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and how perfect that it segues into the Day of the Dead. Judging from this mornings debris, the broken beer bottles, puddles of puke and discarded ‘go-cups’ hither, thither and yon, the night was a howling success..was I there? nope…’been dealing with a local pal in the hospital and my 94 yr old mom(likewise) so my thoughts have been elsewhere.

But…drum roll! tonight 8pm!~ Wayne Hooper, jazz musician extraordinary…Angie Angies…and tomorrow is his last gig here (same place, same time)….and it appears that one of our local wits has/is taken up exile in San Pedro..whither thou? and for how long?

Michos? Neil’s new venue…taking away some clients who usually go elsewhere for their cocktails…why? newness and the fact that smoking on the patio is…so far..okay..the existing pool of barflies..no, ‘clients’ is a finite number these days and yes, he has plans for changes come January…El Cazadore Italiano? ‘feels very funny(weird)to walk by and not see Marcel at the helm. To me, he was an integral part of the ‘experience’ and only time will tell as to what happens there…or not…

the latest(november)version of Our Man in Antigua is up on http://www.Createspace.com..in a few days Amazon.com will be offering it…monday the handy little flashdrive goes to the local printer for the local print version…there’s been a lotta changes in the last month around here…new places, old places gone and so on..and yes…the rainy season is almost over…please…

will the Mayor be having fiambre in his cell tonight?..poor devil…lost it all, just like that…why he didn’t skip town after he lost his immunity I’ll never know..Adolfo! Disney World, dude! 

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no, not the flare gun nor the Beretta…the book, Our Man in Antigua, will be available in print very soon…they’re shipping it to me on Jan 6th, proof copies…wuz gonna wait for the ‘graphics people’ and hope that the cover would be the same as the ebook…let’s just say that there were technical issues and leave it at that…’did the cover myself and cranked it..for a look, go to https://www.createspace.com/3755222  and out on Amazon.com next week…

kudos to Ocelot for pumping 100 Reasons why I like Antigua..however…different subject…the closed circuit tv attraced one dude who thought he was watching television…in a way, yes…no commercials..and no remote…

Nadooush, the new Gaia style joint on 6th  avenida norte? long, narrow…visualize Sangre’s footprint..dunno ’bout their business plan unless it’s another laundramat…the Restaurant Daikiri, in what was part of Restaurant Roadkill(previous Fusion)…gave up on the coffee shop idea and is now configured as a bar..

the new jewelry store next to Katun on the square? had their first robbery yesterday and now has a guard…’welcome to Antigua..speaking of Sangre…where the hell is the Man from Austin…the previous landlord/tenant? ‘haven’t seen him in months…

and why are there still tons of people in town, walking the streets after dark? shopping or at least window-gazing..ever wonder how/why Jades Antigua can afford two stores on 5ta norte? one at least huge..staff of 5-6, several rooms and an electric bill that’s gotta be staggering..Pat F back early from the YouEss of A…yep, it was cold..’brought back a jar of pickle relish for a pal(and he declared it in customs) the divine Miss E and Peter the H in Texas together? i’d heard that they’d had a ‘thing’ long time ago…rekindled?no, not the ebook reader…thank you, P.F for suggesting the shuttle drivers as a place to pimp the book…’hadn’t occured to me..duh..a few more days and this year is dead, gonzo and over..someone asked about the bandidos up north…Guate’s doofuss about to be ex-president declare three ‘States of Siege’ this year…some kinda record? one would hope that the incoming dude has the courage to clean up that part of the country and bring back tourists(alive and not robbed)..the only thing that Gautemala is #1 is in credit card fraud…not a record to be proud of..manana? Hump Day…go ‘do’ someone…lastly, Ignacio the Cuban? playing at Pangea tonight…why? for who? get the $$, dude..and then play..stick a fork in that place(they’re done)

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and maybe a long week ahead, judging from the crowds downtown…el parque central packed, coffee/ice cream stores jammed…por que, I asked  a long time ex-pat…don’t know…whatever, it’s just another ‘Antigua’ thing for which we love this place…no fireworks, at least so far…last night? I’ve come to be told that 4th avenida norte is #2 is the processions/parades and let ‘er rip’ in the pyrotechnic sense…after last night, I’m inclined to concur(agree)….’trying to get to my door at what was El Palacio de India, I was held up, mid block…yep, the statue of Mary, the band, the loudspeakers and the ‘Torito’…whiz bangs everywhere…the smell of gunpowder…no, the clouds of gunpowder…my landlady, next door, offered a cocktail or two…open bottle of run…well, hell..why not? 2 or 3 later, I thought why not bring out the flare pistol?…they’ve got rockets goin’ off left and right…what’s one more flare?….yes…the crowd at my front door now let me in/out as I reloaded…flares and rum…my kinda night…’love this town…the truck with the extension cord and the loudspeakers eventually went around the corner, to disturb another neighborhood.. 

