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buncha folks getting hammered for Saint Patrick’s Day, as if anyone i know needed the excuse..fireworks around town, streets jammed with traffic, Andy the Mime packing up later than usual…yep, it’s starting to look like Semen Satan is coming…o boy..I’m glad to be outa Ground Zero aka Fourth Avenida, altho being on the edge of San Felipe the local procession starts outside my gate..screw..where’s the flare pistol? one cartridge left…fine..take that, Jeezus!

‘ran into the marvelous Miss M this afternoon…apologies/excuses accepted…hey, what can i say? she’s perfect for some potential clients for the bookette…and yes, Frener didn’t have the 25 ready today…”monday morning”….ok, fine..it appears that there’s been a customs lockdown on containers in guatemalo, which explains why the boat that left san Fransicko in January, due here a month ago, hasn’t been….opened, delivered..fine..Frener! do me the 25 on monday, por favor…Whisky Den is now outa the thing…thanks to Rich Neel and a rebate from me…B5 doing fine, Carla B at Fusion on toppa the bar/wine thing…El Caz Italiano doing their usual Saturday full up thing…Dona Gavi? yeah, she’s sweet..

‘heard via a source that Piano Mike and Moriah aren’t doin’ their music at Caffe Bourbon…is it $$ or that lack of a music license or the fine(10000 q)that sunk this venue? stories abound…yeah, they paid the fine and have a license…who knows? its just another Antigua story..JEH/Cath back from their latest foray…nope, she told me but i forgot it..typical…right..

La Pena del Sol? slammed/packed/no tables…Crash Harriss complaining about speed of the service…dude! it works…don’t mess with it. you have a problem that any other restaurant in town would love to have..Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos packed…again..Sangre’s door was open…after being closed for a few weeks, wtf?..work going on at the old Reilly’s spot…bringing in dirt? yeah…go figure..if it was sand, i’d figure that they’re doing a ‘beach bar’…and has anyone ever seen so many shuttle buses/vans? streets packed with ’em..bring money..Antigua needs every bit of it..ah, Marvel…welcome back..let’s go kick ass and take names..ah…Sobremesa’s 3rd Anniversary!….yeah…packed! good job, Alex and crew!


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last night, 6th Avenida…dos Reilly’s block…near misses, no blood seen..a belated New Year’s celebration? as i’m wont to say, always honk twice when you’re reloading..

local eateries? some full, some empty…La Pena del Sold out? apparently…packed early and a catered party for 85 in someone’s house..Crash Harriss smiling a lot…Las Palmas packed, even the japanese place, Kabuki, doing tables…’that’ place on 5ta, the one that’s been closed for two days now? ooh…if Machiavelli were alive, he’d be taking notes on the latest twist..nope, can’t tell and don’t smell…and it does..’wish i hadn’t heard it..yep, that bad..

Ocelot packed, dos Reilly’s jammed…Los Cebollinas adding more decor and getting more action..Travel Menu running just fine, El Caz lo mismo, Cafe Flor doing some tables…Nelson doing an opening gig at Pangea, followed by a set at Ocelot.

is it time for a return to the days of yesteryear? you know how things come and go(no, not my girlfriends)…at Bodegona this week, hula hoops…got to thinking(so to speak) about a poster shop…blow ups of local scenes…cheap, roll ups for the suitcase..ooh, Lake Atitlan, Volcan Agua, Monterrico, Lucy Luscious…’here’s a great rumor for the files: Gallo Beer is fading, business-wise…various examples given but this is like Budweiser going under…bring me the reality check, please..

found a new a new TIGO shop today, after shopping for a TIGO modem..the finca doesn’t have wi-fi..’cross the street, on 4th from Bodegona…a shop that cranks, rocks and does the job..o good..firecrackers in my street at 8pm? yep…i won’t miss the noise but i’ll miss the neighborhood…screw..now rockets/mortars…no, don’t go get the flare pistol or Beretta..patience, Prudence..this too, shall pass..

ran into Uwe in the park earlier…enjoying the brass band in the Palacio…he hates the Peruvians…the mime..no, ‘our mime’, wowing the crowds…he’s great…we spoke about the proposed commercialization of the Palacio..I suggested that if that’s what ‘they’ really want to do, go the whole route and do a casino on the first floor and a brothel on the second floor…a strict dress code, guards and class…gotta wear a tie just to get in, etc..

on other fronts, yesterday was the birthday for three people i know…all different..makes one wonder about asstrology..Luis Miguel of Da Vinci, der Henrik of dos Reilly’s and MDC, with whom i had dinner last night..yep..a foursome..Juana, Bob and us…Queso y Vino…i was expecting better but…didn’t happen…pizza crust perfect, topping so so..the last bottle of screwtop Lambrusco worked..and lastly, thanks for the comments about the chisme in this town…too many people with nothing else to do except make up shit, throw it against the wall and see who it sticks too..and yes…ka ching…more books sold! lets see…two cubas at O’lot..10 q..pack of cig’s..13q…yay…’up tonight by 20 q…rock on!

