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no, it’s not the German place making french fries. Remember ‘Freedom Fries?’…’turns out that the French weren’t so dumb after all, declining to get involved in Iraq war-wise…much smarter to go in later and pick up the pieces…turn the semi-finished monster of a US Embassy into a Disney World/Iraq or an InterContinental Hotel…check out the Gov’t auctions for a very good deal.

‘speaking of pieces, is there something (or not) in the water or the air lately? folks getting 86’d from various bars, others just going off willy-nilly, for no particular reason other than perhaps their personal bio-chemistry…whatever, it’s a good argument for upping/adding lithium to the water supply.

Travel Menu restarting their Tuesday night ‘Movie Nights’….Ryan Wheeler, of Lava/Reilly’s Guate weekends, has yet another great idea: He and Carlos Armas of Guinness Travels, are starting a semi-booze cruise to the City next week…Thursday night, the 9th…show up at Reilly’s/dos Mil, leave town at 7 or so, get into Zone 1 at 8pm or so, a free drink at Reilly’s Guate plus other stuff…look, he told me but I wasn’t taking notes and he didn’t email me with the details, ok?returns at 12am or so…van holds 9, with security…do Zone 1, come home hammered but safe, ok? Carlos at Guinness, in the Maximum Nivel School on 6th Ave probably has more details…300q per person, with beer on board..Ryan mentioned ‘something’ about ‘five free drinks’…don’t quote me, ok?

ah, this tangled web of a ¬†town: the ‘General’, a retired AF Captain who gave himself a star or two, avoids that person. Another person, served with bogus legal papers last year, avoids the General….and no, I’m not hearing anything about another Venetian Masked Ball this year…yes, on the Noche de Chefs, it’s 3rd event(maybe the 4th)…the last two i went to and bailed early….women problems, ok? fine, no ‘Masked Ball’ this year…still have the long black velvet cape, the mask and the wig…ideas? I can see that you’re thinking of something…

Metiz, that ‘french deli’ that moved from lower 4th to upper 4th, across from Helados Exoticos?…yeah, they’re doing business. Location, as with size, is apparently something…another dress/clothing shop calls it a day…corner of 5th calle/6th ave, across from Los Cebollines? bye bye…and no(as usual)idea where Dasha(Flor’s dress shop)is/has moved to…further out, no doubt. The ‘central core’ is getting too expensive…Sangre trying the 2X1 breakfast deal…if you’re really really hungry…show up for last week’s leftovers, recycled just for you.

‘been hearing that Neil-Micho’s rib eye steak dinner is most xlnt..from more than one person…with an upcoming vacancy in that building, expect him to expand…once he/Henrik find their Viking 6 burner gas range..if you know of one for sale, etc..in a way, Micho’s needs to expand: the current configuration doesn’t allow for a lot of traffic/tables…yeah, it’s a great little bar/cafe but..$$ is all about ‘turning tables’…

Crash Harriss of La Pena del Sol pissed about a very negative review on Trip Advisor…they/he don’t deserve that…the music is always on, the food is good and….

ok…this one’s for Reid…yeah, i knew her…ask me for details..


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