Ocelot’s gonna be looking for more help…Ruslan and lady leaving soon..Pangea’s still advertising for a bartender…Plumb Bob!…hair raising stories of being held up in Dos Pilas…snakes, scorpions and bandidos with bandoliers…Nicky Z with new lady…looking over Franklin’s creation of the silver tee and silver divot tool…not going to a tournament but to his boss…..great gift idea..

my new Pin #../ not…dipshits at my boutique bank in sausalito haven’t done what i asked, two weeks ago..i’ll call ’em in the morning and chew sum butt..coulda been worse, as i was able to pull some q and cruise thru the week now…thank you very much..Plan B, the book cover for Our Man is done..assuming that one outa the  three graphics people I’ve outsourced this project don’t get their act together by the end of the week…in the meantime, more local people have asked me to display($)the paperback version in their tiendas/bars..and if you’re interested, go to https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/114724…. it’ll also be on a different outlet next week…Amazon.com, at twice the price(shipping, handling and printing $$), factors outa my control…as are a lotta things..jeez…is it really Monday night?



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no..it’s not another ‘gay’ joke…just got to thinkin’ about the usual cakes sent, delivered or passed around for Christmas…those heavy impossible to eat suckers with nuts, fruits…no, don’t go there…i guess that the inevitability of Christmas is sinking in but at least, sans TV…well i have one but it’s never on, that i don’t have to watch commercials nor count the remaining shopping days.

‘ran into Brielle duFlon early, on her way to work(she’s doing both the Galeria de Arte and dos Reillys’…asked about her show at Panza Verde last month…or was it two months ago? whatever…she sold 8…yep, 8 outa 14 paintings…major talent in town…and a note from John R (one of the original ‘unindicted co-conspirators’)reminding me of a name similarity to  John R. Wilbur and his presence (still)on the Interpol list…nope..no news from Roatan..’haven’t seen/spoke with Max in a while, nor have any of my island/Copan contacts answered any emails asking about details..’last i heard from Max is/was that the ‘case’ is slowly being dealt with..Reilly’s Guatemala City new location opens next Friday..16th..

neil c’s last night at ocelot is sunday…6pm start of the evening shift…go by..i’ ll do so..peter the hodge and LM checking out on sunday..back to the YouEss of A for a while…might end up in Puerto Vallarta for a spell. 

lethargy is still me this week…is it the full moon or the  lunar eclipse? ..no urge to go out at night…however…weird/good news re BAC and the ATM stuff…a local gringa had her account hacked a week or so ago…so, you say? the bank CALLED her to ask about any suspicious transactions and then…refunded her loss within a week…WTF! is it possible that BAC is finally…finally taking steps to stamp out this local problem?

the only thing that Guatemala is #1 these days is in credit/debit card fraud…’could be worse..Honduras has the #1 spot for murders…they’v just enacted a law providing for only one person on a motorbike…hmm..didn’t Guatemala have that law in place? right…lotta good that did…maybe the new US Naval base on Guanaja(Caribbean/Honduras)will choke off some of the drug activity passing by…kinda doubt it…Roatan being known as Coke Island won’t change, given the support of the locals/politicians..kinda like the Peten region..too much $$$ to change things…maybe, just maybe  Otto can make a difference: this country’s taking a beating in the press..La Prensa reporting that tourist $$ are down…wow..big news..ask any of the local proprietors(owners) I’m of the opinion that this country is too big to effectively get a handle on the drug traffic…not enough radar, cops or strike teams…too much graft…alas..again, ‘welcome to Chinatown, Jake’

