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a polymer used in baby diapers? nope, not a menu item…just another desperate move by the japanese..’dont’ think anyone’s gonna be fishing there for a while…a few miracles in A-town, though…Shaun of O’lot in a happy daze re the business numbers (unheard of)..usually a new biz is lucky to break even after 18 months..’start up costs, inventory, ad’s, pc’s (pouring costs)…tain’t the case here…i suspect that Alex Bell’s new Fusion is running a close 2nd (he was packed all weekend)…Sobremesa’s Ice cream store? out the gate and running..what is it exactly? luck, location, dedication and personality…think of whom you know that make it a pleasure to give them money (that’s the bottom line)..dos Reillys and their dart game workin’ on monday night, the bar is gone (gasp!) at Da Vinci..yep, they’re starting to take it apart and no, none of the fixtures/antiques are for sale (I asked) per Claudia #1, who finally got in to the mess known as the ex Rum Bar last week, it was ‘totalmente destruida’…the bum left 3000q in unpaid electric, 1900q phone, and 5000 q water…no idea/estimates on the repairs yet but she’s smiling again(and that ain’t bad)…actually that’s damned incandescent but that’s my opinion…Monica of the Jungle Party Hostel 99% completed with a complete makeover and she does her own art work (stencils)…xlnt work…i thought she’d hired someone and the new look/functions are superb..now, she’s asking…what happened to the March crowd? lotta other people asking the same question: is/was it the sum of all the bad news about Gautemala recently? throw in the all the bad press about the ATM’s in Antigua and you might have a connection…which is STILL going on, as of today, yesterday and so on…WTF? BAC isn’t/hasn’t and it doesn’t appear that they’re gonna do anything other than collect transaction fees and plead ignorance/nolo contendere…yet another ‘dog and pony show’ scheduled for tomorrow here…arranged by the US Embassy, with INGUAT/BAC jackasses to give us another Power Point demo of 5 year old technology and assure us that they’re all over it..per JR of a local Internet provider, the bank sends its data not over landlines(which are problematic in guatemalo)but over wireless networks…unencrypted wireless networks..the dumbest hacker with free shareware (google datamining, software, ATMs) …good gawd…dumb…no, they just don’t care, there’s no laws,no recourse and in the meantime Antigua’s tourist and resident population are being cyberfucked daily…and no kisses..do you know anyone who hasn’t been hacked? I can think of 2-3…bar owners all..google ATM’s, problems, guatemala for another dose of depressing events..no, I didnt make it to ‘manly men night’ at El Muro…low level of testosterone probably…passed Ignacio the Cuban earlier, dressed for work…where? the music venue/players in this town change weekly or so it seems..to me, anyway…went by Caffe Opera, hoping to listen to Adan the pianist..nope..the newly opened/stacked American Legion library, next to the Jardin Bavaria is open..11-3, 7 days a week..100q yearly dues, 30000+volumes of the damndest/greatest assortment of books you’ll ever see…no porn, though so if you have some to contribute..step up..ok..something good to say about Antigua…and the cobblestone streets: love the babes on their motos, bouncing along/around, up and down…great visual for the start of the day, mine anyway…contest? Miss Antigua!…nah, i’m sick but that’s no surprise..last minute grumble…nearby mortars goin’ off…are they testing their matches, the fuse or the pipe? keep it up and I’ll be testing the hammer/trigger on the Beretta..

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