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No, not Sonny and Cher’s kid nor U2’s wife..

Maybe the question is moot, since later information* has come to light that it was the work of locals wired up with some kind of pharmaceuticals and supposed captured on camera*…let’s hope(i do) at any rate, tomorrow/wed at 9am the British Embassy has arranged a meeting with INGUAT (tourist agency) and supposedly also including the presence of the boys in black, our own PNC…and if they haven’t captured the suspects how do we/they know they were tripping on whatever it might have been?

I’m confused, moreso than usual…’spoke with two different business owners who’s first language is English and their espanol is xlnt…both were at today’s meeting regarding the above…one saying that the individuals had been recognized, the other saying that the police were trying to identify the  truck…you know, the maroon pickup with the white stripe…and no mention of the identity of the wackos…so? yeah, i’m goin’ to the meeting in the morning…and welcome back, Piano Mike, just off a 24 hour plus journey via NYC and here(and looking somewhat haggard and not Merle)

JEH and the lovely Catherine doing the evening stroll..’ran into Marcel of El Caz, cooly..coolly? coooly? stylishly sipping a margarita streetside at El Portal..Crass…no Crash Harriss working the door at La Pena del Sol…and i mean ‘working’…no one gets past him without an invitation to come inside..

re the ‘sighting of the tattooed dudes packing heat in the park(supposedly)and why they weren’t arrested…by whom? the TouristPolice who’d wack ‘them with a water bottle? The Transit Police who’d sell them a parking ticket? guess what..that leaves the dreaded PNC and there’s a turf question…really..the PNC are under the Governor’s control..I’ve been told..again by ‘usually reliable sources’

La Casa del Turista..2a calle oriente, #11 9am, between 3rd/2nd avenidas

thanks/kudos/a round of applause to the British Embassy for setting this up…it’ll be good to see this resolved and hopefully in a more constructive way than the BAC/ATM debacle..I don’t expect more than the usual stroke-job and perhaps a certificate of attendence, suitable for hanging and framing. Is ‘it’ over? probably a one-time random event, statistically speaking…the business community is freaked by the bad publicity, natch…and there’s only another week or so before the September doldrums set in(tourists vanish)…if nothing else, Lucy the Luscious is back Thursday night at El Caminante, with a larger cast of dancers..a man’s gotta keep his priorities in order, no? o…the gun range that was gonna call me after the weekend? right…nada, zip, zilch..this is getting to be a farce of the first magnitude..kinda like the missing diamond scales and a few other typical Guate stroke-jobs..one thing fer sure, dude…if you see a maroon pickup with a white stripe…vanish quickly..

and finally, a confession that I don’t like making…there was Sofia, the bartender who was one of those slashed last week..sitting at Ocelot, bandaged and with a crutch…why didn’t i think to interview her? until later, as in now? christ, the questions…when, who, how, what did they look like? what a giant dipshit i am…big surprise, eh?




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or is it ‘tails?’….as mentioned earlier the Roatan ‘mess’ hopefully will see some long-awaited daylight by the end of the week…the source is as close as it gets…there was/is more but…cross your fingers that this gets resolved…

lookin' for a gig

Malinalli, aka Mali…in town fresh from Mexico…already met Angel the Mysterious One who works at Djinn…both probably reincarnated princesses from some ancient kingdom…Mali, besides the dancing stuff and tending bar, has several languages: malinalli@gmail.com  should work, since her mexican phone doesn’t here…they have ten digit numbers, as opposed to our 8 numbers…you might catch her at Gaia this week…a couple of bar owners have expressed a verbal interest…be the first one on your block if interested…the night? groups eating here and there…Fusion 2 doing fine, 709 next door getting serious or antsy…advertising 40/50/60% off their goods…como Sangre, advertising liquor (rum, vodka, whiskey)at 3 q a shot…
Chicago Mike….no, Piano Mike returns to A-Town August the 23rd…Adan at the Korg tonight…El Caz Italiano…Marcel’s big bad blue Chevy returned from it’s recent exile in the shop..Neil C at O’lot, maybe wondering how/why P’geas doing a table of 8 or so..what appears to be a pattern is that there is no pattern…backpackers descending in van loads, christians, dutch girls…wtf?

