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Guatemala, where the strange is just another dose of the daily news and the weird is cannon fodder…no mudder, fodder…I published this last night and this morning in one local paper, the headline read that he’d already been deported, back to Belize…no other confirmation, anywhere…


so…? so what? who the hell knows?  or cares, you ask…in a conversation this morning with a local business man, i made a heavy side-bet that…if he (McAfee)were back in Belize (or not) that his phone is ringing with offers from Hollyweird to ‘do’ the story…c’mon…think about it…lawyers, guns,drugs, money, hookers and bizarre behavior? is this not a description of half of Congress, Oprah, Phil Spector and so on? my bet was that within six months we’re looking at a made for TV movie, shot on location…oops..wrong word/connotation…’filmed on location’…and the Belizean sleazoids will sign on as ‘consultants’…oh…who to play the staring role? that whacked out person, likewise ‘eccentric and unstable’…Tom Cruise…life, as usual, defeats the efforts of comedy, art and insanity..pick your actress..Demi Moore, Pam Anderson, Seka…obscure reference #2

yep..missed it again…the ol burning of the Devil…(set for 5pm)..every f$#@! year i think, you know…you really ought to go see it/shoot photos..but as I said earlier to Nicole…i’ve seen the Devil already, in so many times/places/hallucinations, that once more really isn’t going to make a helluva difference..Nixon, for example…LBJ…Tom DeLay…peyote, DMT, mescaline..cha cha cha…Jimmy Swaggert..no, I never really liked acid..

the streets were somewhat empty, somewhat full..5th ave, first block north of the park, doing fine…Casbah/Studio 35 looking good, early..Red’s dead, that new place, La Velada on 1st Calle, with the Spor Bar sign? closed…oops..not good..4th calle,the golden gulch? Sobremesa slammed, Neils’ Michos the same, Tartines? Francois, at the door, looking lonely…Fusion/Mammas? slow…DaVinci? two..yes, 2 tables!…the road/highway screw up at the entrance to town is likewise screwing up a lot of city folks who don’t want to deal with even more of a traffic problem..perfect for Christmas, eh? 

speaking of Christmas, i’ve decided what i want…a real stocking stuffer…Santa, you bastard…come thru for me  this year, goddammit..I’ve been good…and i can produce signed statements, if you want…

is she hot or what?

James aka Santiago/Bull Durham? looking 110% better! color, gaining weight and walking(gingerly aka slowly)…great news…and the ‘pork chop/rib connection? back on, again..briefly…place your orders pronto…jamesdurham2@gmail.com for next week (I’m in for chops)

is she hot?…yeah…if I can find a really really big stocking..’got the fireplace…and if Santa(you stingy bastard) comes thru…

the impending road trip to Take a Lick Abaj? not quite set in stone…more like set in Silly Putty but we’re talking about a time/place for leaving next Wednesday…progress, Antigua style.. 



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holy freezin’ jesus…three weeks til the end of the world and a month til 2013? yep..check your calendars, people.

the ‘unindicted co-conspirators’ meeting in the patio at Ocelot…and where the f…..k is J.R?…no, not THAT J.R, he died early this week…the other guy, even more secretive than Howard Hughes/Frank Vesco/Sammy the Bull…


that pizza place on 4th avenida, across from Ocelot? a for rent sign in the window…next to the shuttered/closed dead as a doornail Riki’s…who’s gonna take over that space? with the impending closure of Ixcot, that block is gonna be lights out after the first of the year…DA Mayor’s big Jimmy SUV parked in front of City Hall..that poor…well, relatively poor bastard…cooped up in jail with Portillo, his assets seized…am I the only one who waves at his daughter? (and she’s well worth waving at, believe me)…

that newish restaurant, La Velanda or whatever..in the old Fusion location, corner of 1st calle and 6th avenida? that’s the place that missed the ‘T’ in Sport Bar…well, they’ve added a nice brass ‘T’ now…so? so what? spor bar, sport bar, sperm bar…take a look at Red’s and decide if you want to open up another sports bar in town…idiots..

