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In the morning the Mayan ladies gathered in the park…being interviewed, tape-recorded and photographed from afar…surly PNC troops lurked a few blocks away: were they concerned that the ladies would riot and flog them with necklaces and fabrics?..a later gathering around 5ish…I’m expecting a march this week. The FNL could/would use this as another excuse to gather in front of City Hall and demand justice(or media coverage).Why are they being punished for making a little money and feeding their children?

A sad event on upper 6th avenida..the wake/funeral for four young Antiguenos, snuffed out on their way home from the beach yesterday…supposedly a chicken bus driver, on his phone, etc…street packed with mourners…packed, all in black..

thanks, Sunshine Grill, for the slice of pizza wrapped in plastic..taking a clue from the ladies who walk with stuff on their heads, I made it home in Drizzle #2 with at least my head(bald)dry…wtf? at 5:30, Ocelot gets slammed with 20 gringos? Dan at the bar, totally ‘whelmed..

and yes, thanks for recommending that I go by La Canoa and have a further look at the art..know that I proudly have an original watercolor, limited edition, hanging over my bed and that I’ve collected serious art for several decades. I also think that we all have our strengths and weaknesses..mine is, for example..I can’t write dialogue…fiction yes..dialogue nunca..if its any consolation I also think that the Barfly Hall of Fame in a certain saloon coulda been done by a better cartoonist/artist than as it was…but again..it’s all just my opinion…if I’ve offended, it wasn’t personal but…well, i apologize for any hurt feelings…this town? instant chisme..and my opinion of the changes at what was a classy joint called Casbah? the pool tables are nice..purple cloth..cues gleaming, balls racked just so..I don’t get the concept…how do three pool tables crank $$ and go head to  head with Red’s, around the corner? but…know that when ‘sports bars’ came into being during the 80’s/90’s, they were hot..I find them lame…hey! Lance Armstrong!…NASCAR! whoa! being in a country where the only sport is futbol…and badmitten/speed walking?

‘sorry about the 4 kids who got wiped out yesterday…judging from the crowd it was a major impact..
The ‘El-Mo Show’?…went to Costa Rica on Sunday…i think they were in the airport in El Salvador today, moaning about TACA(take another chance  airlines)…are they going back to Toronto?  yeah..sometime…if john wasn’t in Malta, I’d put them together(he’s from Toronto also)…I can only imagine Elle’s expression being in Dan’s most xlnt strip club, Lips…I like Mo…they’re an excellent match.

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usually in a .22 or .32 caliber…not here…gotta have a 9mm or an AK-47….a murder this morning at 4am or such in San Felipe…and those pesky Mayan ladies banned from the park for selling their goods? even though they’ve been paying 300q a month for the privilege?   get this town cleaned up!….’heard that the Arms Museum is going into the Palacio…also heard an earful or two about Da Mayor’s track record/baggage/history….7 farmacias, a finger in the tuc-tuc biz and exactly how much is 27 million quetzals in $USD? my calculator gagged on the numbers..I’d been thinking(sic) that it was around $300-$400k but Taz/Plumb Bob said it was in the ‘millions of dollars.’..

likewise assumed that…’assume equals ass-u-me’…perfect’ that Jason was back per his green Triumph Bonneville parked in fromt of O’lot…wrong, scotch-breath…Taz riding/using it..the ever delightful Miss E providing biting social comments…observations..

an observer/reader of this raggedy ass excuse complained/observed that it’s lame/puerile/dumb and not much…right! of course!..never was, never will be and not intended to shine any light or provide anything more than a dim light into the corners of what used to be my mind and my daily experiences in town…like walking into Elle and Mo in the park earlier…they leave tomorrow and back to Canada/Toronto…it was a great week for them and now…married? the real adventure begins! jeez..’gives me the chills thinking about starting a new relationship, much less a legal deal like marriage..but hey, they’re young and in love: me, I’m just jaundiced/cynical. And one of our local bar owners asked why I’m never around about midnight, to see a different part of Antigua’s nightlife..

dude..think about it: Antigua’s night life is lame, slow and the highpoint is either dancing on the bar or getting your ass thrown out, into the street. At 68, I’ve done twice this shit, from Bangkok to Amsterdam, San Salvador to Costa Rica..where the drugs are better, the clubs are better and the women more beautiful…don’t get me wrong: this is my home and I like it, just the way it is…lame, slow and charming…two of which words describe me(A and B)..tomorrow? the Box Dudes provided reasonable facsimiles! progress, Guatemalan style..a map of Antigua is in the next print version and I’ll stick it in the next Amazon version..whoopee, right?..

it’ll be semi-amusing to see who shows up for the Pub Quiz at Ocelot tomorrow night..


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meaning that there’s not a lot of content…yeah, you say..that’s typical but there’s even less than usual..

why has the Park been closed to vendors all week? cops on all four corners and no sellers of anything? WTF? expect some kinda march/demonstration about this, sooner or later..