twist and shout

stinkin’ font/centering key engaged…El Muro’s Twisted Tuesdays, the corollary to their Thursday night thing?…yeah, the liquor’s free,some of it…rum mainly…Max knows his crowd(the babes last night were spectacular)and he knows that everyone prefers beer….so, he’s racking up good numbers selling beer off the ‘free drink’ ads…maybe also he gets first crack at the City crowd as they’re comin’ in to town to party…whatever, it’s working.
Need a Corporation? i have two for sale….one a Costa Rica corp with a bank account and a dented ATM card(yep, they got me too)…the other a Belize Corp…walk in,open an account at a friendly bank and get a debit card…I hate Belize and i ‘ve been to CR too many times (35+) …the prices? reasonable..very..my start-up costs…single shareholder status…bearer shares…Belize is bullet-proof, CR rolled over for the IRS a couple of years ago but they’d have pierce the corporate veils..as did Panama recently…

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I recently heard a version of events involving someone that I’ve always liked: let’s just call him Pirate John and I don’t think he’d mind that tag, since that’s been his persona here, there and a few other places. A few weeks ago I was stunned to hear of his placement on a certain list known as Interpol, involving shenanigans in Roatan. If you’ve spent any time on that pirate base, you’ll come to the conclusion that piracy is still alive and well there. The politics are incestuous, the attorneys avaricious and people get away with murder. Take the case of a well-connected local named Danny a couple of years ago: he’d warned a local small-time crook nick-named ‘Bin Laden’ to stay out of his property. ‘Bin Laden’ apparently took this as a personal challenge and returned one fateful night to steal a few more coconuts. Danny promptly shot him seven times, once for every purloined coconut. While ‘Bin Laden’ lies six feet under, Danny freely drives around and he’s regarded as a pillar of the community. This concept of ‘community policing’ and modern day piracy may be what’s been going on at the West End, where “P.J” used to live and develop condo projects. Once removed from the scene by moving to Antigua, where he established roots and a couple of businesses, it seems like the time was ripe for a corporate raid or two by a few islanders who smelled blood. It’s an old story, set to a reggae beat: lawyers, false documents, fake warrants and nearly a clean sweep. Now armed with new and hopefully more honest attorneys, this week may see some light at the end of this nightmare. There supposedly is a settlement to be made, after which the legal clearances will clean up what appears to be a very dirty trick. Roatan is a law unto itself, and they don’t consider themselves part of the mainland. There’s a curious law on the books, where if a resident is over 65 years of age, they can’t be sent to jail, for anything.  Just don’t leave the island with any money left on the table. I’d like to believe in a happy ending but the twists and turns of Latin legalities are always surprising. This is just one more twisted tale of modern day piracy.

2. interview with the newly arrived Mexican belly dancer (with photos)

shakin' at Gaia this week

she’s gotta lotta hidden talents…more tomorrow but if I were a bar owner, I’d  be talkin’ to her..

3. Nim Pot`s x-rated ex votos

4. the insidious secret of el muros`Twisted Tuesdays 

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a ‘Bushism’….if only for his mangled words/phrases, he’ll be remembered…that and the trashing of the economy…A-Town!….packed, no parking spaces except on upper 4th ave..my barrio…Don Martin with the lights on…no takers…gotta be a bit discouraging when every other…and i mean ‘every’ eatery had biz today/tonight…even Nokiate…except for 709 the mexican food/gallery next to Fusion? padlocked on a Saturday night? bad juju…Sobremesa(packed tonight)moving August the fust around the corner to 4th calle, next to the yogurt joint, up from Citibank..in his spare time?…

