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every %$#@! morning! why/who? one of the benefits of living on the edge of San Felipe…that said, I don’t hear/see/feel the daily and nightly rumbles of Volcan Fuego so I guess that’s a reasonable exchange.
Mike D aka the ‘Perfesser’ celebrating his first night as a co-partner/owner of La Taverna, with a table full of the unusual suspects..congrats!
want a free Jeep? HBT in town, to pick up the booger Cougar and said that he’s tired of paying Murray’s storage charges (2 years worth) and if you want the Jeep, talk to him…papers? aint got no stinkin’ papers, unless Murray does something (highly unlikely)since he’s not answering phone calls. He, for free, wtf?
Dave H, at the Exit inn, along side Jackson…first day working at Frank’s Place…and happy..
so, the Freedom Beach House Hotel? turn left in the middle of ‘downtown’ Monterrico…there’s a paved road and a Banrural branch in sight (the only ATM around)go 8.5 kms…phone #? 5716-6988, and tell ’em i sent you…and a lot of local interest in this place, and rightfully so..new, clean, cheap..250q a night, beachside..great rooms, perfect for a night in paradise with your insignificant other..
there was a guy there last week…first date..he’s fat and wearing a Speedo (wrong)and by the time they left, they weren’t speaking
and yes, the trenches on 5th Calle…good for business? don’t think so and it’s only gonna get worse…4 months of this to look forward to…Alex of Sobremesa, on a usually closed Tuesday night, putting the finishing touches on his latest masterpiece..

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