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where have all the gringos gone? if I saw ten today that’d be about it…flown the Guatemalan coop for the YouEss of A?…today, Sunday? a totally Guatemalan buncha people, in the park, the streets and watching our own Andy the Mime…the largest crowd I’ve seen so far, blocking the section of 5th avenida north for a few hours.

so…if the Spanish school folks are gonzo, and the Christians likewise…leaving a few backpackers who haven’t figured out that school starts soon, what does that mean for A-town? biz-wise, it means that until the 15th rolls around(Independence Day) they’re sucking wind…last night, an almost full/blue moon and the first of the month($$)? emptiness…El Cazadore Italiano and Epicure doing a few tables and that’s all..folks..

part two of the  firework factory up/out…’el rancho de rockets’…I’ll paste a link tomorrow..the September version of Our Man in Antigua-stan to the printer and Amazon.com..tomorrow..this weekends’ weather has been superb and reminding me of why i live here..

again, major kudos(congrats)to Henrik of dos Reilly’s for the Granada idea…killer! I like  to think (sic)that i know Granada somewhat and….it’s a perfect fit.

Lili and her paper-selling compatriots are exempt…they get to stay…thank you, unnamed person, for stepping up..it just wasn’t fair. As someone mentioned, this place is being Disneyfied…day by day…ok…but use some common sense/logic….if you’re going to a gringo picnic tomorrow, get your wienie roasted (I’m not)..gotta little interview  to do.

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yeah, you’re thinking…you’ve had a lot of that lately. Actually, I lost one outa my fake Foster-Grants, but since I’m person who saves wierd stuff, like a bag of partially broken eyeglasses(just what you wanted to know)i was able to find a replacement…if only this could work on the remnants of my so-called brain.

Another giant leap in local technology! since I woke up early and it was time to deliver on my off-repeated promise to add, delete, change and otherwise keep the Our Man silly booklet current…yep..done…new additions, some changes and it’s on the Amazon site and Frener, my local printer of good stuff has the pdf version delivered by a flash drive…yay!…no, seriously…think about this: every guide book ever done/made/printed takes a long time to get to print and in the stores…this way, I’m updating bi-weekly…I’m kinda proud of this, btw..if only that were ‘buy weekly’…the thing is selling, a few here, a few there…odd how it thrives in certain places and is ignored in others..

yesterday? it was the marvelous M’s birthday and no, she’s not divulging the year..what could I do except buy her dinner(Epicure)and it was xlnt…she likes chocolate and spicy foods…hmm,,,some of you vendors of ‘the silly little booklette’ will be seeing her, instead of my ugly/ravaged visage(face)…it’s a good thing, trust me…we walked in Ocelot later, 9 or 10 or so…place packed to the rafters/patio…and i didn’t see a single person that I knew…i was surprised, that’s all…the early crowd for el cheapo drinkos was there(earlier)til about seven, which is when I left..

where have all these %$#@! tourists come from? who cares? I don’t remember the size of these groups being this large from last year…let’s consider: how much of last march do i remember? answer at 11, with film..and I’m still smarting from losing my smaller Sony camera…brain drain? probably…Pavlov’s Curse…knew i shoulda read the warning label, the one with the skull/no crossbones…and now, ‘you know the rest of the story’…ack, quoting old tv/radio shows..which explains, sort of, why I did’t get around to writing this pablum until today..probably, maybe more later, evening-wise(something that I’m not)..hell, i thought it was Saturday for a while…see what i mean?..think I’ll retire to my patio and observe the fish swim in aimless circles, sort of a metaphor for my day…so, in from the ‘spin’…the entire ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ group taking up two tables on Ocelot’s patio, except for JR but we/I haven’t seen him in a long time…kinda like the  question, ‘where the hell is Pat Farrell?’ A quote was heard that he’s left Antigua permanently, as he was ‘sick of this f…….g place.’  The newly recovered/healthy looking Plumb Bob aka Bob Wheat on deck…alcohol free for many days per the antibiotics to kick the typhoid thing…tough choice but he’s doing it…and a big prayer for Robto de Oro’s sister, Barb….facing major surgery for the ‘thing’ in her upper left chest..get well, Barb and come back soon.

whew! never…NEVER seen Lava get so slammed/packed as early as 7pm…no space, tables, chairs..and just like Custer’s Last Stand, they kept comin’ and comin’..a 3 piece mariachi band strumming and pickin’ across the street from Tacodispenso…why the hell that place doesn’t hire these guys and at least pretend that they’re a Mexican restaurant is beyond me (like a lotta things, you say)…yes! the silly bookette went into two more stores on 5th Avenida today…please, lord…i need the $$ and yesterday…friggin’ IRS slapped me with an old tax bill, which I’ve been paying off monthly(to another office)…they don’t communicate well…yep, 5 digits/numbers…ghastly, to say the least..if you see me on the streets with a cup fulla pencils, begging…that’s why…well, since I’m not taking antibiotics I think I’ll have another shot…what’s a few more brain cells giving up their dreary existence?

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i guess that if I had a decent calendar I could tell whether the moon is full or not…it looks that way but then again I need glasses….El Muro? having a closed door ‘special interest group’  thing on Sundays…nope, can’t talk about it…ask Max but he probably won’t say anything either…whatever, it’s working.

John Korte, paripatetic wanderer, back from the wilds of El Salvador and Ecuador…left his great tricked-out SUV there, to return and continue the trek to Argentina…yeah, he loved Suchitoto…it’s like Antigua was, he said, 75 years ago…I agree.and thanks to Scott Stanton for suggesting that town to me, last year..

I’m ‘getting’ the printers schedule/promises…he’s close and I just need to factor in a four hour time lapse between the promised time of delivery and the actual finished product…hey, it’s Guatemala, dude..i’m lucky that he’s that good and no, I’m not complaining..I need more copies and he’s producing…fine..i’m outa stock..fine..


the 2nd Edition of Our Man is up/out…better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, and chock fulla more details bout this burg we call home…order now in time for ….St Patricks Day…? you missed Groundhog Day, btw..’went into the darker regions/depths of the Mercado with Bull this morning, in search of barbecues…yep…found ’em..two different places…he likes the hibachi size and i’m gonna pick up the recycled car wheel on a stand model…just as soon as any $$ flows, which will be Wednesday..the book? yeah, it’s selling here, there and so on…and yes, i ran into ‘her’…she of the infectious smile/laugh today, twice..the same ol magic reared its ugly head..am i that dumb or that much of a masochist?time will tell and the correct answer is “C’…both


The Venetian Masked Ball is near…the 17th, next Friday…go buy a ticket or two…yeah, i know it’s 300q but that keeps the riffraff out…show up and see who’s who/what..i think that ‘what’ is the larger question.as in ‘what the hell are  you supposed to be?’ Gabi is on top of this, big time..superbly organized…whew..more chisme about the blow-up on Fifth Avenue…folks taking sides…it’s not what it appears to be, in my humble opinion…time wounds all heels, as they say. I’ve read the documents and heard both sides…’nuff said..

the finca, where i’m residing? every month they bring in a ‘pest control’person and spray the shit outa the place, so if i seem a little more ‘off’ than usual(hard to believe), blame it on the pesticide…or..drum roll, did you hear about the recent suicide? an overdose of basil…pestocide…again…Ay Robot!…what a great resource for A-Town…i bailed outa the comic book world in the 60’s…Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers, Suzy Creamcheese et al…R. Crumb… Dan’s gotta treasure trove of wierd shit/memorabilia..pulp fiction? yep..

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