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‘apropos of nothing..got to remembering the John Candy/Steve Martin goin’ home for the holidays movie..jeez, the town is FULL of White Folks…cameras, water bottles…i don’t recall it being this busy last Thanksgiving…but then, my RAM is full if not corroded..

looks like there’s gonna be some more vacancies hither, thither and yon…El Pintor aka the Circus Bar is about that far from tossing in the towel, pizza or ravioli…and the coffee bar in back? wtf were they thinking (or smoking)when they signed the lease? beats me…Metiz? i love their email ads/images…class…alas…location’s gonna kill ’em…had they taken over the old Deliciosa location, maybe they woulda  had a fighting chance..just by picking up the old clients used to stopping there.

that little bar inside the Galeria Merced? gonzo…empty…another great hide-out faded…like the little bar waaay in the back of Riki’s? or the Salvadoreano bar on 2nd calle, next to MDC’s Salon Creativo? places to hang when you don’t want to be seen..for whatever reason…

goldfinger aka Jason Lever back in town til mid December…or until the numerous paternity suit/drug charges catch up with him…I’m kidding…he and Shaun are thinking up some kind of Aussie ‘thing’ for Sundays there(Lava)…no, i don’t have a clue but what’s new? Luke Armstrong doing a benefit at Reilly’s and then  later at Sobremesa for a video clip for YouTube…

the shop people are watchin’ the doors…this is ‘make or break’ time for some…the Pangea’s Lounge adding more memorabilia to the outside…too little, too late…’wonder if the new bartender knows that the plugs probably gonna be pulled by the end of the year?  so? will they find a buyer? if so, for what? the remaining lease, the fixtures and the contents? ‘goodwill’, that elusive element? damn glad i don’t do ‘business appraisals’ anymore..i’d have to decline a lot of assignments, insist on being paid in cash and so on..

ah…the start of the gringo holiday season…and you know better than use the ATM’s at BAC, right? it’s a reverse Colombian version of the Christmas Plan. May your wishes be granted, the plate full and enjoy the moments…

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I’d received the e-mail cum chain letter last night about BAC’s latest rampage in town but it wasn’t until this morning that i was able to verify what I’d read (and the source)…in a word, those bastards…no, make that scum-sucking thieves not only stripping the life blood of Antigua aka tourists/visitors but now also hitting Guatemaltecos with local bank cards…Revue’s editor has written a powerful piece on this, coming out in the December issue: thanks, JB, for sharing the content. Later, in a long conversation with a local ‘law enforcement official’ who shall remain nameless (and the only cop I’ve run into here that seems to give a damn) the thread or trail seems to be logical to both of us. And this is a guy who has an old (80’s)degree in Computer Science..given that the ‘incidents’ began with the original negotiation and eventual purchase of BAC by the Bank of Bogota…the fall of 2010, around September, Lonely Planets disclosure later, December and then early this year and the electronic ‘trail’ leading back to Bogota, the conclusion shared is that this is an ‘inside job’…emanating from ‘down there’, an internal mole/rat/weasel knowledgable in the IT world, capable of covering their tracks eventually…later, last spring, the trail let elsewhere…Florida, Mexico, Puerto Rico..it sucks, they suck and now they’ve sucked money from more people…local Antiguenos of the native persuasion..bastards. 

God, what a beautiful day otherwise…perfect blue skies, air, light and music in the park…that other ‘Peruvian’ band, the usual 4-some with the truly big guy? doing a duet in the park this morning, of old Beatle standards…got my attention and i stopped to listen, something I never do..the very sweet Dona Gavi also mesmerized by them…she’s a grandmother? looking that good? must be something she sells in her little shop on 4th, near El Cazador Italiano…hmm, is it too late for me to try some?

I hear fireworks..bombs, mortars…probably another wedding…what else would it be? ‘ran into Carla B and her sometimes visitor, Richard earlier…she looks/looked radiant…’never seen her looking so vibrant..we missed each other at Travel Menu last night..which was crowded. So much that they ran out of stuff on the menu,like the beef or chicken dishes…christ, that’s a problem any restaurant in town would love to have..Peter the H, LM and Plumb Bob were saddled up at the bar…heard that Alex’ Sobremesa is booked out tonight for two hours(yay)’ran into Rita Maria last night at the Xian opening bash…whew..and then the girl who’s photo I shot with Nick?..this morning at Epicure…she’s got three kids?  yep..count ’em..right there…must’ve been a child bride kinda thing.

remember that story that a long time bar was opening another branch in the City? supposedly one of the key employees is already there…doing what exactly, i have no idea(typical, you say)if so and true, this makes some kind of sense…Zone 1 is Ground Zero, they do have a loyal following from the City…und, ‘zo on…if they had a Guate partner with bucks/juice…hmm..’been told that newcomers in that part of town get their asses kicked for dipping into the trough..maybe it’s all just chisme: the lubricating oil of Antigua business…and I’m still smiling over watching that sweet girl that we all know, last night, chugging jack daniels and coke…i’da never imagined that/her…you never can tell, is the motto…’have a great weak end..’see ya around later.

