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it’s one of my two favorite times of day….5 +….the clouds roll over the mountains to the west, reminding me of San Francisco/Sausalito fog banks, the various flocks of birds in the finca fly in to the fountain and fight over landing rights(the smaller mourning doves lose to the larger clarineros)and to the east, where the last group of tennis players wind up, all you  can hear is ‘fault! or ‘out!’….reminds me of being married, in a way.

By any measure, Lori Shea’s Antigua Music Organization show was a success/boffo/superb!….the 300 chairs were filled and another 50+ people milled around…the 2nd act, ‘Annika’ seems to have taken the prize for musical perfection/act/class etc..’according to a few people I spoke with…familiar faces in the crowd…the ever elegant Maite Morjan, Yves Goudard/wfe (they’re thinking of moving to 
Morocco) and Lito/Ale, two of Antigua’s more popular waitstaff..Lito says he’s leaving in a month and moving to Albuquerque (NM)….we shared experiences…the fabulous Mexican food, mainly..I could almost live in New Mexico…almost..the climate, the culture, the food..Santa Fake,  not..Taos? I never really ‘got’ Taos…

Some go, some return…’Nazi’ John, so dubbed by DVM aka Hogan…James Mullen, our 50 yr old heavy metal Goth….heart of gold…Ponzi Bob leaves Wednesday..always dreamin’ of gold..some day?

so..it’s the main month, down to the countdown of Easter Sunday…yeah, the crowds, the pickpockets…the alfombras are xlnt…works of art, in some cases….I’m not a ‘stand in line’ kinda guy, unless I’m at the head of the line..ask me about the scar on the back of my head, for an example.

and yes, the ATM thieves…two of the restaurants that Mike D mentioned as possibilities for his regretful event are old time Antigua establishments but all it takes is one bent waiter….my recent experiences with ATMs? I’d probably avoid the one in Bodegona…when it’s gone, its gone and it takes a while to get it back…the replacement ATM card might get here in 3 or 4 weeks…cash? o, that’s right…how do you get cash, in the meantime? think about it..and I’m waiting to see how Alex Long’s new cantina shapes up, La Calle…it feels like it has what I’ve called ‘critical mass’…a term for describing the perfect size for a bar or restaurant…like Hector’s  or the Snug…it’s ‘people thing’, a comfort zone.

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The current news, as the rains arrive early this year.

 Mr Big(see below)faded after the 50 bags of sand didn’t produce as promised or predicted…is there time for one last shot or attempt to dig up a few more sacks of dirt or do they have to grovel in the gravel?  

Some of the latest: another  investor  came on board and put up $$ for immediate action(good)…supposedly a casa on the river was, the dredge waits for another season and a new larger(giant)riffle/shaker apparatus has been purchased…wrong. The owner didn’t quite like the shares of stock and a lick and a promise on the back end.

 The only problem is that its so big that a five-ton truck is needed to bring it to the river from Rio Dulce. ..what a visual. If Marina, my Georgian ‘Che Quevara’ was still talking to me, I’d have her out there with a whip, flogging those few mules they did find previously…she’d probably do well.

One thing I haven’t heard discussed(not that I’m privy to all )is the schedule/timetable…the new partner, Fred, has a ton of hardrock equipment and years of Guatemalan mining experience. This addition to the mix may be very good or very disrupting. The numbers I’ve heard tossed around about the probable amount of paydirt in the river are staggering…what was a small back-pocket operation may morph into a much larger concern. The licenses are on hold, still lost in the bureaucratic mazes of G City and for how much longer, who knows? More whiskey and fresh horses for the men!  or is it more whiskey for the horses?

The earlier stuff, written in October/November, has gone through a few permutations and continues to change daily: this is an ongoing story, a never-ending tale of twists,turns and tangles. The equipment, the licenses, the lawyers and the players provide a weekly, if not daily soap opera/saga of gold mining in all its devious forms…tis bad enough or hard enough to find it, much less get it out of the sand, gravel or water…that may well be the easy part because after that the human element comes into play. Gold seems to have the power over men that surpasses that of cocaine, women or power: the very sight of it or the dream of holding it spins off fantasies and desires. To be immune to this is to be almost impossible. Crack-monkeys and smack freaks will relate to this. Any kind of recovering addict knows exactly what I’m talking about.

For more details, go to http://www.riosuerte.com

Several months ago, after two and a half hours later of high speed chuck-hole(huecos)dodging in the Mitsubishi Crew Cab, five of us crammed in, rock music blaring, we were finally at the river. Time for a much-needed pit stop and a few rounds of 9mm practice…one round was a dud but the others found their target,more or less. Edwin practiced shooting out of the driver’s side window. He later explained that the reason he drove full speed was to avoid any potential road-blocks by bandits in the area. Their M.O, he explained, was to notice any possible hold-up worthy passage, call ahead and arrange for a road block. Since the Mitsubishi is new and has been seen in the area frequently, he was concerned that we were targets….damn, and all I had was a BIC in my bag…I suppose I could’ve returned fire with my Canon.We arrived at the present site and took a hike down the hill, following the cow path. The river was still running high but it’s fallen several meters since.

The idea of day was to bag up a few pounds of sand to sluice later. I took a hammer and pounded on rocks, looking for jade. I do believe I found a few boulders but I need to do some more research/pounding/looking here before I make that pronouncement. It got a bit sweaty down there but Roberto’s local guy gave him some nice flakes he’d placered out before the river washed away his sluice box…

hpim15941We’re packin’ here!
The flop that didn't pop

The flop that didn't pop

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