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for all, whether you need it or not…can it hurt? Coming this Monday, the 15th, just in time to moan about filing your US tax return, the 3rd anniversary of Ocelot….5-6pm, open bar…well, not quite but the lower end stuff is free…perfect timing since a lot of the more….uh, ‘serious drinkers’ have left for the States.

top this! or send in your own experiences with the maid hiding stuff…I thought it was just me/mine but Mike Chrisman has a story about a set of salvaged wine corks being used in a game….and where did she put them? in the oven….I feel a little bit better, but if you can top it, do so..no rewards other than mutual WTF’s…

speaking of WTF, I met a relative tonight, who  is the Editor for a publication in El Salvador, called WTF…’Waves, Tours, Fiestas’….a relative, here? distant but her name is Kelli Hatfield..it’s a new publication and a guide book…I like it…www.wtf-elsalvador.com and yes, I’m a distant Hatfield cousin, which might explain my predilection for guns/whisky..

Imageand there you have it…ah, the smell of gun powder in the morning.

Segafreddi, the new nightclub upstairs where the theatre was, by Mono Loco?  open..a bit on the cavernous side, huge movie screen, nice bar, dance floor and upper level to watch…Wok Co, my favorite chinese joint, packed..

Bobby Darling/Moriah Sterling, setting up at Caffe Bourbon, Rumi(i finally went in)looks fine…Neils’ ‘Gastro Pub doing fine, Nido Antigua empty….lotta spaces vacant: guess that Semana Santa didn’t quite pan out as expected. The old Reilly’s location on  upper 5th still undergoing renovations…been said that they’ll have some apartments up,  and commercial spaces down..it’s only been two years plus since they started, eh?

and last but not least, the Miracle! Frener, my printer….the local version? produced, for the first time, perfect editions…no typos, missing pages, screw-ups and ….on time…I think its time for another adult sports beverage…

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apropos of nothing, of course…the seemingly never-ending story of the “Land Rover” in the muck took another twist today….it seems that it really belongs (sort of)to Mac and Jim Hearne except that they never really had a title to it.. .so? so what? anyone with a printer/scanner and a decent graphics program can get around this issue..more or less…my suggestion to Reid is to put it on pontoons and float it to Puerto Barrios…right, as it…he’s getting very cold feet about this deal.

Francisco, one of our resident ‘dealers’ in hot/dubious merchandise of uncertain provenance (I’m being kind)working the patio at Ocelot…the jade mask? for you…500q..

the latest roadtrip….http://www.examiner.com/article/the-search-for-monument-21?cid=db_articles

what was the Restaurant Panchoy is reincarnating as the Cafe Panchoy…a big space on 6th ave, and installing a lot of new wooden fixtures…what was Ixcot has a new tenant, slowly moving in. A menu, business plan and a license? who knows…maybe they’ll call iit…”Mama Town”….and thanks, Christian for the ‘ thumbs up’ on the little Skyy Cosmo cocktails at Bodogona…yep, add a little extra Vitamin V and they crank/rock…whatever..

and a early Happy Birthday to the Marvelous Miss M….how old is she gonna be? I know, but some gentlemen don’t tell..HBT’s 69th rolls around(nice visual)on Sunday…Guanajar will rock..fireworks, guns in the night, the usual stuff..I’m definitely packin’ and I don’t mean a suitcase…if half the stories I’ve heard are any indication, a man would be a fool not to.

If you read a lotta books (and I do) consider joining the American Legion Library, up 7th avenida next to the Bavarian Garden…open to anyone with 100q (a year’s subsciption), 11-3, 7 days a week…over 30000 books of every kind: I’d be spending a 100q a week otherwise, buying used books.

Bobby Darling and Moriah playing at Cafe Bourbon tonight…Mike C and lady there on time for the start..the rest of the eateries in town fairly empty but given the hordes of clean/white kids streaming into town, they gotta eat somewhere(maybe)

gun control? use both hands…


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Campbell’s…right, the  high point of this weeks’ jaunt to the ‘sailor’s port’ of Puerto San Jose, the cane fields of Bilbao and Monument 21…it turned out that this is a good time to wander around the cane fields looking for Mayan carvings. The fields are dry and the cane is low, providing good visibility…yeah, Hill Billy Tom is credited with spotting the elusive carved stone.