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the town’s rockin’ and more so than i remember,  which ain’t saying much since i suffer from advanced CRS (can’t remember shit) and a lotta stuff i really don’t want to remember(anyway).. Kate of the Travel Menu back and seen in Ocelot…she’ll be at Travel Menu tomorrow night, 6-9, warming up festivities for the end of this year..whew..don’t know about you but I’m looking forward and not backward…

CAfe Ajamenejou/Adolph Menjou, on 5th calle, west of the Bagel Barn? looks like they’re throwing in the tablecloths..first inventory and now signs advertising special sales…parts, pieces, fixtures…down the block, the recently opened Los Cebollines doin’ a decent lunch crowd…seems kinda sterile but if the food is as good as the pictures on the menu…and the afternoon hostess? gorgeous…

huge kudos to Shaun of Ocelot for the 100 Best Things About Antigua..after all the negative stuff that’s come this way, it’s nice to find something to smile about: and if the crowds on lower 5th and a two block radius of the park are any clue, the merchants are/will be smiling..and speaking of radius, our own Plumb Bob aka Sr Wheat…took a elbow-crunching misstep at Cafe No Se last night…bandages.. anyone know a good personal injury lawyer?..oh..that’s right..we’re in Guatemala..silly me..

the local demand for Our Man in Antigua copies (paperback)has completely ‘whelmed me…there are shipments coming and more to follow..I seriously mis-read this(as I’m often prone to do about a lot of things)…google the title…scary shit..Amazon? yep…

‘saw some of the tastiest ‘Capitalinas’ strolling about today…serious clothes, attitude..my o my…good thing I’m trying to quit chasing women…now I just bark a bit..woof…’heard from a source that some 75000 people were estimated to visit A-Town today…it was as packed as any Semana Santa event that I’ve seen and I got in early…tomorrow should be highly amusing: looks like the fireworks start after 6pm per the Gallo postcard and a helluva lot of Quema de Toritas…love this town… Caffe Bourbon totally jammed early

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and maybe a long week ahead, judging from the crowds downtown…el parque central packed, coffee/ice cream stores jammed…por que, I asked  a long time ex-pat…don’t know…whatever, it’s just another ‘Antigua’ thing for which we love this place…no fireworks, at least so far…last night? I’ve come to be told that 4th avenida norte is #2 is the processions/parades and let ‘er rip’ in the pyrotechnic sense…after last night, I’m inclined to concur(agree)….’trying to get to my door at what was El Palacio de India, I was held up, mid block…yep, the statue of Mary, the band, the loudspeakers and the ‘Torito’…whiz bangs everywhere…the smell of gunpowder…no, the clouds of gunpowder…my landlady, next door, offered a cocktail or two…open bottle of run…well, hell..why not? 2 or 3 later, I thought why not bring out the flare pistol?…they’ve got rockets goin’ off left and right…what’s one more flare?….yes…the crowd at my front door now let me in/out as I reloaded…flares and rum…my kinda night…’love this town…the truck with the extension cord and the loudspeakers eventually went around the corner, to disturb another neighborhood.. 

Ocelot’s gonna be looking for more help…Ruslan and lady leaving soon..Pangea’s still advertising for a bartender…Plumb Bob!…hair raising stories of being held up in Dos Pilas…snakes, scorpions and bandidos with bandoliers…Nicky Z with new lady…looking over Franklin’s creation of the silver tee and silver divot tool…not going to a tournament but to his boss…..great gift idea..

my new Pin #../ not…dipshits at my boutique bank in sausalito haven’t done what i asked, two weeks ago..i’ll call ’em in the morning and chew sum butt..coulda been worse, as i was able to pull some q and cruise thru the week now…thank you very much..Plan B, the book cover for Our Man is done..assuming that one outa the  three graphics people I’ve outsourced this project don’t get their act together by the end of the week…in the meantime, more local people have asked me to display($)the paperback version in their tiendas/bars..and if you’re interested, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/114724…. it’ll also be on a different outlet next week…Amazon.com, at twice the price(shipping, handling and printing $$), factors outa my control…as are a lotta things..jeez…is it really Monday night?



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the town at mid-day very quiet…what few shops were open you had to wonder why…very last minute presents?….very strange, unless it was better than staying home. Even the street artists were late setting up and the streets? covered with more firework remnants than ever: the only better remains i’ve seen were in Amsterdam, on New Year’s Day…an inch of slush and the streets were pink with paper..yeah, the Dutch…go figure…Maggie M at the counter of el Portal…she’s such an elegant lady.

so…Mexico…spending 52 million dollars on tourist promotion for 2012…plugging all their ‘end of the world’ spots…and how much is INGUAT spending? let’s see, after salaries and perks…52q?  the exception may come next year with a new head guy and Walther F, the local el jefe…if their email announcements of things, happenings and events are any clue, they’re tryin’..what kind of tourist slogan could they come up with? Come to Antigua for the end of the world, after you use the ATM’s at BAC?  gotta give the PNC a tip of the panama, at least for today…they’re patrolling the hellouta the streets…’visibility’..

ever wonder if the street guys who sell the flutes would do better if they learned the theme song from a Fistful of Dollars? or if the guy who’s schlepping the brown Maya figurines would do better if he spray painted them gold? I did all of mine that way and they look great..and no, I didn’t stay up for the midnight orgy of fireworks…earlier there was a parade on 4th norte…that was enough..I’m getting jaded, it looks like.

Sarah G’s back from Hell A…Caffe Bourbon open for the breakfast semi-crowd and even Lili La Prensa took the day off…I  kinda am, still twitching with the graphics for the book cover and blurbs for the back…you think writings’ easy? get it down and then get it edited and then do the publishing route plus graphics? and then marketing? helllooo…watch the pennies roll in, one at a time..hey, I’m retired…what else would I be doing? no, not the Del Rey…Christmas sucks there…oops, wrong adjective…

its beginniing to look a lot like Christmas

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