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is supposedly in town, hence all those PNC pickups driving around with the Army dudes in back, fingers on their itchy triggers…why? to keep her here or prevent a kidnapping? what kind of ransom would she be worth?…and where is her ex’royal jeweler’?….the shops long gone, as is he, unless he shows up for Flor the Magnificent’s Fashion Show at Casbah tomorrow night (6pm)…yeah, I’m goin’…if nothing else, Flor can dress!

Nelson Lunding, playing at Le Petite Sant Malo 8pm tonight, outer (east 4th calle) Bobby D and Grace? probably, somewhere tonight (I forget) that ‘reporter from the New York Times?’…not, just a figment of someone’s imagination…a few people departing next month, going back to their respective countries…and a recent return of you-know-who, from down South…good news for a bar or two, I s’pose.

Lori Shea’s Antigua Music Site, sheduled for an official launch April 3 (Thurs)at the Spanish Cultural Center and yes, that ‘happy antigua’ video is still getting awards/play…when I was watching them make it, I was astounded by what I thought was minimal equipment…and I guess that we can mostly agree that ‘el Verano’ our annual little taste of summer is here.

And, next Friday, Alex’ ‘soft opening’ of Calle, inside the Nido Antigua mini-mall…said to be installing smoke extractors, for that group of gringo swillers/smokers (myself included)who like a cigarette with their tipple of choice. So, ‘El Verano?’…  .gee, it’s too hot…80 degrees. Living here does tend to spoil one, eh? So, yes, this is ‘Friday Lite’….maybe more, later…I’ll be in town, getting over the recent ‘slings and arrows of outrageous fortune’…the house-sitting gig faded (probably just as well, once I ‘got it.’ about Rio Dulce…what a crappy little town, and so on..Marianna, the little blonde, can be found working at Fridas, if you’re so inclined, evenings, that is…and thank you, Amazon aka Kindle Direct Publishing, for sending the monthly $$…

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