La Casbah’s sign up again, over the old Djinn doorway…looks like another license issue, using the Cashbar license to flog the new/improved ‘english pub’ thing downstairs…como dos Reilly’s/Cafe 2000…i dont’ get it, but that’s typical…La Casbah…darts, warm beer, bad food and a pub?

the unlikely couple of the year…Miss Emma and Juan Mario Cervantes, our local ‘Kojak’? huddled at Ocelot?…JMC, per his new business card, is an ‘Asesor Despacho Ministerial’…WTF? I know what gazpacho is, but a ‘despacho’?

the two Carlas…Carla B and Karla H also in there for Happy  Hour..plus Plumb Bob and Hillbilly Tom…HT says that the Beige Bomb needs a water pump now and it’ll be ready to go…hell, he could use a water pump hisself…get better, dude..you’ve been losing too much weight.

 so/’zo…the ‘box project? yet again, a photo, a prototype and $ left for the ‘Box’ guy..who knows? the price stickers aren’t ready, despite promises…the book is now available in India…yowzaaa! BFD, to me…maybe a mini-dinner party here on the Finca Inka-Dinka-Doo with Elle, Mo and the Marvelous Miss M tomorrow evening….getting everyone’s schedule is like herding cats..

and what bar owner is driving a very new/snazzy BMW?..biz can’t be THAT good…and I dont’ think that the Prize Patrol comes to Guatemala…JMC said,in response to the question about the 17+ tons of coca paste seized last week, that maybe..just maybe he could get me some part of the lab samples…he was amused as I was to the concept/ultimate journey of this shipment…again, WTF? the implication of a lab with a large amount of chemicals like ether…benzene et al…Nicaraguan blow always smells like their gas..or diesel…sulphur, if you really wanted to know..yeah, I have a nose for these things….the week end is near..rest up..TLG aka the ‘Mescalitos’ playing at Caffe Bourbon tonight..

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to quote Strother Martin (Cool Hand Luke) ‘what we have here is a failure to communicate.’  The prototype, far left…the six delivered later today appear to have been crafted by 7 yr olds with bandages on their hands..jeez, guys…you had photos/sketches/dimensions…WTF?

WTF is probably the same thing that Da Mayor is asking hisself about now…’immunity from prostitution…no, prosecution (dam spel check) is not granted…oops..what’s next? ‘lawyer up’….oops..there goes the $300k/$400k skimmed here and there..hey, he got to lead the parade for St James Birthday a few times, schmooze with the beauty queens..

Shaun of O’lots hand has been a bit swollen recently…purportedly whipping on one of Antiguas’ own…hey…’a mans gotta do what mans gotta do.’…and this ain’t the first time that the recipient has been fed a knuckle sandwich.

Fabrizzio, lately of La Sala/Joe’s Grill? seen in/out of Riki’s earlier..is he back to doing pizzas there?…the ever tasty MM, solo at the bar in Ocelot…why does she remind me of a lioness on the hunt?

Travel Menu? Mo and Elle,plus Henrik…we were running late…G.S.T/Latina time…fine..Lex by himself at 6ish, waiting…and waiting..

Wokco? I like ’em but they don’t have a clue about lettuce wraps…go check out P.F.Changs in the City and get back to me..

so…no  fresh boxes to experiment on…and I even bought red spray paint…gotta re-up the toluene and zylene blood levels…quetzalteca doesn’t do it..’looking for a nearby fireworks factory to do an article on…get up close to child labor, unsafe conditions and a whiff or two of some gunpowder in the morning..anybody know of a factory nearby? maybe buy some mortar bombs for home use..

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and his sister, Xylene…both ingredients found in the can of spray ‘clear acrylic’ today used on the prototype ‘book box’…toluene, to the uninitiated, is found in TNT…tri-nitro/toluene..the warnings are significant: “may affect the brain or nervous system..vapor harmful..” ‘zo? new horizons, folks…

Fusion? plunging ahead with the bocci ball courts…they’ve figured out that Guatemala City has an Italian Embassy and some kinda Italian social club…call it the doo-WOP concept but it’ll fly..

the old Cashbar? the two lame signs at the door, torn down from Canoa’s previous location are lame…”you don’t have a second chance to make a first impression’ applies here..what was a classy joint is now…lame…the murals are lame(sorry, Wintershaw) that part of town is dead…’been by Red’s recently? worse than the cemetery..salsa came/left…pool tables lo mismo..only the place that shall not be named is doing any kind of biz..had it been me/my $$, I’da stayed on on 5th calle, the new ‘ground zero’ of town..

Paris, the bar in back of Riki’s..? ripped out, gonzo..el cielo advertising all you can drink specials..as if, dudes..

Elle and Mo making rounds, daily..here, there and everywhere..what a great couple, eh? love is in the air…Sierra/Allan, Taz and Tanya…even Plumb Bob and Evelyn are back..

Alex L is talking of some kind of celebration in October…nope, no Gallo Girls..damn..not even the ‘A Team’..what is this town turning into? no Spandex?

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