know this is about $$ and not about my animal magnetism or psychic powers…and my cloak of invisibility is at the cleaners…damn..a few more days and i’m outa here…the ‘Beav and a few days of nothingness..no crowds, no parades, no one pissing on the streets..have a great weak end..my friend john, from el salvador..said come down, play golf and let’s go see Ashley at Lips…and i’m trying to be good..

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