went by Panza Verde, passing Franklin V of As Green As it Gets…my personal fave NGO…they actually do what they say they’re gonna do…no bloated staff, overhead, fancy SUV’s..hand’s on..listened to Montfort, the classical pianist from San Francisco for a while…John R and Brendan B there…who knew they were aficionados? you kinda suspect that they have hidden tastes…great music, from the black baby grand…technically brilliant and a ‘virtuouso’ in every sense of the word, crisp, clean, cha cha cha…and here come’s the ‘but’…as i wandered home-weird i went by Caffe Opera and Adan the Cuban was pounding away at the old upright(not me, the piano) and working up a sweat…for me, given a choice between the two pianists, Adan is the MAN…and yeah, the drinks at C-O ain’t cheap but that’s the ‘cover charge’..worth every quetzal.

Angie A’s just setting up as i passed thru…El Cam oddly quieter than usual on a Saturdaynight…El Muro filling up…Abassi doin’ fine, F2 los mismo, even Tartines packed…La Posada del Pintor, the Circus Bar spin-off? jammed…however, in the back of the upper level, a new coffee bar? why? who?..more money than sense, as usual, kinda like the ‘Lounge’, Pangea’s last gasp…pumpin’ loud music again, audible inside Ocelot/the Frisky Den…Neil Craig, who wisely bailed, last heard of in Copan, on his way to Roatan..time out/off…

Cashbar! jumpin’! Wendy at the door, rope and the helm…thanks for the cocktail, btw…reports that Sangre, probably per their all you can suck for 75q specials is now offering late night fights in the street.o boy…’heard that the famed hotel Santo Domingo, who laid off 75 staff a while back is now offering a half-price deal on a second night stay…bring back Paris Hilton and I’m in..don’t know why but i confess to a liking for her(it’s more than that,trust me)kinda like my semi-lust for Sarah Palin in her ‘nasty librarian’ mode..visually speaking, of course.

how can you not like a country that always has fresh limes and avocados?…of course, a lotta political chicanery, lawyers, guns, dope and scandals…wait a minute! wasn’t that a song? guatemalo..my home…ran into Jason of Lava earlier, still chuckleing about the mix-up between ordering a round of 25 shots of tequila and the barmaid pours 25 shots of gin…is she still working? nope, no names…and no excuses..the onslaught of the recent rains and lack of signage from the street have them slightly befuddled, but the burger train still keeps movin’, downstairs to O’lot..the entrance, with IxNay blocking everything, no access to Pangea other than crawling over bushes…Frisky Den’s biz seems to have slacked off…if this because of Allen’s absence or the pounding of the dumb disco music from the Lounge? close the restaurant and go full disco…buy Como Como’s disco ball, install it and it’s Saturday Night Finger…no, Fever…white suits, fancy moves…bring back the Red Bull display..got the every 3 month haircut from Carmen the delicious..just a little off the top, please..Creativo the Spa…2nd calle/4th avenida..best pedicure/foot massage in town and half the price…no, less than half…check Minoshka’s prices..foot the bill..sicko..toe the line? hey, it’s Saturday Night and …so what? dodge the dog-shit and the puke puddles in the morning…one’s brown and the other will be multi-colored, if that’s a clue…ah,, Antigua…full moon swoon tonight…crowds at La Merced(the church)will they be offering 2X1 specials on the wine? a little brie with the wafers?  as Marjoe once said, ‘holy jeez to bezuz’ as he was counting out the evening’s take..and tax free…buenas nostrils to you..


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which seemed to be the motto of the night….an espresso at Whiskey Den…packed..A Bell/wife of F2 holding up their enda of the bar…no, I won’t tell you how long they were there…Matt B, buncha others..Peter the Hodge and Shaun talking biz…yes on the buffalo cheese…might be some changes coming to a certain restaurant nearby: owners getting skittish($$)…small wonder…Lava sucks up a lotta the food trade in that place…


Angie, Lou and the girls goofin’ on the sidewalk while the band sets up…el Muro? Max back from Roatan(West End, my fave)remarking on the prices for beer/booze…hey, it’s an island…like Hawaii, everything comes in by boat and there’s a ‘surcharge’…get over it…that said, El Muro is hosting a private party on Sunday, usually their ‘closed day’…if it works, they’ll cater to  the same group…and no, i’m not disclosing..ask Max.