PSJ? hot/humid, buzzing with folks on motos….cant’ say that I advise driving at night with HBT….his night vision is lousy, the cracked windshield in the Ford truck doesn’t help and there are other ‘factors’….we did, however, find the ‘new and improved;’ Bamboo Room, now known as El Talisman…didn’t find the Millenium or the Las Vegas clubs, nor the other ‘places’ that HBT had been to..we kinda swore an oath, that ‘what happens in Puerto San Jose, stays in Puerto San Jose’, so any specific details of events/conversations or observations will not be reported here.

the hotel was perfect, the weather hotter than hell…the dancers at El Talisman sweated a lot and in general, the place was a vast improvement over the old Bamboo Club..and I’ll punch out a few words/photos about the monument 21 in the field..only one narrow miss/gut-wrenching moment when riding with HBT, doing the ol passing uphill/curve/narrow  bridge routine.

In a week from now, it’s off to Guanajara, the little village over the river from Gualan and a hide-out from the looniness of Semana Santa here in Antigua…there may be seats open for this run, as it, somehow, isn’t sounding attractive to the usual crew…c’mon..what’s a few rounds of random gunfire at night? thankfully, at least to me, I have an extra box of ammo that needs ‘field testing’…and given the dud rounds from the previous source, this is a good chance to…er..be one of the boys? from what I’ve heard, gunfire and holes in the  roof are standard behavior there..and the Campbells soup reference? a LaTorre Supermercado in PSJ…


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so….McAfee…sold his life story already, as predicted herein..titled “Running in the  Background”…..jeez…the guy says he just wants to “settle down to whatever normal life…etc” for someone who’s been doing guns, drugs, hookers and hallucinogenic bath salts, ‘normal’ is not the word I’d pick but…I still expect him to show up in the Park one of these days or at a few bars…’heard that he tried to check in at Bruno’s in Rio Dulce but it was full…yeah, he’d fit in with that crowd easily.

the Manos de Christine thing on Sunday apparently was a raging success…no slug fests, just mellow people…sorry I missed it..it’s like I missed Victoria singing Saturday/Sunday night at Cafe Flor….’just can’t take the staying up til 4-5am stuff any more…hey, it wasn’t my fault, ok?

‘found some photos on the web of what appears to be Mike Donley’s long lost boulder/monolith in Bilbao/El Baul…we’ll know wednesday, when the Cougar Boogers get goin’..it’s only been 40 years since he was there, ok?

‘seem to have lost a reader who thought that I was drunk when I wrote, a dirty old man and so on…yep, nailed again…read the disclaimer/about pages for any disclosures, eh?

ah..Volcan Agua! blazing fires around the top….started Sunday morning, gets bigger every day…what to do? bucket brigades?…right…a long long string of garden hoses from Ciudad Viejo? what’s gonna happen up there? who cares and who’s responsible? nadie/no one…how do you say ‘Smokey the Bear’ in spanish?  if Smokey shows up, he’s bbq material.


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yeah, drink til 3 and piss til 4am…’not sure what the occasion was but around the corner this morning there was bad drums and fuzzy bass guitars til then…no one in the ‘hood’ slept…’might’ve been the Feast of the Mackerel Conception or whatever but after the Burning of the Devil Friday, last night/morning, I was in no shape to go to the Manos de Christine for the BBQ….I WAS the bbq today..’still am…stick a fork in me, cuz I’m done…and of course, the usual  Sunday football game at the stadium just over the hill…more drums…are a lot of folks hearing impaired in this country? about 3am, i thought about letting off a few rounds but no one would/could’ve heard it…even with an AK with tracer ammo…nada, zip, SOL, dude..
i guess that in San Felipe, permits/licenses for such aren’t necessary (the music, not the guns)..

yeah…McAfee will be with us for a month…maybe more, maybe less…’wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t show up in Antigua, once he gets over being ‘stressed out’…he’s perfect for the boys in the park and some of the bars…’heard today that …nope, can’t talk about it..lo siento..

great..now there’s fireworks..mortar bombs goin’ off nearby…I suspect that Monday will be even slower than usual (and that’s saying something)..and the kids..no, skids are greased for 12/12/12’s departure of the 4 Gringos Road Trip up to Rey-hoo…and a big round of applause for James aka Bull/Santiago Durham..a week outa the hospital and he walked to/fro La Bodegona today…not on his skateboard, but walked..and the level of the rum is getting perilously low…wait! there’s wine!…will this day ever end? will I get a good nights sleep? who cares (I do, dammit)…

gun control? use both hands and if the band comes back around…

gun control means using both hands

gun control means using both hands

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