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often gang agley…or is the dopplegangers, the german version of porno? who knows, much less, who cares?

he's baaaack!

fine…the skies tonight almost cloudless, the almost full moon a lemon custard shade of yellow…Sean of O’lot out there, ‘flyering’ as John Wilbur used to call it…Crash Harriss working the front door of La Pena de Sol, derHenrik working his door…and we all agreed that it was a night to cut it short, go home and chill out…alas for them, they’re nailed to their business’…me? nope…retired/retarded and lovin’ it…no worries other than the state of the US economy and my …..o fuck…could they? yeah….hey! wanna buy an offshore legally established corporation or two? i just happen to have two…one a Belize corp, the other a Costa rica corp…ask me for details..cheap/functional and very very handy..half way thru one of Alex’ books, part of a trilogy…the dude can write!..’having a bit of a problem with the genre but we’re a generation or two apart..and Day Four sans Pall Malls..they were getting harder and harder to find in the stores…’heard of a robbery down 5th sur by the Escalonia nursery today….machete-armed dude robs a gringa, in daylight…oops..also heard of a recent ATM rip from the BAC branch…$10000 USD from a gringo here on a mission trip..alas..Kay Anske, who was the US Consul, has been gone for a month, checking out in D.C before she retires and presumably she and Ralph go to China..’miss them, i do…sweet people and fulla great stories..
tomorrow? Wendy’s really really big going away party at Cashbar…i guess this time it’s for real…close enough that i can crawl home…

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I recently heard a version of events involving someone that I’ve always liked: let’s just call him Pirate John and I don’t think he’d mind that tag, since that’s been his persona here, there and a few other places. A few weeks ago I was stunned to hear of his placement on a certain list known as Interpol, involving shenanigans in Roatan. If you’ve spent any time on that pirate base, you’ll come to the conclusion that piracy is still alive and well there. The politics are incestuous, the attorneys avaricious and people get away with murder. Take the case of a well-connected local named Danny a couple of years ago: he’d warned a local small-time crook nick-named ‘Bin Laden’ to stay out of his property. ‘Bin Laden’ apparently took this as a personal challenge and returned one fateful night to steal a few more coconuts. Danny promptly shot him seven times, once for every purloined coconut. While ‘Bin Laden’ lies six feet under, Danny freely drives around and he’s regarded as a pillar of the community. This concept of ‘community policing’ and modern day piracy may be what’s been going on at the West End, where “P.J” used to live and develop condo projects. Once removed from the scene by moving to Antigua, where he established roots and a couple of businesses, it seems like the time was ripe for a corporate raid or two by a few islanders who smelled blood. It’s an old story, set to a reggae beat: lawyers, false documents, fake warrants and nearly a clean sweep. Now armed with new and hopefully more honest attorneys, this week may see some light at the end of this nightmare. There supposedly is a settlement to be made, after which the legal clearances will clean up what appears to be a very dirty trick. Roatan is a law unto itself, and they don’t consider themselves part of the mainland. There’s a curious law on the books, where if a resident is over 65 years of age, they can’t be sent to jail, for anything.  Just don’t leave the island with any money left on the table. I’d like to believe in a happy ending but the twists and turns of Latin legalities are always surprising. This is just one more twisted tale of modern day piracy.

2. interview with the newly arrived Mexican belly dancer (with photos)

shakin' at Gaia this week

she’s gotta lotta hidden talents…more tomorrow but if I were a bar owner, I’d  be talkin’ to her..

3. Nim Pot`s x-rated ex votos

4. the insidious secret of el muros`Twisted Tuesdays 

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per a note from John in Texas…”just found out about the corporate tax bullshit but should have it taken care in a week or two.”

‘since I’m outa here this morning for Monterrico and back late Sunday, etc..no updates, no chisme and no tears.

I’m depressed. Know that i enjoy seeing people do well, run a business, and succeed. I’ve done more start-ups, do overs and reinventions than i can remember and I’m pained to see someone that I liked go down in flames…I’ve traveled with John and I’ve traveled with Elle..I’d rather travel with John, because having been married to beautiful women, they tend to have ‘beautiful problems’…so what if he packed his nose on occasions? I’ve been packing mine long before he was born…his energy is awesome(and i hate that word)manic and infectious and i enjoyed traveling with him, which is something i rarely do, since traveling is…well, not easy…travail is the root word..

ran into a few people out tonight…Pat Farrell aka Sweeny, with the ever tasty Emma…eating out somewhere later..He Who Asked Not to Be Named at Cafe No Se, with Karla and Nelson…Ron on sax at Ocelot..great..the Lounge? going down the ‘all you can drink for 60q’ route…failure…ask Sangre, Studio 35 and the other losers..Lava’s new umbrellas are great and the whiff of sizzlin’ burgers from the patio below is just right…Michael T at Pina del Whatever, across from Angies…in from jogging..who knew? not me./Cafe Flor? packed! looked like either Peace Corps or Christians…

heard/checked it and unless there’s a very big error, one of our more active bar/cafe owners is on the Interpol ‘watch list’…the data matches too well…I’m flabbergasted..no, I’m fucking stunned…and the ripples/implications of this will be sizable..I’ve always liked pirates & buccaneers…some of my best friends…a Hell’s Angel or two, a person who shall remain nameless…one of the top 20 gunmakers in the world…and his clients? there’s a colorful, ‘take no prisoner’s attitude towards life,as in ‘full speed ahead’ that I  enjoy being around…now that I’m mostly retired, older and perhaps a bit wiser I can observe from afar…hell, I once worked for a pirate…charged/convicted of piracy on the high seas..ex-hard-hat diver, demolition dude and the starter of more bar fights that I care to remember, because Skip his son and I would have to step in..damn…this depresses me. A pirate with a golden ear ring got me to India and the ruby mine..one of the many reasons i like antigua is the variety of characters: yeah, there’s some sleazoids, drunks and scam artists but there’s also a rich vein of people with amazing backgrounds…if i hadn’t given my cannons away i’d probably load one up and touch it off…goddamn..maybe, just maybe, some good news from a place near sipacate…nope, can’t tell..wait…if so…hallejuyah or whatever..I could use some good news. JP i didn’t give a shit about…Don Marco i always had a wierd feeling about…but John? if it’d been a DEA thing, I would’ve understood..El Muro quiet, understandably…el caminante oddly dead at 7 or so..wtf? maybe mercury is retrograde and the moon is in uranus…hasta domingo, posible..

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