Los Arcos! rockin’ to the sound of a Cuban/Mexican beat…the violinist, whom i think(always a question)played with Ignacio for a while…this guy is killer…reminds me of Willie Royal of Willie and Lobo…cranks stuff from the strings that almost makes one…well, he’s great..the pianist, on a Korg, made it sound like an accordian..Piano M and Moriah playing to a packed house at Caffe Bourbon…Henrik of dos Reilly’s watching the door, with a decent crowd..Chez Christophe doing a room full, Las Palmas empty…DV(and the ever delicious Claudia there)doing a few tables..and the wireless just kicked in…’was rnnning moviestar as backup..who figured?…

El Cam? no for tonight for the ‘luscious lucy’ or whatever she’s called…tomorrow, per Peter the G..hey, i was ready..caffeinated, except for a shot of Tres Robles at Whiskey Den..bourbon…DV? no whiskey…shot of vodka…Los Arcos? cuba libre…two out of three were brown..hence the lead in..or out…and a damn shame about Deliciosa closing…thanks to John M of epicure for giving me the last of his home-made chili as a consolation prize..Los Arcos? the music was xlnt!  this town has some great musicians…and i’ll hear these guys play anytime…Tabacos y Vinos, Ricardos’ hole in the wall miracle? packed…Fridas doing a crowd…even Don Martin, down the street…doing an almost full house…the new Mayan Moon cafe cum bar on the corner of 4th/1st? closed on a Friday night? stick a fork in ’em..they’re done..I’m done…where’s the fork? go ‘do’ Father’s Day…i would but I’ve been spayed..

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or in Antigua, the totally dead night…no action anywhere..wait…Da Vinci! go figure….12 people, the delicious Claudia and Lex Cargo, huddled over a table by the bar..i didn’t know they knew each other…’hope he doesn’t mention any of my past indescretions…the Rio Suerte.com company truck parked on upper 5ta…por que? Red’s dead, Cashbar empty, Studio 35 closed, Sangre closed…Hector’s closed…Murray of Texas, seen 2X tonight…ok, let’s jump shift to bbq…Angie Angie is now doing a Sunday Texas-style BBQ…and it’s nothing like Murray’s description of what he considers to be ‘texas style bbq’….fine…definitions…Lisa-Marie and the very fine Alison at Ocelot..per L-M, the Salty Beaver’s new overnight rooms will be ready in the ‘first part of March’…eddy of Pangea checking in to work now, play later(as usual)…O’lot’s new windows on the street side, since it’s cold at night…where’s Wendy f…….g Wever? said she was managing Cashbar…did she mean working as a manager or just putting up with it?…here’s a rumor…John W bringing some kind of girl troup from Honduras…why or what..where? making pancakes at el Cofre?  John Heaton’s infamous shot of the shouting and pissing across from his Quinta Maconda went around the world, stirring up a few people…seen here first last week or so…typical night action on 5ta..

is it better to be pissed off or pissed on?

They were to have left early today, for the Yucatan, to meet his S.O’s parents…significant other…they’re a very interesting couple…I like ’em both…alas, some ‘shoot out in the City and then the screw-up at the airport…a big ‘No-Go’…the Whiskey Den has a half price deal on coffee during the day…no, even the night…ask for or present their business card and on the back..50% off…coffee drinks, not the hard liquor…you wish..a nagging question…can anyone explain the fascination with Hollister? seen from here to Nicaragua on t-shirts, any surface…i know the town…northern california, scene of the infamous take-over by the original Hell’s Angels in 1949 and later the setting for the Wild Ones..Marlon Brando, Lee Marvin..I don’t get the connection or the link…typical, you say…

one thing I do know

sensitive subject to some…the “Pub Quiz’…’heard from some that it’s a Reilly’s thing….but…people vote with their feet and hearts…and may the best quiz master win…Rico back at Ixcot…El Caminante lost a good one but the deal didn’t work out…its the restaurant biz..how often does Hector ‘go’ thru employees? monthly, bi-monthly? where the hell are the Gallo Girls?