ok…off the sap/soap box…smile, Polly Anna…

the evening stroll…fabulous full moon(the hair will start growing on the back of my hands shortly)..more personnel changes in the wind…one of our(well, mine)more popular duos not gonna be playin’ at a certain place. Why? who knows? the venue hasn’t changed, their music hasn’t changed but the crowds have…go figure…Neil C! ran a bar tab last night that’s historical…i counted 26 various cocktails…oughta frame the tab but it runs to both sides of the paper..Alex B of Fusion…also shakin’ his head at the inconsistency of the trade…up one day/week, down the next…ah..that ex-mex place next door, the shortly lived ‘709’? whatta tale of deception/ripoffs between the owner and his so-called partner…ask Alex..it’s so very very Antigueno chisme…however…come February that space will be hosting something new and different…with Sr Bell and a group of locals, there’ll be ‘Antigua by/for Antiguenos’..foods, crafts, cha cha…again, ask Alex..

the O’lot patio and space at Lava…f….king packed at 6..the new morena version of Flor wrapping up her shop, off to meet the sweet Gina C at El Portal…and Ms C is a grandmother? one of the better looking grandmother’s I’ve ever seen…ah, the Bistro Casola by night, Zoe’s clothing shop by day..5th calle..as a concept,  I like it…wonder where they put the clothes away?  ..lotta folks going thru major changes…Peter the G’s taking a position in a different kind of real estate market…once this financial f….up that’s worldwide gets resolved and once that Otto gets his hands on the reins of power in this country, who knows?  I think i’ve got it that the Pelicanos restuarant in Monterrico is for sale…these last few months have been brutal for that town…the floods, the ….fill in the blanks…and thanks for asking about the book release…next week it goes up into cyberspace and gets translated into various ‘languages/codes’ by the “Meatgrinder’…really…nope, don’t ask..I don’t get it but so what else is new? time to go howl at the moon.. 

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it ‘s slowly occurring to me that Peter the H and Lisa really are leaving in a few days…i’ve followed the saga of the ‘Beav and the trials/tribulations for nigh on two years…damn…that said, having been in similar situations where the times, the gods and the fates weren’t aligned, there’s a time to raise and a time to fold…it’s never easy and only time can heal any thoughts of what might’ve been or coulda/woulda/shoulda…ask me about the dot.com days in the 90’s, por ejemplo…a killer idea(but you can’t patent ideas)perfect timing, etc etc..written up in the Wall Street Journal, newspapers and that…just that close…

how ’bout a little whining? why isn’t there a bocce ball court in this town? why haven’t the faux mexican joint known as frida’s hired the mariachi band? why isnt’ there a decent bbq joint in town? or chinese? i know…this is Antigua and this is Guatemala…shut the f…k up and suck it up…if i really felt that strongly, i’d be living in San Jose, Costa Rica or even San Salvador..it’s all a trade-off…fewer gringos here, the architecture and the climate..yeah, i know that Granada has more bells and whistles…breakfast at Kathie’s Waffle House? I’m dreamin’ of #3…but it’s still Nicaragua and it’s small town Granada…but even they have decent mexican food…why not here?

Ixcot!..that black hole of despair? packed with a crowd..family deal…their biggest night ever!    Granada? Nicaragua? why is their beef so superior? Brendan B…what happened to the promise of rib eyes to die for? …hey, another couple of days and it’s Burn Satin..no, Satan Day…i think i’m gonna do the thing at the gas station this year…wednesday, 7 ish, no?

the ATM experiment hasn’t backfired…so far…screw…thanks a ton to BAC for giving Antigua a giant black eye for tourism…bastards all and no remorse…no warnings, no nothing…the dumb signs in the lobby…hey, it’s a crime without penalties, no recourse and no remorse..bastards..it’s not enough that they have more money than god…it’s the concept of ripoff..the unecessary ripoff of tourists and locals..tis been said that it’s an inside job, which make sense…i love this town and to see it’s reputation be smeared by the boys from bogota aggravates the hellouta me..fine..i’m going to my room…see you at the gas station…bring matches. 

lastly…thanks to those of you who’ve commented on the rough draft of the ‘travel guide’…it’s different but it’s ‘meat n pototoes’…seen from the perspective of someone who lives here, travels/writes and it’s stuff that i’d want to know before i hit town…the good, the bad and yes..the ugly..thanks..’should be out as an ebook in two weeks, print version in january..

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