Santa, aka Frank May of Nim P’ot, passing out gift baskets which included some of his fresh organic produce from the Farm…that’s a neat personal touch over the cellophane wrapped canastas from Bodegona…

Jim aka Santiago Durham returns home from the hospital/surgery/ball/hip thing tomorrow..yep, I’ve been drafted…and that vinos y licores place on 5th calle P, towards La Pena del Sol? someone just upped the ante/stakes and has added a lot of new brands of liquor(jack daniels etc)plus a walk-in humidor well stocked with Cuba’s finest…the stogies are a bit dry but that’ll change…a very good assortment, better than…well, maybe..no, on 2nd thought, I think the nod goes to them…if they had Montecristo #1’s…or San Cristobals…hmm…and thanks, Mike D, for the salacious gossip/scandalous babble about a mutual friend…whew…this town is incestuous, ‘n’est ce pas?…frenchy talk for ‘no shit’…


it appears that there might be a ‘road trip’ coming up…the principals are nodding their heads..film at eleven..last but not least: is Alex Ferrar of Sobremesa the most talented chef in town? or creative? ..had some of his latest, mezcal ice cream…Don A, George S in there early, noshing away..(eating) and yes, I missed the performance of Nutcracker Suite, Handel’s Messiah and i gave away the ticket to the ballet for tomorrow night..after i get Bull Durham up the steps tomorrow to his f….king apartment and squared away, I’m taking the week off..yeah, you say…I’v been ‘off’ for a long time…no shit.


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one of the iconic symbols of American snacks went outa bizness today….fired the workers, some 18000 and said…adios. If you were around San Francisco is the late 70’s, a disgruntled city supervisor who’d lost his job gunned down the Mayor and the first openly gay supervisor, Harvey Milk…and then his attorney used the famous “Twinkie Defense”, claiming that Dan White had overdosed on Twinkies, which caused his lapse in values, judgment and so on…yes, acquitted…only in SF..for my 50th birthday, some bizarre notion (that’s new, you ask?)and for a birthday cake I arranged 50 Twinkies (with candles)…yeah, ‘San Francisco values”

ah…the best breakfast in town! where? Micho’s…4th Calle Oriente, #10, where Neil Craig is working his ass off, 18 hours a day, threatening to fire at least one employee…are they skimming? probably…anyway..he’s got a simple ‘American’ breakfast…eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and toast..all done perfectly..35q…the best I’ve had since Kathy’s Waffle House in Granada, Nicaragua…he, as are many in town, is a talented chef and the rest of the menu reflects that…Alex F of Sobremesa gets high marks, as does Alex L  of Fusion…El Cazadore Italiano keeps on keepin on..this particular plate is simple…home cooking, diner style, you name it..I’ll be back..

La Casbah?  fresh exterior paint, the signs back over the front door but the electrical meter is missing?…’heard that Mateo is going to resurrect it…how? wait and see…No! Mateo is back! saw him in the street and at 8 pm the newly resurrected Casbah opens…the murals are gone and it’s totally new inside…will Djinn move back in to their previous space?

that vacant space on 5th Calle, near Organica et al…still vacant…hey, for $3000 bucks a month, why not?

Tourists! hordes…streams of white folks being hustled (one way or the other)from point to point…cruise shippers, most of them…what the hell…a few souvenirs from ‘trusted stores’ and some jade from specific stores, a few commissions here and there…it’s biz, folks..welcom to Antigua-Stan…leave the money, por favor…

and kind of a sad day on the finca where I hang the panama…one of the two older Dobies died this morning..12 and ailing, so it’s probably a good passing…she’ll get a plot (already dug) in the doggie cemetery corner…she was always hiding out in my bedroom and I’ll miss her..Godspeed, ol gal..doggone, damn.. 

and yes…more/further delays for the November version of Our Man…Frener the Printer…had the flashdrive for two weeks…said…”wednesday…then 10 am Thursday…then 10..no, make that 11am on Friday…no, I’ll bring it to your house by 1pm..(today)…aint’ got it…o well, it’s only money and promises, something that Guatemala is short on…good thing I’m not uptight or anal or Type A…

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there’s only two more nights to catch the very urbane Mr Wayne Hooper…next thurday/friday at Angie Angies…7-9…there is tonight of course, assuming…Panza Verde, 8-10. Yet another musical hole in the soul of Antigua. But, hey…we’ve got the Friday night brass band at the Palacio, plus the ever swingin’ occasional marimba group on the steps of  City Hall. Yeah, City Hall….is the council or whoever’s in charge(sic)have meetings with the Mayor in his cell? web cam and skype?