Spring Break or training?


For those who care, these are Brahva Girls…tastier than Gallo, no?

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‘rare sprinkling of rain this afternoon…just enough to settle some of the dust in the streets…my kitchen table? fuggedaboutit…’wonder if the volcanic dust ever gets into the PC or my lungs…lotsa luck on the lungs, cuz you’re competing with the Honduran-made Pall Malls…can’t buy em’ there but hey…that’s Honduras…and no survivors on the prop plane from San Pedro Sula last week, coming in (so to speak)to that hell hole known as Tegucigalpa..if you’re gonna fly these things, take the last seat in the rear, since planes go in head first…usually…don’t bitch at me if it doesn’t work that way…use the ouija board, por favor…sober..no sobremesa’s ice creamery scheduled to open..”soon” per Alex..gonzo restauranteur of the year!…Neil of Pangea…gets involved in a car wreck last week, comes home with a cast…’has the doc cut it off that same day cuz he’s gotta go to work…top that!…reports of a party of 19-20 christian missionaries dining on filet mignon for all and thanking jesus for the opportunity to come to Gautemala and save…save who/what? WTF? quiet night for restaurants except for Hector’s and Caffe Bourbon…Nelson at the keyboard..thought i saw ‘her’ at CB…’kept on going…I must be getting better…maybe another year..did the PV gallery wednesday night art thing…the ultra delicious Ms A back from the DR..tanned and o so…fill in the blanks…yep, she too has been hit by the latest ATM scam…the boys from Bogota…we’re wondering how t o work around this…after we receive our new ATM cards and the charges…or some of them have been made good/reversed..there’s a case for a class action suit for some hungry attorney, somewhere…nah, probably not…BAC is owned by Colombians…narco backed? probably…would you like plata o plomo? silver or lead, to you gringos…as in take the money or take a bullet..your choice..or as Jack Benny once joked about being robbed..asked for his money or his life..he answered..’take my life, I need my money.” long chat with one of the few NGO’s around that actually make a difference…Franklin Voorhees of ‘As Green As itGets’…NGO’s in this country are mostly scams..in my opinion…a fund-raiser here, an event there…’overhead’ eats the money…my ass…minor arm-twisting by an upcoming event next month, same story…NGO profit…my asss..’think I’ll start my own, dedicated to the best espresso and rum…espresso! Raul and Christina of Finca Los Nietos at the PV thing…still looking for someone to run the operation for a few months…their operation is a boutique in the best sense of the word…their coffee superb…if i weren’t…nah..six months?..alas..if you know anyone responsible(and that’s the tricky part) pass this along…god, was it really ‘her’? …will i ever get over this? lock the door, hide the keys…Murray surfacing at Ocelot earlier…i was gonna check out the Gypsy Reelers…found out that they’re from Vermont…good excuse not to go out again and cruise by Caffe Bourbon..where’ s the Stoli?  went by El Muro and I love the new interior look…big mirror at the entrance and some gringo taking salsa lessons…and why not? Elle back from another assault on the fuming slopes of Volcan Fuego..safe and over the flu..Lex and Flor, schlepping pizzas in front of La Merced…nope, wouldn’t share, not even the pizza..the almost full moon, lighting the clouds…pass the Stoli…tomorrow is Singles Night at Peter G’s Mirador…go and take a look…’can’t hurt, can it? ‘spoke with Paolo of La Vineria re cooking for Peter…nope..he’ll refer friends..fine..my duty is done..Rico’s back at Ixcot..and happy…Bistro Cinq? upping the ante by offering rack of lamb and lobster tails…dinner…dinner..damn…bring on the Christians with $$..

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