Bull aka Santiago (James) Durham, long time Antigueno, 3rd place winner in the famed Terlingua Chili Cookoff…think 5 stars in Michelin…slipped, broke a hip bone(connected to the thigh bone, which is…)and now in the Betancourt Hospital in San Felipe…4th floor, rm #7…3 weeks, he says the docs said…the room is, shall we say, ‘spartan’….if know of any hot 20 yr olds that look great in a nurses outfit…call me…gawd..the birthday party in Vegas….Brenda in a nurses costume…wonder if I saved any photos?

Jason aka Goldfinger, back from the frozen wastes of Magadan(Siberia)….made me roadtest a ‘sample’ of the mezcal in the wood kegs behind the bar at Lava…

And I’m saddened by the implosion of what was, is and might still be La Casbah..I heard number$$s but since I never verify/fact check here, I’m not ‘goin’ there…significant though…Angel, across the street at the  new location of Djinn? sloooow….very sloooow…funny how, on that block at least, a move across the street can seem like the kiss of dearth…or death…Ricardo’s Tabacos y Vinos thrived after moving across the steet…por que/why? feng shui, dumb ass luck?

I thought i was in a time warp last night…no, not THAT bar….the lobby of Nido Antigua, Fushions’ complex? in the corner is a selection of crystals, crystals on chains and even a couple of Tibeten singing bowls…rum the inner rim with a stick, wand, whatever and the bowl starts to reverberate….kinda cool, especially with incense, an indian bedspread and some bean bags…maybe jefferson airplane.

Races in the morning..Pedro Cofino track, half way to Esquintla…9am…if you’re taking heart medications, bring double: trust me.

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Antigua….safe, sane and sedate. Maybe INGUAT can use this in their literature but for those bars/restaurant owners counting on foot traffic ($$) it’s a deadly trap…but there are bright spots…Wayne Hooper, Mr Smooth Jazz himself, is back…playing at Panza Verde and no, i didn’t take notes(no pen) and my memory(sic) is like a sieve…Piano Mike mentioned something about he and Moriah doing a gig(ask him)…

Hillbilly Tom, back from being unwell…goin’ to the races on Sunday…what good ‘ol boy could resist the roar of V8’s?…Plumb Bob wanted to go but he’s on a bus to Tapachula to renew his visa.

Angies’s birthday? not….the FB posting was bogus but I got to see her and the improvements at AA’s…art on the walls(and good)plus Ay! Robot is in the front portion…yay…they’ve survived…good move, Dan…probably a better location.

check out Sobremesa’s new art and Fusion’s new look…very very ‘bistro’ now..well, I like it..fine.

per Henrik of dos Reillys, the new location in Granada opens in December…and that town knows how to party(unlike the new Antigua)…some folks starting to get the concept that Zone 1 is/has sucked a lot of bar biz from A-Town…and why not? looser, closer and a lot more exciting…walk up 5th avenida norte and fall asleep, for example.  La Sala? great art/walls and rockin’ music…unlike the Sunshine Grill: I stopped for a slice of pizza to go and on the TV was vintage Prince, ’80’s, doin’ Purple Rain…the owner had the sound off: WTF?  the sound  off? ah…some folks just  don’t get the concept…I’da stayed and bought a beer just to hear Purple Rain and watch Prince do his moves..

Bull Durham,aka Santiago, out of action for a week…getting new fangs…which means no pork orders this week…fine…didnt’ wanta bbq anyway…oops, wrong…’grill’ is the proper word..  

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